Sunburn gone really bad

  1. There's also a common plant that does that, giant hogweed. It makes your skin very sensitive to UV light which causes severe burns in minutes. It became a common plant in parts of the US when it was imported because people liked how it looks. Depending on where OP lives they could have run into it

  2. And DO NOT, I repeat do not, make margaritas outside! Get in the sun on skin that has been soaking in acid is going to give you a really bad day

  3. Some diuretics like Amilorid, ointments containijg Retinoid (used against some dermatologic issues), Tetracyclines (Antibiotics like Doxycyclin), Sulfonamides (Antibiotics like Sulfasalazin or Cotrimoxazol), Naproxen or St. Johns Wort can cause photosensibility. It can also happen to patients with porphyria, one of the possible origins of the vampire myth. And there are some plants like Hogweed.

  4. Nope, no medications that make me sensitive to the sun. I hadn’t come into contact with hogweed either like someone else mentioned. I live in Michigan, so it is around here.

  5. Not a clue. I burn easy and so I’m always very careful. I was at the beach for a couple (2-2.5) hours. I’ve spent 8 hrs in the sun before and had much lesser sunburns. It baffled me that it only affected my one leg too.

  6. I’ve gotten scars from a deep sunburn and I don’t think mine reached that level…it was excruciating. I’m pasty glow in the dark color and applied SPF 30 ~once~ while snorkeling for several hours in hawaii on my second day there…. I remember that even applying aloe vera hurt. I sat in an ice bath sweating and my legs were so swollen I could barely walk. I had burn lines on my legs probably for a year.

  7. Ouch, I’ve been to hospital twice for burns like this, once on my entire body (my parent let me swim naked literally all day in Australian summer heat with no sun screen). Can still remember the pain, and have scars now.

  8. Omg I psychotically chase my kids and slather sunscreen on them so much it even annoys my husband. I also was sunburned badly as a child on holiday in California, but I can’t imagine Oz Sun all day. I’m sorry.

  9. Didn't see this comment on here: sun burns this bad increase your likelihood to get skin cancer in the future. I'm not a dr and I don't know shit about skin, but I follow a derm that does popping videos and he hammers this point home because he had a super bad sun burn and got skin cancer.

  10. Probably 16-17 years ago, I had a severe sunburn/ sun poisoning like this on my legs starting 6 inches above my knees, all the way to the top of my feet and toes. (After an 8 mile float trip in full sun with apparently really shitty, not waterproof sunscreen) My legs and feet were so swollen I felt like my skin would bust open. My little toes were as big as my big toes are normally and my big toes were HUGE. I spent at least a week laid up in a recliner off school and work because I could not walk.

  11. I had one exactly like this in the exact same spot and Jesus fucking Christ it was so painful. The pain went deep into my muscle and it got so extremely sore that even the area around it that wasn’t burned was throbbing in pain. The area that was burned felt like it got hit with a baseball bat.

  12. Questions: Are you ginger, and was this in a tropics zone? I’m a redhead and the worst sunburn I ever got — though nowhere NEAR as bad as this — happened when we were visiting Maui. We were at the beach; I didn’t wear sunscreen because I was planning on just sitting under the umbrella and staying out of the water. But I stuck my lower legs out for, like, 10-15 minutes MAX and got a terrible sunburn. I asked our hosts if that’s normal, and they said for someone with skin as fair as mine, it’s TOTALLY normal for them to sunburn in such a short amount of time when they’re in the tropics.

  13. No I’m just a pale skinned brunette. I live in Michigan, and it happened here. I’ve been burnt pretty bad when I’ve gone to Mexico, but nothing even close to this.

  14. Holy balls! I'm so sorry, Op. Looks like someone put Irish on broil, instead of boil..damned burned potatos, I said I wanted 'em crispy, damn you!!

  15. Aussie here, get some aloe Vera spray or gel or better both and keep them in your fridge, it helps take the sting out. Please avoid the sun and if you re-burn please see a dr.

  16. Damn, I remember when I got sun poisoning. I hope you're doing better now. The pain is unreal, but what got to me was the Devil's Itch. I had it on my chest, and it felt like I was covered in fire ants that kept biting me 24/7. Sorry you and to go through that.

  17. I had something like this happen (nowhere near as serious) several years ago. I figured out that a soap I was using had citrus essential oils, and I think that was what caused the photosensitivity.

  18. Do you live in an area with giant hogweed plants? They cause your skin to be very sensitive to UV light which can do this to you.

  19. My wife and I got some pretty severe sunburn after a day at the beach a few years back, which led to us discovering Solarcaine. Your local drugstore should sell cans of this aerosolized wonder balm. If used immediately and frequently, it can greatly reduce your discomfort, minimize damage, and speed healing.

  20. Something similar this has happened to me quite a bit over the years. The last time was when I had spent 8 hours in the Pentagon parking lot with the sun beating down on me. Fresh pavement, and chrome on over 1,000 motorcycles around me didn’t help.

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