I need to get this off my chest, a letter to all those on the left.

  1. Why is riling folks up the objective? Shouldn't the objective be to engage in rational and level-headed debate about how best to reduce the number of innocent lives being lost?

  2. Also the main stream media so far hasn't reported how they stopped another potential shooting today in Texas.

  3. Funny thing is and I’ve seen it before. You point this out and they’ll say, “Yeah, but it isn’t a mass shooting”. Well no shit, he was stopped. How fucking dense are you (not you but those who make this stupid ass comment)

  4. You can thank the media for plastering the Uvalde’s shooter’s face and name all over the Internet. Instant martyr.

  5. They say he was found in possession of a "replica AR-15 style Orbeez rifle", which is a toy that shoots the Orbeez water beads. Not a firearm and hardly dangerous. The other gun is described as an "AK-47 style pistol". Perhaps that was a real firearm, but that's a very odd description, to say a pistol was in the style of a very specific and well-known type of rifle.

  6. Agreed. They complain about the right to abort, but will be in favor against something literally guaranteed in the constitution.

  7. I'm on the left yet don't identify with any of the characterizations outlined in this post. I'm on your side on this discussion. It's a willfully ignorant sensationalist problem, not a leftist problem. Those that have power; the elected, news companies and gullible emotion-based groups are the problem. Those that are misinformed and reactionary, are dangerous and I don't have any words of wisdom to counteract it.

  8. Gun restrictions just like laws around voting rights disproportionately affect minorities. Most of my left friends are pretty anti gun, also white so not unexpected

  9. Seriously. It’s not “the left” that wants to ban guns. Marx wrote that famous “Under no FUCKING pretext shall the working class be disarmed,” quote (might be misremembering a word or two, but I got the gist of it). The anti-gun crowd is overwhelmingly progressive liberals, aka capitalists that ride donkeys instead of elephants, aka the Democrat faithful. Socialists and anarchists aren’t just pro-gun, they want to make guns and ammo more affordable for more people. We’re honestly more pro-gun than republicans.

  10. The problem with these people is that their ignorance will forever keep them from seeing the truth. There is no reasoning or education with them. They have to be willing to learn to even have a chance and in this day and age, most people feel far too self-important and all-knowing to be humbled. It’s despicable.

  11. Remember, these are the same people that adore cowards like antifa and blm. They sat around during the riots while dozens of people were killed, with glee. Telling me I needed to denounce my whiteness and get out my checkbook. Justifying every move they made against private business owners and Americans.

  12. I start by looking at where they direct their anger and ire. After a psycho murders more than a dozen children in cold blood out of his own weak, impotent rage you would expect the average person to be angry at the murderer. Many people are of course, but I have also seen so many people direct their anger towards their law-abiding neighbors and fellow citizens. These people have a warped sense of morality where murderers get a free pass for their violence and the innocent take the blame.

  13. Do you call your congressmen, senators and state legislators demanding funding to create affordable mental healthcare? You know the thing we all correctly point to after mass shootings as the cause of the shootings? And the 40k+ gun suicides every year? And the quarter to a third of homeless people?

  14. “Doing something” isn’t doing the right thing. Overly emotional responses isn’t doing the right thing. It’s just reactionary uselessness.

  15. This is not intelligent reason. Talk about emotionally driven and reactive. Do you need to re-read the post, the message, the hatred and resentment? Explain the logic. Sounds like finger pointing to me when in reality, it’s ALL OF OUR YOUTH THAT ARE AFFECTED BY THIS. Not just republicans and their guns. Wake up

  16. Bro teachers aren’t paid enough to have to defend themselves and students from danger. I always thought that was the POLICES JOB. Like Yaknow, the guys who steal my tax money and say that they’ll defend people until the time comes and they just wait outside to shoot them down. The school system sucks, the police are FUCKING USELESS EVERYWHERE, mental illness is on the rise and the people responsible for everything being the way it is are still in power but you get mad at people who have differing opinions. Where the FUCK is the oxygen your taking in going??? Obviously not to your brain

  17. Agreed oh my GOD. My friends are teachers and it is an AWFUL expectation to place on them. And a stupid one. If police men can’t stop a shooter in 91 minutes, you expect a fucking teacher to? You expect to put that pressure on THEM? Dear god, help these people.

  18. You have bought in to some of the hyperbole the left slings about armed teachers. Not a single proposal in any state would force any teacher to carry concealed. Instead, teachers who choose to carry would be allowed to do so, depending on that state’s qualification program.

  19. Putting all this on a 38k a year teacher is a shit idea. Literally no one here has a better one though except blame everyone else. I'd love to hear a real solution.

  20. I'm beyond caring about arguing with anyone about the issue. There could be 1,000 mass shootings every day for the next 100 years and I would still say no to any form of gun control.

  21. There should be two police officers in every school in America every day. The Fed’s should assist in paying for them. Arming teachers is not practical because they are not trained or inclined or paid to face gunfire, if needed.

  22. No. Put guns in the hands of civilians, not the state. The state may be preferable to the feds, but they are NOT your friends. No government is.

  23. We have plenty of reliable retired veterans that would make great school resource officers, giving them a post retirement job and making schools safer.

  24. I don't think arming every teacher is a real solution but a band-aid and I'm pro-gun. Let's be clear, this is a disease in America. It's not the guns that are the behavior but the breakdown in society. "Why?" are mass shootings like this happening and how do we work to curb behavior? What's happening in America that is causing this and how do we stop it? "Arm the teachers" and "we need gun control!" are both two fingers on the same hand: solutions used to react rather than prevent. I say this despite supporting the idea that teachers should be armed if they choose to do so. I just don't buy the argument all teachers should be armed especially given how useless so many indoctrinated lefty teachers there are.

  25. It isn't "arm all teachers" rather, "allow school staff to be armed if they wish, just like a normal citizen." I work in a school and I would absolutely quit the same day if they came and handed out guns to everyone. Most of the people I work with I wouldnt trust with a letter opener, let alone a firearm.

  26. I agree. The same guns existed 50 years ago, and teachers weren't carrying in classrooms, and we didn't have back-to-back shootings like this. Something has to be very wrong in our society that we have so many instances of people even attempting to commit this type of act. That'll still be the case even if we come up with a reactive solution that limits the carnage.

  27. Lack of morals and respect in young adults and kids in general. Braindead kids blindly following trends on social media doesn't help either.

  28. teachers are already to much to students as it is. people need to stop suggesting arming teachers, that’s just stupid. my wife went to college because she wanted to make a difference in kids life by teaching them things, she wasn’t trained as an armed bodyguard.

  29. I'm not going to down vote you because I mostly agree. I think teachers should be able to defend themselves if they want to. When people cry out "arm the teachers!" I can't help but feel it's a terrible idea. BUT, "allow the teachers to CCW" feels like a great one. Gun free zones are the problem imo.

  30. I'm a teacher, and I would die defending my students. I feel that I should have the option of using more than my hands and books to defend them.

  31. So if a guy came running into you’re wife’s room with a gun. She would sit him down and tell him the kids she doesn’t like so that maybe he’d kill them first and let those she does like last a little longer? She would just sit there and let them murder the kids and then herself.

  32. I think the idea more so is that we need an armed response immediately available. Doesn’t have to be teachers. Not especially the ilk that try and groom our kids.

  33. My high school had a full time armed LEO on campus at all times, along with some of the strictest security systems and protocols. Across the rest of the district, they would even run pretend scenarios that was to teach everyone the importance of not letting in random people into the school. They would even run "sting" operations to make sure everyone understood this. And you bet your ass that they reacted to suspicious students who made soft threats about shooting or blowing up the school. The best part is, I'm not from a high crime rate area (well, at that time it was not) but they still had us locked down tighter than Fort Knox.

  34. My wife is a nurse and she has her CPL. she didn’t go to college to carry a gun but she has the right to because no one is going to give a shit about her protection but herself and I.

  35. I try to reason with them because there are some issues that I can standby with them, but holy fuck it’s hard to think around them when they run their mouth on emotion.

  36. But isn’t that how you want it? Impotent, liberal pussies ventilating disconnected ideas about how to solve the problem of mass killings that Democrats can then boil down to some nothing bill in Congress about preventing pistol grips from having too many grooves, which Joe Manchin can then kill in committee? Same as it ever was?

  37. I think if a lefty doesn’t know what they are talking about they should shut the fuck up right. Just like how men can’t talk about abortions, because we don’t know what we are talking about.

  38. You're right: you guys are the true victims here, not the families trying to identify their children by chunks of their body parts.

  39. You talk about school shootings as if they are horrible things, which they are. But you refuse to acknowledge that pretty much 90% of school shootings are caused because people have such easy access to guns. Why are you trying to solve the problems of school shootings by giving more people access to weapons?

  40. Because we as Americans fought you in order to never be oppressed again. That is why our Founding Fathers added it into the Constitution. They knew that unarmed citizens are at the mercy of tyrants.

  41. Europeans and Australians also jail political dissidents and free speakers, allow rape gangs to run rampant to not "look racist", bombings, knife sprees, and trucks of peace.

  42. Because we are a country founded on rebellion and an armed populace who isn’t interested in depending on other countries to bail us out when shtf. Unlike, say, European countries.

  43. We “parade the corpses” because it should be proving a fucking point to you dumbasses. No first world country has EVEN CLOSE to the amount of mass shooting that the USA has and that’s a fact. Somewhere like Britain, which has much much tighter regulations on guns has nowhere close to the amount of shootings that we have. It’s asinine that you’re willing to put up with so many deaths because you like having a gun, or you think they’re neat or whatever. I’m so fucking sick of it. You all are so damn selfish. I can’t believe normal citizens are allowed to have items whose sole purpose is to rapidly kill in our houses. It’s just fucking stupid. I’m so sick of us looking like an idiot to the rest of the world because we can’t figure our shit out. They all have with regards to gun violence, we just can’t get our heads out of our asses!

  44. That’s NOT a fact. You don’t know the facts. More kids die in school bus crashes than school shootings. Ya let’s go ban buses. It’s asanine to think that just because we don’t prescribe to your incorrect means of solving the problem that we are ‘selfish’. I’m fucking sick of that. Your solution is wrong. I don’t give a fuck what we look like to the rest of the world, because in every country, every single one, where guns were confiscated, a government tyranny took over. Every single time. Keep your delusional head in your ass.

  45. Who are you quoting? Most of the liberals I know love this country. Stop getting your information about liberals from right-wing propaganda outlets and memes. It's seriously the equivalent of a liberal thinking all conservatives are nazis.

  46. I just recently saw an ad for bullet-proof inserts for a child’s backpack. I’m curious, what are your thoughts on this? If your solution is to arm all the teachers, should we be handing guns to school-aged children as well?

  47. Children used to bring guns to school through the 70s and 80s. No one blinked an eye, and it was common to see precision sporting rifles in the back of an unlocked vehicle.

  48. oh FFS, you fuckin guys act like Democrats rule the fucking world and Republicans have nothing to do with anything...the perpetual victims. Go read any FOX or Newsmax website comment section and you will see the same debilitating hateful bullshit partisan hack rhetoric, pointing fingers, RW politicians making obvious political grandstanding bullshit comments.

  49. Leftist here - from my point of view it is the pro-gun crowd who have given up on America. You have so little faith in your country that you're obsessed with trying to protect yourself from it at all costs. Any suggestion by people like me that there are proven ways of improving this situation is immediately dismissed as unrealistic.

  50. I spend a lot of time on Reddit/the internet. This is literally the most ridiculously fucking insane take I’ve ever seen. Just so I understand checks notes the people who want to get rid of guns are the reason gun violence happens. Got it.

  51. If we aren’t allowed to talk about how to fix this problem now then please explain when exactly we’ll be allowed to do it. Give us a timeframe. A window. A deadline.

  52. The time is when you are truly ready for meaningful discussion of the real issues. Limiting rights and banning possessions millions of people own without issue is not meaningful discussion. Knee jerk emotional reactions is not meaningful discussion. Using tragedy to push a political agenda is not meaningful discussion. Telling you that you may not own something because of what someone you can not control did is not meaningful discussion. It will be time to address the issue when you people really start addressing the issue.

  53. The fact y'all won't even let the CDC have enough money to study gun violence, kinda makes all your claims sus.

  54. Please tell me when you people were ever willing to discuss the issues of gun ownership, gun control and mass shootings in the USA.

  55. Almost 200 people have died in Chicago alone due to criminal scum this year. Shouldn't Chicago be safe, though? All those laws and gun-free zones mean the criminals will stop targeting innocents, right?

  56. Nobody thinks getting rid of all guns in a country like the USA is feasible. There’s millions of them, and indeed nobody expects an entire rollback of 2A (which that would require).

  57. I 100% agree with this, but let's not forget it was the Right who has been trying to undermine the electoral process, the very foundation of our country and our freedoms, by denying and challenging election results at every turn.

  58. Speaking as a person on the left who has finally had enough, and who is working to make your nightmares come true, I can only say: you have brought this frustration on yourselves.

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