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  1. Scout is 10 months old today! Everyday I see more and more dog and less and less puppy. He's still crazy, but I feel like we made it through.

  2. This makes me happy - I cannot wait for this. My (18 week old) puppy is great don’t get me wrong but the amount of attention required is exhausting. I’ve had dogs in the past but not a puppy and I’m very much looking forward until she’s more dog than puppy

  3. Puppy officially has more energy than I can manage without lifestyle changes. I anticipated this, and now just have to claw myself out of my funk to give her what she needs.

  4. I was so grateful for all of the recall training I’ve been working on with my 8 month old puppy. We were on the field today and he had his favorite toy (his frisbee) and a short leash on. He was prancing and running all over the field and I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to get him. I started walking away, he sat. I yelled out his recall cue like in training and he ran right over for a smelly salmon treat! Was a very proud and relieving moment.

  5. Hey, how old is your puppy? I have a 5 months old Aussie, this week I started noticing some changes in her behavior. She "forgot" some tricks.

  6. I’m having so much anxiety about my 4mo puppy. I keep reading and worrying about all these behaviors that haven’t happened YET. Some examples are, humping my older dog for dominance, fighting over toys, adolescence, ect…. Having a puppy with another dog in the house is hard!

  7. My puppy is 10 months and has never humped or had any issues in adolescence with my older dog. Their relationship hasn't changed at all because of his adolescence.

  8. I'm in a very similar situation and yeah, having to raise a puppy while having an older dog at the same time causes me so much anxiety. Not only do I have to worry about the puppy, but also about the dynamic she has with my older dog... I can't have any dog toys lying around and if the puppy needs chewing she chews her toy under strict supervision so the older dog doesn't take it away. I hope it will get easier with time

  9. Blue is 4 months old, and she lost her first baby tooth! I noticed when she was gnawing a toy and noticed a hole. Sadly, I have a feeling she ate her teeth.

  10. Very natural for them to swallow the baby teeth! Wait until you start finding them around the house… I’d avoid going barefoot for a while lol. And the bloody toys… luckily my pup’s toys cleaned up nicely after teething but there’s something very disturbing about a plush dinosaur covered in blood sitting in your living room!

  11. Got a white noise machine to put by puppy's crate and it has made such a difference! We have a small house and sound travels easily, but this allows to at least move around and talk without waking her up.

  12. Yeah they are a life saver! I've also put an alexa in there which is just playing soft melodies constantly as extra noise too haa

  13. Fiadh is 3 1/2 months old and she comes when I call her 75% of the time! We’re working on heel, and some other things. Sometimes I feel so behind cause dog trainers on YouTube have their dogs like fully trained after their first month of having them.

  14. I recommend watching Zak George’s (USA positive reinforcement dog trainer) YouTube series on training his own puppy Inertia….it shows the reality of puppy training (he also includes the biting, barking in crate etc) and how long it takes (I think he finishes the series when puppy is about a year old). It’s really reassuring and shows training is a marathon not a sprint 😊

  15. First time dog owner here wondering about dog language... As far as I know, high pitched crying in the crate is something that should be avoided because it means severe stress. But what sounds can I ignore? My puppy makes this weird monkey sound when he's complaining in his crate, followed by a low barking/growling.. like a deep "waaaaawawaaaaa....." Can I ignore that?

  16. Honestly, this isn't quite what you asked, but I had a much easier time watching instead of listening. I had a camera pointed at the crate so I could see what she was doing. If she was standing the whole time or pacing at all, then that was a sign she was over her threshold. Was she sitting or lying down? That was a pretty good sign that she wasn't in distress and was just waiting to see if I'd come back.

  17. If you pay close attention as your pup ages you should be able to pick out some differences in their bark/whine. In the beginning my pup would whine in distress almost exclusively, so I would go get her, or comfort her in some way. As she aged I could tell when she just wanted out but wasn’t in distress. A quick barometer I use now is: is this sound annoying to me or does it feel like she has an unmet need. It seems to be working, but maybe I’m just teaching her the sounds that will get her out. I’ll let you know in a few months🤣🤣

  18. I think my puppy was trying to figure out his first excited leg hump last night. Conflicted as to whether I should be proud of this milestone at 18 weeks, lol.

  19. Just read an article about seven signs that your puppy is overtired and realized that Cinder can check most of those boxes every day. I thought since she was getting a bit older that we could extend her awake time to 2 hours but now I'm thinking that we need to scale that back again to 1 hour.

  20. Aether is getting comfortable in the hammock with me! it's nice to have a somewhat calm pup, just laying down and rocking in the breeze. I never expected him to like it! I'm hoping he doesn't grow out of it :)

  21. I just found out I’m bringing my Golden puppy home this weekend! So excited and nervous… any first night tips? I think it’s gonna be hard, she’s from a litter of 11 so being alone is going to be a big adjustment

  22. My Pyr mix we brought home @3 months old. My husband laid next to him downstairs the first night. Since then, hubby is now dog's absolute favorite human. 😍

  23. Does anyone have any recommendations for long lasting chews? My puppy is a menace with teething right now and she goes through a 6” bully stick in 20-30 minutes. Even the braided one was GONE in two nights when I gave her one to eat while we had dinner.

  24. still confused about whether or not my puppy is bored/understimulated or overtired. he goes crazy during the “witching hour” every night and becomes impossible to walk or do any training with, so i’ve started putting him in his playpen to try and play out some of his energy but then he gets barky!!

  25. The biting is really starting to get to me. Ten week old Boston Terrier has been home for 2 weeks now, we were making really good progress on peeing and pooping outside, we'd found a schedule that was working, and then one day it was like a switch flipped. He bites HARD, and sometimes he pulls. Today I think (I hope) he mistook my thumb for his bully stick, and he bit and YANKED and sliced me open pretty badly.

  26. I’ve gone a full week without my puppy crying when we’re out of the room! She’s always been fine at night and generally fine if we leave the house but had major FOMO if we left the room. She would yap the entire time. But in the last week I had a bath while my partner was out the room, a shower while my partner was out the room, done the washing up, tidied the kitchen, gone out for a Drs appointment while my partner had to stay working in his office upstairs. Basically nothing. She did two barks when I left the house and then was fine by herself for over an hour! Before this week all of that would have been unimaginable.

  27. My Aussie is 1 year old and very well behaved generally. The only thing I’m struggling with is that she is super reactive due to her herding instinct when she sees a another dog and always runs straight to them and completely ignores my commands. So she’s on lead majority of the time but I’d love if she could stop this behaviour so I could let her off lead more often. Any help would be appreciated 🙏🏽

  28. My baby boy stepped on a thorn and made the most horrible noise this morning 😩 I had to call a neighbor to burrito him so I could go in with tweezers and pull the thorn out of his paw, and I’m not convinced I got it all. He’s still limping but he’s finally taking a nap on the couch with me and he’s getting all his favorite foods and chews today.

  29. How do you judge how much space to give your pup in the crate? Ours was starting to get a bit tight so I expanded it just a little and now I'm worried she has too much space. She could still stand up and turn around previously, but just barely.

  30. I got my golden this week (10 weeks) and I’m dealing with an enormous amount of puppy blues. Despite the stress and exhaustion, this community has been such a lifesaver for my sanity and understanding that I’m not alone. Thank for being amazing y’all ❤️

  31. My puppy is finally 16 weeks and getting his last round of shots soon! Sooo ready to start walking him and taking him to the beach!!!

  32. I’m starting to get anxiety about my not here yet puppy. He will come home in 4 weeks. My schedule is already shifted in preparation, I know I have the time to dedicate. I work from home… but what it if all goes up in a flaming ball of fire? What if my puppy blues kick in and the little guy just drives me insane, or if I fail horribly at training and all the training videos and research I’ve done means nothing? What if my cats don’t adjust and their not happy indefinitely. Uuugh. I’ve done my research on the breed and I’m gathering all the supplies, I know I will love him but it’s been a very long time since I’ve had a puppy 😅

  33. My 8 month old bull arab cross killed one of my chickens yesterday. Stupid bird got out of her pen, going to need to figure out how while also doing more training with the pup on leaving them alone

  34. my puppy has been getting better in the potty training department but now he’s started biting me and my legs everytime i try to take him out. when i play with him it’s all of the same stuff, biting and will not stop even for a treat. he’s a food motivated dog and i really don’t know what else to do. i know he wants to play but even playing doesn’t stop it and i’m forced to put him in his kennel because he’s scratching and drawing blood all over my arms. any advice is welcome 🙏🏻

  35. Can spaying help on teenage dogs? My puppy just hit adolescence at 6m and was recently spayed so I was wondering will it be shorter bc she won't have so many hormonal changes?

  36. Making progress in the crate!! When tired out she falls asleep for an hour before she starts crying. Not able to use it every day yet, but a little bit of time in there before she starts to freak out is progress.

  37. My baby is day 7 into healing from getting spayed. She's healing really well. Only issues she's chewed up her cone and slipped that off. So we graduated to a surgery suit. But she's chewed up part of that but not the part thats around her stitches. The part she chewed up was around her front left leg. Distracted her with a cheese chew and her favorite super chewer toy. Which has seemed to help. She's much happier with the suit on. As she can eat, walk, play with her toys, etc more normal now.

  38. My 3.5 month Maltipoo is finally not up ALL day and whining in her crate during enforced naps. The past two days she settled on the kitchen floor and just closed her eyes while I work. It was fantastic.

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