When should I leave her alone so I can work?

  1. Seems reasonable from the entertainment perspective but Id be surprised if she can go 8hrs without pottyong at that stage - it's a lot to ask for from even some adult dogs that can only go up to like 6- it's just an issue of how long they can be comfortable holding it based on bladder size etc...

  2. Oh yeah, I definitely expect some accidents. They happen, I have a handheld carpet cleaner for that so it’s no big deal if it happens. Just hoping that it’s not too much. She also doesn’t really understand puppy pads lol she likes to tear them up. But maybe I can work on those more

  3. I would let her free in one room at a time if at all possible. Like every few weeks of reliable behavior, He gains access to another room

  4. Just work on building up that 4 hours I. the crate first. 6 months is pretty early and they go through more phases (adolescence) after that that could easily result in you coming home to a destroyed house. First get her up in length in the crate, so you are confident she can do that, then do a baby gated room.

  5. Would it be possible to hire a dog walker to check in her after four hours? It may help reduce accidents and break up the 8 hour day

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