Puppy Peeing driving me mad.

  1. That's normal it will stop as he gets older. Just stay outside longer to make sure he's empty. Praise him like he did the most wonderful thing ever when he pees outside and reward him. If he has an accident inside don't get upset or punish him just clean it up and don't give him a reaction. He'll learn soon enough that peeing inside gets him nothing and peeing outside gets him rewards.

  2. They don’t have good bladder control at that young age. Like a baby in diapers that just lets loose. That’s whats happening with the double pees and the peeing immediately out of crate. Bladder control does develop with age. Keep going with potty training!

  3. He’s a literal baby :) Keep rewarding the going outside, ignoring / don’t make a fuss when he goes inside. Have an actual party when he goes outside - treats, toys, good boys.

  4. Yeah, it can be hard to take him outside every time he needs right not, it might be easier to just use pads. It usually gets much better at around 16 weeks, when they are able to hold their pee better.

  5. They have to go from crate to outdoors to pee every time at this age honestly. I got mine 14 weeks and that was still the case. You’re talking 2-3 times an hour at least.

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