Please leave some tips and advices on how to potty train a 2 month old puppy.

  1. Your puppy is incredibly young. At 8 weeks it's not unusual for a puppy to need to pee/poop every 30-45 mins. Keep taking her out regularly, at least every hour and after every change in activity (sleeping, eating, drinking, playing, training). Praise her and give lots of treats when she does go outside! Make sure to clean any indoor accidents with an enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle.

  2. I was taking mine out twice an hour at that age to be honest, it’s a lot I know but if you’re determined to have her go outside only you’ll need to do it for the next 2/3 weeks while she gets the hang of it. I honestly don’t know how people get puppies in the winter, I basically spent my summer in the backyard picking up poop.

  3. We were out every hour for the first few days with our girl. She did learn really quickly to let us know when she needed to pee.

  4. Crate training/enforced naps REALLY helps me! I enforce the “1 hour up, 2 hours down” rule and it’s helped so much with potty training. My puppy still has accidents (she just turned 12 weeks) but it’s usually cause I’m not vigilant.

  5. Persistence. Ours is 4 and a half months and still learning. Whenever he goes to toilet on a pad we praise, and whenever he goes to toilet outside he gets more praise and a treat.ive given bell training a whirl and now 50% of the time he rings the bell when he wants the toilet and I take him out. It can take up to the age of 6 months to be fully toilet trained, but persistence is everything. Your pup will seem like he is doing really well then all of a sudden forget everything. Again, persistence! Good luck ☺️

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