Our dog died at daycare this morning after getting strangled - am I right to feel angry?

  1. I don’t think anyone did anything wrong in the moment….but the daycare absolutely should’ve had a policy to remove collars. It’s a known risk and standard policy to remove them at many dog daycares.

  2. I managed a daycare for ten years and this was the first thing we did. Every dog behind the double doors was collar-free even in their kennels.

  3. Both to remove collars and to have more than one person on the premises (and usually in the same area in the facility) with 20-30 dogs are policies that should be in place at every daycare, and are policies in place at many, many daycares.

  4. 100% agree, they should have a policy about collars being removed during daycare. It's a danger while playing and a danger while in the cage for this exact reason. It was an accident, but they also have far too many dogs with only 1 person. I'm so sorry for your loss

  5. Thank you...was avoiding having to come home but have just packed up his bed and his crate along with all his toys and blankets and storing them away. Still doesn't feel real.

  6. Anger is definitely an okay feeling to have right now. It’s natural. I wouldn’t focus on the “why did we send him to daycare” aspect though. Never in my wildest dreams would this be an outcome I would even think could be possible.

  7. Absolutely. There’s no way you could have anticipated this would happen, and I’m sure your pup wouldn’t want you blaming yourself for something you aren’t responsible for. We often have regrets in life when it comes to loss, but please give yourself some grace. 💜

  8. You feel WHATEVER you need to feel right now. Rational or irrational. Just let yourself feel it. This is so so sad, I am incredibly sorry.

  9. I am so, so sorry. This was a horrible accident, you did absolutely nothing wrong. No one can know everything, your baby had a wonderful life because you took such good care of him, and I’m sure he absolutely loved playing with other dogs at daycare, this is such an important part of life for so many dogs. He would not have survived infancy without you. I wish you healing over time, but I know it’s gonna be a very long time before you feel OK in anyway, and I am so sorry for that. I am dealing with horrible grief after losing my soul girl nine weeks ago, and I think the fact that I raised her from puppyhood made our bond even tighter, and I know you are going through that as well. Our brain is going to circle back over and over so that we have 1 million regrets, it’s hard to remember all the wonderful things we have done for them. Objectively you loved your baby with all of your heart and made all the best decisions you could at the time with the knowledge that you had. I think this is a good website:

  10. This is horrible and I'm so sorry to hear this. I don't understand what daycare leaves collars on? This is a known risk.

  11. The owner did say they are going to remove collars from dogs going forward...she mentioned that they were worried about dogs not being able to be identified if they per chance got loose, however it is also their policy for all dogs to be microchipped. They clearly felt awful that this has happened as she was crying as much as we were. I can only hope that the precautions are put in place so that this doesn't happen to any other ever again.

  12. Back when my pup attended daycare they told us they're leaving the collars on for ID mainly, but they did specify verbally and in the contract that they have to be quick release style, otherwise you'd be turned away.

  13. A fair number do - having a collar can really help with ID, and I'm not gonna lie, while it's never the first choice, having a collar that you can grab if needed can be very helpful in an emergency. But every daycare that does leave collars on should also have a way of quickly cutting collars - the one I worked at had a seatbelt cutter hanging in every section. Thankfully we never had to use it when I was there.

  14. The boarding/daycare place we use removes all collars/harnesses for play time. I was surprised when I learned since it seems to add more work for them to keep track of dogs and their stuff, but I am glad they are doing it.

  15. Exactly my thought. We take our dog to 2 different daycares. One has us remove his collar entirely, the other has easy break-away collars they put on each dog, so it would come undone before something like this could happen. I'm blown away that the daycare kept the collars on to begin with.

  16. Collars are used for many reasons and I would never want my dog to go to a daycare without one. The collars are a way of handling the dogs in the facility. When you need to redirect or hold on to a dog the collars are there for us to grab onto. I know no one wants to hear this but dogs fight. A lot. In daycare environments dogs are triggered by any number of things. Having a collar on a dog has prevented countless incidents in my practice. Dogs crate fight if given the chance, fight over perceived resources, even giving pets to a dog in daycare can start squabbles. Being able to quickly redirect a situation by holding on to a collar is one of the few ways we know we can intervene when things like this happen.

  17. I’ve had a number of large dogs in my life, I never felt comfortable with daycare. It’s something about the dynamics of dog behavior that changes when there are a lot of dogs together that makes me feel uncomfortable. I always paid extra money for my dog walker to take them with her to her house whenever I went on vaca.

  18. I feel the exact same. I just can’t get comfortable with the idea of leaving my dog in an environment where he’ll be off leash with other dogs that I don’t know, without me there.

  19. After this happened to my Doberman, Ruby (luckily she survived) I never let my dogs play with collars on. It's a matter of time and it will happen.

  20. They also make breakaway collars for dogs. They have 2 D rings for leashes on either side of the clip so you can still take them on walks with it but once the leash is detached it breaks off with a little pressure like cat collars do

  21. This same collar incident has also happened to both me with my dogs and a friend of mine with his. I think this kind of thing is far more common than people realize. Luckily we were both able to separate our dogs, but they go collar free most of the time since.

  22. A lady I know from the dog park lost her dog because it got strangled by its own collar. She had left the dog to attend a Thanksgiving gathering. It is a tough call. I have been in situations trying to grab a dog on the loose. Without a collar it is almost impossible. Also trying to break up dog fights without a collar is really difficult. Her dog was a small beagle, which are known to be runners. This situation is devastating. During a frantic situation it can be difficult to get a collar off a dog. I feel bad for everyone.

  23. File a lawsuit - dogs are considered property under law and the day care owners essentially destroyed your property. They are 100% liable for this exact instance. This could have been prevented had there been more than one person watching 20-30 dogs (negligence on the owners) and they didn’t remove dog collars (negligence again). Do not accept any form of monetary compensation for this.

  24. I’m so sorry this happened. It’s ok to feel however you want to feel. Being angry is normal. This is a constant discussion in the dog daycare world, I own a dog boarding/daycare facility, and there are pros and cons to both sides. Unfortunately it happens often that two dogs get tangled in the collars. Taking the collars off gives handlers less control, keeping them on can result in your situation. No one can really agree on the best course. I can assure you that the daycare facility feels horrible as well…but obviously not as heartbroken as you.

  25. I’ve heard so many horror stories like this (and nearly experienced one but luckily had a quick release collar on the dog in question) that my rough pups no longer wear their collars at home. I have slip leads in every room in case I need to grab a dog in a hurry but no collars are worn unless we’re going somewhere.

  26. It’s terrible and I’m so sorry, but it was a freak accident. I don’t love daycares, but I don’t think this one did anything wrong other than leave the collar on, which apparently is standard for them.

  27. I have never seen – and would never leave my dog at – a daycare that leaves the collar on. That’s pretty basic 101, unless you have a near 1:1 people to dog ratio, like a dog park. This is exactly why.

  28. I would say that if there's only one person on duty, that should not be allowed, IMO. In an emergency, it's so important that you have at least two people there, ideally more.

  29. Idk. Sounds very negligible at best. When my dog was younger and we her them to day care or if during a training class we let the dogs off leash for a playtime the very first thing the instructors made us do was remove all harnesses and collars. Definitely a freak accident but also definitely could have been avoided if the right precautions were taken

  30. You're right to feel angry. I'm sorry for your unexpected loss. Time doesn't heal all wounds, but time does make them hurt less. Let us know if you need any more support. We got you.

  31. I’m so sorry. The daycare I use requires all the dogs to have collars/harnesses removed. Now I see why. What a horrible thing. Sending love ❤️

  32. Omg so sorry this happened! Honestly, I'd pursue legal action. Collars on and not enough staff just seems negligent to me. I get that things happen when dealing with multiple dogs, but this could have easily been avoided.

  33. I am so sorry for your loss. That is really devastating and my heart hurts for you. Please don’t feel guilty, especially about your anger. Feel what ever you need to feel.

  34. This has to be so very hard to deal with but please do not blame yourself, they should have had more staff for sure...not your fault at all! I am sorry for your loss.

  35. So sorry for your loss, I can't even imagine how much that hurts, to lose a pup so unexpectedly. It's normal to be angry, and you'll keep on second guessing everything and podering the what ifs. It was a freak accident but that's way you're paying someone to watch over them, and I don't think having 1 person watching over 30 dogs playing is good practice. Even with just 2 normal sized dogs, it would be hard to break up a fight alone...

  36. You are right to feel all the emotions that come to you with a dreadful event such as this. I am sorry for your loss and can't understand the scope of what you feel. By your description, this sounds like a freak accident and there was an effort made to try and stop it, but it does seem like the event should help the daycare understands the limits of their personnels capacity and consider adding more carers per shift. I myself can handle my 2 dogs when they get rowdy, but I can't imagine being assigned to watch 20 to 30 dogs on my own.

  37. Sorry for your loss! 😞. I have heard of this happening 2 times in the last couple years. One was my dog and my son’s dog. Thankfully they were able to cut the collar in time !

  38. I know that this will not ease the feeling of responsibility and grief for your puppy that you have right now but I would like to expand upon the situation with some personal knowledge. Hopefully it will help you in the following days as you process what has happened.

  39. I’m so incredibly sorry. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I’d be incredibly angry at the daycare if I was you. Having one person for all of those dogs is unacceptable. They should know better.

  40. I understand the anger. And you shouldn’t blame yourself. But only having one employee for 20 dogs is likely not the issue as this could’ve happened even if there were the only 2 dogs there. Unfortunately, collar strangulation is an accident that can often occur. I had 2 of my dogs playing in the backyard like normal and one of the paws slipped into the others collar and began to strangle him. I was alone and not able to get the collar off. I only saved them because I was able to get in between them and slip my fingers under the collar to give him slight room to breath all while calling animal control. If I would’ve had to walk away to get my phone to call someone, it likely would’ve been too late. I give this story to show even if there were only 2 dogs, it unfortunately can happen. After that, I never put collars on them while they play, only for walks.

  41. They should be removing collars (and it sounds like they will be from now on), but it truly can happen in any circumstance. My friend, who is a dog behaviorist and trainer (and was a trainer at the time this happened), had this happen to his dog at his apartment dog park. He was right there and multiple people tried to help, but they couldn’t free him. He passed.

  42. I have worked at a few daycares for the last 15 years and we always remove collars right when the dogs arrive exactly for this reason. I am so sorry you’re dealing with this. You definitely have a right to be angry.

  43. My dog died in the care of a Rover dog sitter last summer and it still haunts me. I remember the feeling of coming home after picking up her things and she wasn’t with us. I was and still am devastated.

  44. I am so heartbroken for you guys 💔, can’t stop crying and wonder now if mine should go tomorrow as planned. Mine has been going for about 3 years because I got him at 3 weeks, similar circumstance. I know I’m being paranoid but can’t imagine your devastation and pain. Such a handsome boy, sending healing energy.

  45. I’m so sorry OP. My dog used to wear a collar inside until one day her tag dropped in between the slats of a vent in the floor and she freaked out so much she ripped it out of the floor before I could even get her loose. I shudder to think what could have happened. Collars freak me out for that reason.

  46. At the daycare I work at it’s 1 person for 25 dogs. It’s a lot but legal. Collars are mandatory for us in case an altercation breaks out and we to grab it to remove them from danger. A scary experience like this happened to me and I couldn’t find the quick release on her collar. I got bit pretty bad(accidentally- the lab was rightfully scared and flailing around like a fish) because I pinned him down and reached down his throat then pried his mouth open. It all happened so fast that was my reaction. After I got back from urgent care I asked what procedure was when that happened. They said use the air horn and call for someone else to come to the yard.

  47. I’m just so very sorry. You trust people to be able to take care of your baby. What good is one person watching them if that one person can’t physically manage the situation. Our daycare switched years ago to quick release collars and then at some point switched to no collars and honestly it makes me feel so much better. Not something you’d ever even look for if you didn’t know it was a thing. Thinking about you, your fiancé, and that poor worker.

  48. I would be absolutely distraught and livid. Sadly though this is a common occurrence when dogs play with collars on. If they are worried about the dogs being identified they could use paper collars or breakaway collars

  49. You aren't at fault here. I would ask for compensation from the owner, it won't bring your baby back but they are liable for what happened. The collar was not fitted correctly to be safe during play if the other dog got their jaw stuck; I wouldn't be surprised if the other dog was injured as well from this. The collar should have also been a breakaway and there should be a safety ratio of one person per every 10 dogs not 30 dogs. You really need 2 people to break up a dog fight so in no way was their set up safe.

  50. You can report the daycare to your local animal control agency. The end result might be the daycare losing their license (but results vary)

  51. Thank you, I looked up the Sunshine Act, which seems to be an American thing. I am in South Africa, and not sure if we have a local equivalent. I am giving myself some time before reacting in any way towards the daycare, but appreciate the insight and condolences.

  52. That is so sad and I’m sorry for your loss. I would be angry as well and just as confused and shocked about that situation. I take my dog for the same reason to daycare but they remove the collars at ours. I’m surprised they didn’t as it could always get stuck on something. Our daycare as well I believe has more than 2-3 people watching the dogs. 1 is not enough for that many.

  53. In most states dogs are considered property so there isn’t much you can sue for. You can sometimes recover the cost of the dog or it’s medical care but that typically is the extent. Furthermore, OP likely signed a waiver that acknowledged death as a known risk from attending daycare. I’m not OPs lawyer, and of course they are free to contact a lawyer in their state if they are interested, but this is not likely to be a fruitful or worthwhile option.

  54. My deepest condolences. How can those people at the daycare claim to like dogs and yet be too lazy to remove collars? None of this is your fault, of course, but I'm so angry at "professional" caretakers who are clearly unfit to take responsibility.

  55. So many oversights happened on the daycare side that led to this and there are laws that you have to follow as a daycare. I know pursuing legal action isn’t accessible for all but if it is accessible for you and you want to you may have a case depending on where you are. I know that in my area. they have to remove collars and they have a certain ratio of people to dogs they can have for reasons like this. this daycare failed you and had no idea what they were doing. you are completely justified. this tragedy did not have to happen. at all.

  56. I’m so sorry this happened. Yes, you have every right to be angry. And potentially press some sort of charges depending on where you live. One person watching 20-30 dogs when they aren’t strong enough to break up a fight is irresponsible of the owner. Could be that the other attendant called in sick that day, but then they should have halved the number of dogs they allowed. There is also the possibility that this has happened before and didn’t result in a death or injury and they didn’t tell you about it.

  57. I’m so so sorry for your loss!! I think I would also be upset with myself if I was in your shoes but from the outside looking in there is no way you could have ever imagined this. Hugs!! 🤍

  58. Oh my God yes, you should be very angry at them ! They definitely should have more people watching that many dogs! This is unforgivable! I am so sorry for your loss , but definitely I would do something about this, if for the very least, so it doesn’t happen to another dog, & definitely would write about this in a review!

  59. Oh I am soo sorry! 💜 it is never easy, especially when they are so young! It’s okay to be angry but please don’t blame yourself or torture yourself with the “what ifs” you did what you thought was best. Hugs to you 💗

  60. We used to leave collars off dogs at daycare unless they were particularly troublesome and we needed the ability to grab them quickly for this reason. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  61. I am so sorry this happened. I worked at a daycare briefly and while there were other issues I was uncomfortable with (such as all sizes of dogs being in the same room and dogs that were uncomfortable being there forced to remain in the daycare area) one policy they had that all daycares should follow was to remove the dogs collars upon intake.

  62. This is why daycares should be taking collars off....or only allowing quick release collars. Any daycare we've been to removes them.

  63. My background is in childcare, not dog daycare, but the same principle applies: you have to staff for the situations where something goes horribly wrong. Maybe when all is going smoothly, one person with 20+ dogs is enough (though I doubt it); however, it is NOT enough in an emergency, as this situation unfortunately shows. There should NEVER only be one adult in a building with groups of children or animals. It is incredibly hard to keep childcare adequately staffed, and I’m sure that’s true for dog daycare. However, if the organization is short-staffed, then the owner should fill in.

  64. My puppy died in a freak accident at four months old, and it was cripplingly sad. I was depressed for weeks, and I harbored a lot of guilt for what I did or didn’t do. I’m sorry. This is a hard thing, and you have a grieving process to go through. The pain does subside eventually. I was finally ready to get a new puppy a couple of months ago.

  65. Are you seeking compensation? I know that won’t fix this at all, but it couldn’t hurt. Sorry for your loss.

  66. Whilst I understand more than most that’s accidents do happen - if it transpires that one person was in charge of 20/30 dogs that is in my opinion negligent In the UK they are far more regulated and there is a maximum number of dogs that must be grouped in similar size and age an allocated member of staff per amount of dogs - I know for boarding kennels it’s 10-12 dogs that are singularly housed and 6/7 dogs per dog walker with sufficient insurance

  67. So sorry for your loss. You have every right to feel whatever it is you need to feel right now. Sending you lots of love.

  68. I am always worried my dog will get his collar sick on something. He never had it in when he's in the house or wrestling with my other dogs. Has anyone else been warned about collars like this before?

  69. I am so so sorry. That is so traumatizing. Please don't blame yourself - you could have never known this was going to happen. I know it'll be hard, but you need to try. Take the time to grieve. You are absolutely entitled to be angry and heartbroken. I'd say the daycare was very unprofessional and somewhat neglectful. They should have had more than 1 person, and dogs shouldn't be allowed collars in that environment. They are absolutely at fault, not you. Take care x

  70. I hope you can find peace and healing and move on knowing that you loved him with your whole heart. You did the right thing by enrolling him in daycare because that’s what best suited your needs and the puppy’s needs at the time. There was no way you could’ve ever known that this would happen. At the very least, don’t blame yourself if you are feeling that way. Your dog is in peace now, and I hope you can be too. I am so, so devastated and sorry for your loss.

  71. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know it’s probably hard to believe in the moment, but you did not do anything wrong here. This was a freak accident. My dog used to attend day care and I don’t remember them ever taking the collars off.

  72. I'm so sorry for your loss. All of your feelings are normal, give yourself grace and time to process all of this. I hope Razz ran over the rainbow bridge 🐶🌈

  73. Wow. I am so sorry for you loss! Definitely don’t be angry with yourself! I worked at a dog daycare that had similar conditions to what you described but in case something like that happened we had specialized cutters for collars that don’t require much force. They should have also had and used one. I wish you well!

  74. This is terrifying and people don’t know about collar entanglement like they should. This happened to me with my dog and one of my fosters, thankfully it was a pop free collar and I was able to pop the latch in time, but the terror of the situation took like 10 years off my life. I can’t imagine if it had happened not directly in-front of me, I would have had a dead dog as well. If your pup was wearing a belted or martingale collar it’s incredibly hard to get those off in those situations. Even with a pop latch collar it took me what felt like forever to get to the latch (while the dogs were panicking and in pain).

  75. To begin, I am so so very sorry for your loss. You have every right to be upset and angry. Daycare places that allow groups that big are accidents waiting to happen, if the worker was even watching - it’s common practice to take collars off pups when they are play wrestling to avoid this very situation. It sounds as tho they did try to help your pup but this was absolutely avoidable.

  76. Sorry for your loss. You're right to be angry and they were negligent having too many dogs out at once for 1 person to properly manage. Break-away collars are designed for just this circumstance, but too late for that now.

  77. God, I’m so unbelievably sorry for your loss. I lost my Dodgey less than a year ago (he was 9 and had a bad heart, it wasn’t unexpected I’ve learned you can never prepare yourself for the pain). After the loss of my first dog, I read How to Heal From the Loss of a Dog by Peggy Haymes and it helped me so much. There was a lot of crying during it, but it definitely helped

  78. This is heartbreaking. Like dog parks, I think doggy daycare is a great idea in theory, but it can be really bad in practice. Putting lots of dogs in an area loose together with just a couple of people supervising them is so dangerous. I am so sorry this happened. Daycares really need to have smaller groups with more supervision so that things like this don’t happen.

  79. I’m so sorry☹️❤️ I can’t imagine. This is such a bizarre freak accident.. please don’t blame yourself! Not a pro but I agree there probably should be more supervision if there’s 20 dogs together in an open room

  80. As a owner of a rescue dog (GSD about 2.5 yrs old) from a shelter this is my worst nightmare. I even don't feel comfortable leaving my doggo alone with rover sitters when I go out of town. But sometimes I have to and a security system helps watch over her.

  81. My doggie daycare takes everything off of my dogs. No collars or harnesses. They put paper collars on them with their name sharpied on. I always wondered why, but now I know why.

  82. I think once you’re able to you should call an attorney and seek advice and register a complaint against this service. I’m devastated with you. You didn’t do anything wrong, you did everything right actually. Sometimes no matter how careful or diligent you are accident’s happen. This facility needs to be held accountable and have action plans for things like this. They are working with large groups of dogs. I don’t understand how they wouldn’t expect incidents and be prepared for anything. I’m curious if there’s cameras that caught everything on camera? I obviously wouldn’t want you to see it but police can definitely investigate.

  83. There is no right or wrong to what you feel, so long as you process and cope in a healthy way. Anger is a stage of grief, what you feel is helping you process what happened. What you feel is natural. FWIW, when you're ready, I hope you find forgiveness in your heart to help you out of the anger.

  84. I’m so incredibly sorry. I can’t imagine. I have a 10mo who I’ve also had since he was 4 weeks old due to a weird rescue situation, and he goes to daycare a couple days a week because I work from home, and also lost my previous dog about a year ago, so I’m relating a lot and have so much emphatic for you. I am so incredibly sorry. Feel whatever you need to feel. And know that none of this is your fault.

  85. I think you have every right to be upset. Maybe they mean well and have good intentions; but unfortunately, intentions aren’t always what matter, especially when it involved the loss of Razz.

  86. Oh I am incredibly sorry for your loss and that you have to go through this... I cannot imagine to lose my puppy like this :( Sending you love.

  87. I am so so sorry. This is my worst fear…. Just so unfair. Your puppy looked like such a sweet angel. You should be so proud of the life and love you gave him even though it was too short.

  88. I'm really sorry that this happened. I know you're absolutely devastated, but I don't feel like the daycare folks are to blame.

  89. Our daycare does not allow collars or anything else on dogs. Always wondered why and now I know. I’m sooooo sorry for your loss.

  90. This is a terrible accident and a massive tragedy for you, I’m so sorry.. your dog was a beauty for sure.. do you have the right to feel angry? HELL YES.!! Had that been me meeting them at the vets I’m not so sure I would have been able to control myself. In fact I know I would have lost my plot n showed my dark side.. you were diligent with your checks and you entrusted your dog into their care.. they are responsible hun not you. One thing I hope they can take away from this terrible thing is to have more people employed with the correct training and your loss won’t be in vain. Sending lots of love and healing your way ❤️‍🩹

  91. I'm so sorry for your loss and you have every right to be upset. The owner being remorseful and in tears means very little to me as someone who's worked at a couple daycares for people who knew almost nothing about proper dog care and something very similar to this actually happened amongst many other things that could have easily been avoided.

  92. Sorry I got to admit I stopped reading half way because it was just too much for me. I cannot imagine. I’m so sorry for your loss :(

  93. There is no correct way to grieve a loss… you’re about to go through a lot of different emotions right now and I’m sending you my condolences 💐 Rest in peace, Razz x

  94. How could you be wrong to feel angry? You lost a member of your family and it didn’t have to happen. Losing a pet is always heartbreaking. I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss.

  95. It's unfortunate, but this sort of situation happens way more than it should. And unfortunately even if there was more than one attendent, it would have been extremely hard to help get the dogs separated in time without cutting the collar. You have every right to feel upset or angry, but don't beat yourself up over it too much ..In the end it was neither your fault for enrolling him nor the daycares fault. Sometimes this happens with dogs who live together. If you ever feel ok enough to get another dog, buy him/her a breakaway collar for social situations. Doggie breakaway collars have 2 D rings on either side of the breakaway clip so you can still walk them without the collar snapping but the minute the leash is off the d rings the collar will break apart with any form of pressure.

  96. So sorry OP. Does the daycare not take off your dog’s regular collars and replace them with their own? That’s what my daycare does although I don’t know if it’s a breakaway collar. How awful.

  97. So sorry for your loss :( I can't imagine the pain, and I can't fathom why the daycare would leave collars on the dogs. My daycare takes off all the collars and harnesses and hangs them up in the hallway leading outside. You have every right to feel angry and my heart hurts for you 💔

  98. Awww man, I'm tearing as I read this. Feel how you want to feel, you have every right. I'd be inconsolable if this was my little girl.

  99. Having one person on duty watching 20-30 dogs, some of whom are too strong for her, is insane. And leaving collars on is something I've never heard of at a daycare.

  100. I’m so sorry this happened. I managed a dog daycare for years but quit because the practices of the owner were questionable and I was tired of having to manage humans and her. 1 person for 20+ dogs was one of the reasons I quit. This is not okay.

  101. You should be more than angry. An accident is a tragedy, negligence is unacceptable. Please sue this place so no one else has to go through this.

  102. :'( how incredibly devastating! Yes I think you have every right to be upset. Accident or not. I'd be livid. Did they offer you any sort of compensation? I mean you paid for their services. A day care is supposed to take care of your pup while under their supervision & they failed. Not only did you lose your puppy, you lost a family member you had entrusted to them to keep the puppy safe. I'm so sorry for your loss & I hope they make this right. While I understand money isn't going to make things better I do think they should be refunding not just your $ for the service but also have to pay out $$ for cost of replacing the pup (whether you want a new pup or not) if they don't do something offer something that feels to you like it's a fair compensation then make sure your reviews of the place reflect what happen. Unfortunately businesses run on money. Pocketbook is the best way to make sure they change their practices to make sure things like this don't happen again. I hope I'm conveying what I mean to properly sometimes I have a hard time.explaining what I'm thinking. Anyway. I'm so so very sorry for your loss & I think you are totally justified in being upset at the daycare. I do not think you're justified in being upset with yourself/feeling guilty. ITS NOT YOUR FAULT! Xx

  103. so sorry for your loss. i used to work at a dog daycare, and there’d be 2-3 people assigned per play area (small dogs and big dogs area). we also removed their collars and used paper collars to ensure the dogs’ safety. i can’t imagine what you’re going through right now :(

  104. There are no words for this terrible tragedy. My heart is with you at this sad time. Please don't blame yourself. You loved your dog, did your homework, and had every reason to believe he would be safe and happy at day care. I'm wishing you peace and comfort. The loss is immeasurable, as is the love left behind.

  105. oh my gosh. im not even sure what to say here, besides that i am so so sorry for your loss op. this seems like something that shouldve been easily prevented. best of luck with whatever you decide to do regarding the daycare ❤️

  106. oh my gosh. im not even sure what to say here, besides that i am so so sorry for your loss op. i cant imagine the pain youre feeling right now. this is NOT your fault. this seems like something that shouldve been easily prevented. best of luck with whatever you decide to do regarding the daycare ❤️

  107. I’m so sorry OP. Unfortunately this is not uncommon, this is exactly why in doggy group setting only certain collars should be used. This is just one of those things not many people have ever even thought about but does unfortunately happen. I do think you’re absolutely entitled to feel however you need to feel but I wouldn’t say this was specifically the daycares fault. I do hope this leads to a policy where only breakaway type collars are allowed inside the facility tho. In fact I would even mention to the owners that it might be worth it to implement such policy. I’m so sorry again, there nothing worse then losing them so unexpectedly. 💜💜

  108. Groups of dogs should never play with equipment on for one and they were definitely negligent for not having enough trained staff on duty. Accidents happen and while I'm sure they weren't malicious they were definitely negligent. You're anger is more than justified.

  109. I’m so sorry about this. We lost our young healthy dog in a random freak accident and it was so hard. I feel for you so much. You gave him the best life you could and he was so loved.

  110. I'm so sorry this happened to you and I am very surprised they keep collars on the dogs. Usually, they would get replaced with a paper collar in daycare.

  111. I am so sorry for your loss. This is horrendous. Please be kind to yourself. You are not to blame. The daycare owner is totally to blame for not taking basic safety steps and not having adequate supervision. Please don't let them get away with this or someone else will feel your pain.

  112. I am so sorry to read this. I am offering you the biggest virtual hug I possibly can. I am so sorry for your loss.

  113. This is extremely sad and I’m so sorry to hear this!! This makes me think about doggy daycare for my dog, I’ve hesitant about it but now it makes me think more :/ RIP to your beautiful dog!

  114. Always, always, ALWAYS take off collars when allowing dogs to play like this . OP, this is absolutely not your fault, this daycare failed you by failing to take a very simple safety measure that cost your beautiful pup his life. Hopefully they implement that policy now… I just hate that it would take something like this for them to do so.

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