Jon's gotta speak out.

  1. Nah, honestly Jon probably doesn't even think about Game Grumps anymore. Ultimately it doesn't matter why he left, he left to do his own thing and seems content with that.

  2. "Gotta" was more of catchy title attempt but I hear ya. I'm just imagining the potential fan meltdowns.

  3. I really don’t think he does lol it’s been a decade and they’ve both moved on and given their own reasons already. Posts like this are what the GG community sees and then they get this idea that we’re weird little hate goblins that are stuck in the past and just hate anything GG since Jon left

  4. Jon just wanted to work on his own things and no fly from NY to LA every few days to record. There is the tell all.

  5. Jon actually speak up...lots of times. There is no conspiracy, he just got tired of having no control over the show, and decided to start his own thing. Its kinda weird how that alone made people start a cult around Jon figure, as the saviour of games of something, when in reality the guy spends 80% of his time reposting /pol/ memes in social media. Just because I find Arin one insufferable bitter man, does not mean I have to worship the first guy who pointed that out publicly.

  6. Bruh you nailed it. I never got the "hero" worship thing for either of them. But can you imagine how people would react if he started talking shit?

  7. Honestly what is there to say that needs saying at this point. Jon and Arin haven’t associated in years since the Starcade episode which didn’t feel that genuine in hindsight. They’ve both totally moved on and Arin hasn’t exactly made it hard to see how he is nowadays.

  8. I honestly don't think Jon could possibly care any less about Game Grumps. He's a little busy running his channel and he left almost 10 years ago. And All of the "reasons" of why he left that you're alluding to are all heavy speculation and flat out severe cases of jumping to conclusions. Jon probably wanted GG to stay Lowkey and more of a side channel and Arin wanted it to be more of a company like it is now. They disagreed so they parted ways. End of story. Both guys ended up being successful. There's nothing to be said about the breakup. It's kind of ridiculous to even be talking about the split in 2022

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