Boyfriend doesn’t care about my feelings?

  1. Yeah, even if you could get over this it shows that he’s unwilling to listen to you or work through problems with you. I had a boyfriend like that and ended up feeling incredibly lonely.

  2. NO you shouldn't get over it, and you shouldn't stay in the relationship either. He seems unwilling to want to spend time with you or hear you out. Why Is he even in a relationship if he's not willing to put practically any effort and play it according to his rules? In the end I think he's not the one for you and I think you deserve better and someone, who'll put you first and find the time to actually want to talk to you and hear you out regardless of the situation.

  3. You two aren't on the same page. It doesn't mean either of you are in the wrong, just that you're not looking for the same thing. Cut your losses and move on before you get too attached.

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