He had started this a while ago...

  1. There was a similar shot at the FA Cup final a few years back. Hull - Arsenal was 2-3 and it was like the 89th minute. They showed a dude engraving ”arsenal”, then immidiately cut to Hull missing a shot on open goal. Always wondered what would’ve happened.

  2. They would have crossed it out and the most amazing comeback in RWC history would have been suitably immortalised.

  3. The ring that they engrave is a separate piece that comes off. If it was wrong it could just be replaced.

  4. If you kept an eye on the Betfair line it was close to a coinflip for much of the second half

  5. I mean, the more time he has, the better the craftsmanship. Never understood why they have these engravers do this on the side of the pit during a match, imagine the pressure. What’s the problem of engraving it the next day?

  6. I think they do this for a few reasons. First thing it does is signify the trophy/plaque as unique and hand made. Second this is it’s a neat thing for the audiences to see and helps add to the show. Third is they want to be able to take pictures with the trophy with the team in the moment, and this allows the team name to already be engraved by the time they take pictures to make it a little cooler.

  7. Have three tries ever been scored after 78 mins? Is there time for the conversions, restarts and tries?

  8. My welsh mate and me (Scottish) burst out laughing when we saw that in a London pub. Then we shouted out “leave off, they’re already dead!” Which even the local punters enjoyed.

  9. He could have started that after the first scrum pen tbh. Ironic with all the complexity and analysis and focus on a thousand aspects of play and what let the boys down was the most basic fundamental of the game.

  10. Here in Christchurch the expats were excited before 10am. At the South African shop it was crazy, everyone stocking up for the braai’s. Game only aired at 10pm.

  11. Pretty sure you need to put a film on the metal otherwise it will reflect back into the laser and bad shit happens, but I only engrave plastic and wood so I wouldn't know. Also it's not as deep and doesn't look as nice in my opinion.

  12. Rightly so, South Africa were on top of us the whole game. We had one brief moment where we looked like we could pull it back but it didn't happen.

  13. Look at the clock. They'd started engraving South Africa on the trophy before the game had finished - and judging by how much they'd carved, it looks like they started quite a long time before.

  14. The engraver must work pretty quickly. Wonder if it was one the World Rugby brought over to Japan? or a local? and imagine all the eyes watching to make sure it was spelled correctly (lol)

  15. I thought this was kind of ridiculous, could he not wait one and a half minutes to do it? I know they didn't but he'd look such a tool if England had pulled back somehow

  16. I wonder how much that guy is paid to not fuck it up. Weird that it's the first place my mind went.

  17. Absolutely disgraceful and unjustified, always wait until the final whistle, no matter the score

  18. Its engraved by a machine and he just put in finishing touches. You telling me he free handed that perfect font? No he was just making it deeper and more even. The machine probably started it about 2 minutes before he got it

  19. I find it fucking hilarious that none of these guys could even make a college American football roster. In the states, rugby is for those not good enough to play the real sport.

  20. Yeah cause the American rugby team is famous for how good they are and how all their players are home grown. I think this one rugby player retired from Rugby and he wasnt that good and he went to the NFL and got straight into the team and scored 2 touchdowns in his first game, I'll check my sources tho😂

  21. Represent your country in front of the world's media at the international finals of a world sport, or represent a for-profit school vs other for-profit schools in a sport even the neighbouring countries don't give a fuck about. Yep, hard choice. :-D

  22. Yes yes, thats why football teams across the US watch rugby tackle technique for tips, whareas nobody in rugby has any use for American football skills. You can keep your commercial platform posing as a sport with its wanky halftime pop concerts mate. Plenty of rugby players have converted to football and have made NFL rosters after only playing the game for a year, but no football player could manage that with rugby. You have to be a lot more versatile and skillful.

  23. World Series in reality means you have to play at least one other country How can you have a world anything when you don’t play any one else apart from Muricans

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