Well well well, how the turntables

  1. I really, really hope you at least thought you were clean and it's more of a case of negligence. Not a good look though if it turns out Leicester voted for Sarries to be relegated knowing they also had some shady dealings, and also being one of the prime contenders to be relegated that very year.

  2. As a non tigers fan, I genuinely feel for the team. As Borthwick said, this is going back years and looks to be a historical breach. If the club is guilty, then punishment will come, but I would feel awful for the current squads who are just playing amazing rugby at the moment.

  3. The real memes will be when Bath fail to win a game all season, but avoid relegation because Leicester get a whopping point deduction.

  4. They already can't get relegated this season. It would have been a mad three years in the Championship with it though. Sarries go down, then Tigers, then Bath. Historically 3 of the countries biggest clubs, playing London Scottish in a non friendly. Poor Ealing.

  5. No relegation this season as you’ve said, but the even better memes would have been bath getting relegated despite Leicester getting a massive point deduction.

  6. Well, if they were to be relegated this year (despite the suspension of Relegation) it would depend what happens with the adjustments:

  7. I will actually be quite gutted for Tigers if they get any kind of points reduction sanctioning or whatever the outcome is for this alleged breach.

  8. I love how all the tigers fans have been brutal about salarycens but now on here asking for leniency saying it'd be a shame to punish them during a good season.

  9. Every fan on the tigers communities on reddit and discord have said that we are guilty then we get what we deserve. No one’s saying that we should be let off easy mate

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