Symons punches Farrell in the Prem-Semi Final. Skip to 0:47 to see the incident. (Apologies for the poor quality lifted from FB)

  1. I've been trying to find a clip of that one because it was mentioned (of sorts) on comms during the match but I didn't see it first time around.

  2. Pearce literally started the game saying, "that's the last fight" then didn't have the balls to do anything for the rest of the game

  3. Still haven't seen it (family things) - accidentally got spoiled on the result and haven't had the heart to watch a replay, though I was intending to pull myself together and watch it tonight.

  4. I can't blame Pearce entirely. A lot of people saw the red mist out there, and I know it's his job and he's the one with the authority but when 30 blokes collectively decide to lose the plot then it's going to be almost impossible to control.

  5. The reason it wasn't penalised is because the punches weren't dominant (/s obviously although this was Pearce's logic for the game yesterday)

  6. Regardless of personal opinions about Farrell think this kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable on a Rugby pitch (cue 'Rugby's gone soft comments'). Not sure how Pearce and the TMO both watched the replay and didn't think it warranted any further look in.

  7. Pearce is stood right next to the incident watching it happen too. Same as the AR was with the Farrell jab on Marchant.

  8. That video seems to chop Farrell's head out of frame right at the critical time. 1st video was actually clearer.

  9. I've watched this incident a few times and from this angle I'm not convinced - he might have thrown one but I just don't know how you can tell from this angle.

  10. I actually think Farrell said that there was nothing in it because he knew he was the one throwing punches at Northmore. You can see Lukes body jerk after Farrells arm comes out in a swinging action. Symons responds throwing his arm over Farrells shoulder and jumping on him, forcing everyone to the floor.

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