Thoughts on Wasp's current predicament? (Link in comments)

  1. They swooped in like vultures when they saw an opportunity to take over the stadium for relatively little, thinking they would make a big profit. They should not get a penny of public money because the public wouldn't have gotten a penny of their profits.

  2. It's obviously been exacerbated by the pandemic and such because we've had no fans (bare in mind 2019-20 was our best form for a couple of seasons and fans likely would've turned up), then no concerts events etc. Money that could've been made and helped the club. Same can be said of the other businesses at the CBS arena. Revenue will improve as people start coming back to these things. Even getting Coventry City back is a boost in revenue as well (a small boost but higher attendances than Wasps so...).

  3. And this is why they should be given public money. The government robbed them of revenues by preventing them trading as a business due to imposed lockdowns. They should therefore compensate them for this.

  4. Seems to have been common knowledge they were and have been struggling for some time. Didn't realise it was this much they were in the hole for though.

  5. It's debts, but to be balanced by assets. Your wealth is assets - liabilities. So it doesn't mean much by itself without knowing their assets and cashflow.

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