Are the commentators always against you?

  1. Mate, Dayglo is just very one eyed. It's painful listening to his mental gymnastics if he on one of the Leicester games.

  2. If there is anthing this thread shows, its that there probably isnt really a particular bias, pretty much every team in the league has a fan here saying X is being unfair to Y team. Bias exists in all humans.

  3. Every Facebook fan page: "The commentators hate us, the refs are biased, and Eddie Jones doesnt pick enough of our players."

  4. Tigers Facebook fans definitely think Jones picks too many of our players but only because we'd like to actually see them in green white and red rather than their call ups being undeserved...

  5. BT sports loves Quins, be that for multiple reasons. But they do give them preferential treatment compared to other teams.

  6. Except in the game v LI where Craig and Ugo were sitting in the Quins bar in the stadium fighting with the home crowd!!

  7. Dallaglio has it in for us, but apart from that we probably get off much better than pretty much every team bar maybe Tigers and Sarries

  8. To me it always sounds like he starts talking without knowing where he's going with his thought, then there's a brief pause or a slowdown in speech while he works out how to finish his sentence.

  9. Maybe he doesn’t like a joue joue (hope I spelt that right) style of rugby. A couple of years ago he was bashing harlequins defence optional approach, and they went on to win the premiership. Pretty sure he admitted he was wrong afterwards though.

  10. As a benetton supporter watching urc on uk tv on premier sports (now viaplay), i do think there is a definite disrespect/ lack of knowledge from the commentators which can be frustrating but sometimes satisfying when we surprise them lol

  11. It's always interesting to hear comments about former heroes. RWC winner Dallaglio could do no wrong around 2003. These individuals are like superheros, characters in a mythology. As long as he was winning those titles with England, with Wasps... but then comes that part, just like in the fairy tales: the part AFTER "they lived happily ever after".

  12. Every fan will probably feel like the commentators are often against them but I do feel BT sport really have their favourites. They seem to love Bristol despite them being crap for the last season and a half

  13. It must be confirmation bias if we all feel it. I’ve read write ups the day after Glos comprehensively win a match and the narrative focuses on the other team not quite doing enough despite being amazing in defence etc etc

  14. I don’t see it personally. I see some of the commentators finding it harder to criticise their former clubs (or seemingly going out their way to do it but not getting really stuck in). It generally feels like most commentators give a consistent perspective, although admittedly they have their own lens through which they see the game which for a period of time might not help certain teams.

  15. You can find a fan of every club in this thread alone claiming the commentary guys hate their specific club, so I doubt there's anything in it.

  16. I watched Munster at the weekend vs Edinburgh where Munster played really well and deservedly put away a decent side. On comms however the first try was because of the ‘dark arts’ of Munster and the complete turnaround in the second half was partly due to Munster having the ‘rub of the green’. I see this a lot with the URC commentators but not so much with Sky. BT can also be a bit one eyed but again not as bad.

  17. I wouldn’t say I’ve found commentators to be anti-Leinster really, often pretty pro-Leinster tbh. However, in the URC I occasionally watch with Welsh commentators and they’re amongst the most imbalanced commentators. Not disrespectful or anti-Irish as such but the whole game is commentated from the Welsh perspective which grates a bit after a while.

  18. The commentators in South Africa love to hate on The Bulls, it has gotten very bad over the past weeks - especially Joel Stransky and Jean de Villiers.

  19. BT sport have an obsession with certain teams and players. You won't hear a bad word said about Quins, Exeter or Sarries (even during their whole controversy). Likewise, you can always make an educated guess on who will be man of the match, regardless of performance. I've seen them nearly give Radradra man of the match when he wasn't even playing before.

  20. They were all long term club men weren’t they, I think they all spent their entire career at one club. And bath we’re at the top for a lot of their careers, I guess that might explain it (even if it doesn’t excuse it)

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