Breaking story for ⁦ @MailSport ⁩ - Eddie Jones set to be sacked by the RFU tomorrow once union board formally ratify review panel verdict that his position has become untenable. Steve Borthwick to take over as England head coach.

  1. Yes. And he’s got a plan. He’s holding back the good stuff for the next campaign though. Every year he will hold it back for the next season but it’s totally going to blow your socks off.

  2. Pat Howard comes in as a consultant and basically says it’s a shit show because of the inconsistency

  3. Exactly. Get rid now and lose it then we'll never know either way. And we're not gonna win it changing tactics this close

  4. Me and you both. Given the young attacking players we're developing, players like Smith, Robertson would've been way more suitable.

  5. Not sure if foreign fans really want him, or just buying into the NZ hype when they don't actually know his surname.

  6. More to the point, even if he doesn't have a grand plan might as well see if the emperor has any clothes.

  7. I'm not. I think if Gatland were sitting there ready and willing to take the job - a guy who is a serial winner with tonnes of WC experience, and experience building top-level teams on very short notice (Lions) – I'd be in favour. Despite our recent struggles.

  8. I honestly think it's a mistake getting rid of him. Just let him see out his tenure and judge him on the WC. Madness.

  9. I agree - Eddie should have enough credit in the bank to take us to 2023. The only time England's men's team won a World Cup is when we kept a coach for two cycles. In 2018 we were shit. Eddie turned it around and got to the WC final in 2019.

  10. I thought that would be the logical.....but with Wales going for it...maybe England will too and the rest of us....

  11. Yes but also don’t paper over the cracks. He’s taken England through some of their best times but also, quite literally, the worst times. If I recall England have had their 2 worst 6Ns ever under Eddie.

  12. And yet we’ve come 5th in the 6N twice, lost to Argentina for the first time in something like 14 years, lost the World Cup final that Eddie said was his sole focus and only won 5 out of the 12 internationals we’ve played this year.

  13. Funny how it works out, Foster is part of a union which is held to a way higher standard than Wales or England, and has been getting serious calls to be sacked for as long/if not longer than Eddie (definitely longer than Pivac), but he has outlasted both of them. If you asked me 12 months ago if any coach would be getting sacked before the WC I'd say probably none but Foster would be the most likely to be gone.

  14. On the one hand, Jones' win rate percentage across his entire tenure looks pretty solid. But on the other, his win rate percentage post-2019 is now down to about 50%.

  15. While the results have been dire this doesn’t seem smart from the rfu. It does set a future precedent that they aren’t willing to sacrifice 3 years to win a RWC.

  16. Hardly an awful precedent to set. It’s definitely risky sacking him now, but I don’t see why you have to be shit for three years just to have a good WC. I don’t get it, you don’t have to win everything before the World Cup, but you have to have positive signs and clear progress

  17. Seems weird to suffer 3 years of mediocrity before calling it quits less than a year out from the end result that very well could, or very well could not be, a roaring success.

  18. Borthwick is different. He is less emotional and doesn't do risky things (players out of position). Tigers players love him and I can see why

  19. Anyone have any ideas of how much this will cost (if he ends up being sacked). Presuming they have to at least cover Eddies salary + Steve’s contract and any other turn around in the senior staff.

  20. My only source is "my dad who apparently found it on twitter" and it's a hell of a large estimate but apparently its somewhere between £800,000 and £2,000,000 to just buy out Jones.

  21. It won’t be relevant to their thinking. Currently they’re paying Eddie up until the RWC and they think they’re going to lose. They might get some of that cash back, but they’ll be paying for the replacement team. Eddie’s salary for the next year is already spent though.

  22. I'd genuinely be fuming if this is true. Leicester are finally turning around to not be consistently completely wank, and within a year we'll have seen a lot of the key elements that helped us achieve that leave.

  23. I know Eddie’s not exactly been popular amongst England fans recently, but if this is true just watch how many teams are desperate to get him in, be it as a coach or consultant. If the RFU cared that much about results (which have been average since ‘19, but by no means the disaster some seem to make them out to have been), then why has it taken this long? If the RFU doesn’t care about results and wants to win the World Cup, then how tf does this improve England’s chances (given Eddie’s track record, and the nonexistent track record of his supposed replacement)? Won’t this kind of decision completely polarise the core squad of players England have right now? I know Eddie can’t be the easiest to work for, but hasn’t that always been the case? I really don’t understand what’s changed beyond the RFU panicking for the same reasons that they should have been panicking 6 months ago.

  24. I wonder if Squidge would go back on the concept of ‘EJ WC master plan’ with layers of tactics and holding back moves now? Surely if these existed to the extent that England could be a credible WC title contender there would be more faith from the RFU in Eddie’s plan and back him?

  25. I wonder how much these things happen in isolation, and how much the RFU hears through unofficial channels that Eddie is actually clueless this time and does not, in fact, have a masterplan. I'm not saying that's the case, but I do wonder what would make the RFU choose now to pull the trigger. Unless they really are clueless backstabbers led solely by popular opinion...

  26. I'm sure there has been a lot more going on. They are probably getting little communication from Eddie as to what he has been up to and/or his assistant coaches or prominent players have provided negative feedback.

  27. They've been dragged through the mud for their handling of the domestic game - I can easily see them sacking him to demonstrate 'grip'.

  28. Anyone who’s spent any time on here in the past two weeks will know I’m not an Eddie fan and I’ll be happy if he goes.

  29. Setting Borthwick up to fail. He's not got much experience yet and bringing him in a year out is a shot to nothing. If there aren't any world class coaches available then let Eddie see the world cup out and then bring in someone (ideally with more experience than Borthwick) to wipe the slate clean afterwards

  30. Maybe it's because I'm Welsh but I didn't realise England's results this year were considered to be so bad...

  31. England stuck in pool again - confirmed? Wales poached Gats so that RFU would not do the same?

  32. Well. Ive been calling BS on this for a week...but if Englands best friend neighbours can replace their coach, I guess England can get rid of their favourite Aussie too....

  33. Why the fuck are we doing this a year before the World Cup, if Eddie’s proven anything it’s that this is all he wants to win so why give him the boot at this point

  34. Imagine if we get through to the end of the world cup with a daily rumour/report that Eddie will be sacked tomorrow

  35. Seems daft to hire a person to win the World Cup and then sack him for not winning something that isn't the World Cup. Oh well. The timing might prove fortuitous, and Borthwick is no mug. It might work out, we might get a well-timed new coach bounce.

  36. The RFU sacking Eddie Jones for doing exactly what they asked and focus solely on the world cup is the most Liz Truss move since, well, Liz Truss.

  37. Pretty sure the meeting announcement is only on Wednesday. Saw reports in the Aus media today about this.

  38. Getting rid of Eddie has been the right call for the past 3 years but I worry about the timing and whether or not Borthers is the right man at the moment. If he packs his back room staff (particularly with an attack coach) it could be very positive for England. Tough call right before the World Cup - should’ve made the call at his last review

  39. The only way this works (if it's true and this isn't just the Mail recycling the story from earlier; are there actually any sources in this one?) is if the RFU have said they're effectively writing off the world cup and that they've basically cocked up by holding on to the 11th hour.

  40. I’m telling you he’s going to coach the Cell C Sharks. With all that talent who wouldn’t. If he goes to a national team at this stage the best he gets is a couple of pool wins. Sharks would offer big bucks with their new backing. And they have to get it right quickly. And he loves SA. Let’s see…

  41. This sounds like such a dumb move. What’s the added value of changing everything months before the World Cup? Throwing any existing plan away because of a medium (not atrocious, mind you) year? What does the RFU expect? Baffling.

  42. I'm sure they have probably asked for Jones to at least explain his master plan or to show tangible improvements. And Jones has probably told them to bugger off.

  43. This is just plain stupidity so you can see why the RFU have gone for it. Anything other than total embarrassment is going to be down to pure blind luck.

  44. Wild stuff, Genge said a few days ago that no higher ups had talked to the players about Eddie’s removal (obvs that could have changed since).

  45. OK? So whats the plan? How is getting rid of a coach at this late stage going to change anything. I rather wait to see if he a) fails or b) proves again he is a big tournament specialist. Getting rid of him now just seems to be committing ourselves to option a.

  46. I should imagine that this review went into the performance in the last few years and discussed his plan for the next 12 months.

  47. Gut feeling: Borthwick is coming on board early a la Joe Schmidt/as his post-2023 replacement now to help steady the ship.

  48. We’ll give you Alistair Coetzee and Pieter De Villiers as replacement coaches. Don’t laugh. They might win the whole bloody thing as the most epic coaching comeback ever.

  49. Eddie's sand timer runs out after the WC. If we let him go now, we are effectively giving up on England's chances this WC. Why not punt with Eddie and then line up Borthwick after?

  50. Not going to lie, if we are to face England in the World cup, I'll look back at this and thank RFU for their decision making here - Jones always plays for the WC and booting him just before is questionable at best.

  51. Driven by calls from casual fans who only watch 6 nations and don’t follow the cycle, and who forgot how shit England were before Eddie

  52. very early in Borthwicks coaching career to be an international coach. Could go very wrong very fast

  53. A few years ago a couple of my mates happened to resign on the same day as they got new jobs. Another felt left out of the congratulations, so quit his without another one to go to because he felt left out.

  54. The Good, The Bad & The Rugby Twitter announced EJ has been sacked with Borthers taking over with immediate effect.

  55. I think squidge was right about Eddie, they should have backed him. Anything less than the semi’s for England in France and the what if’s will intensify hugely. That being said I think it is clear that he became less passionate about the job this last year.

  56. I'll be fucked off if this us true, because i have zero doubt that Jones has been half-assing the 6N and AIs to focus on stuff for the World Cup, and we've had to put up with 3 years of shite to prepare for the next WC. It probably isnt Squidge's masterplan, but we have seen phases of play where we've looked like there's actually a structure hidden under all the kicking for territory. I'll be fucked off if it's not true, because the Mail are a bunch of lying cunts.

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