Thats a fuckin villain origin story if I’ve ever seen one

  1. Even if that's staged, I don't think it's funny. That's just mean spirited. "Haha, look at the sad man that wanted some love. How dare he think he deserves anything!" Offering a kiss and then using it to shove a pie in his face isn't comedy. Just sad and mean.

  2. What gave it away? The multiple mounted cameras or the fact that there was already a plate of whipped cream in place?

  3. Pretty sure this is fake but anyone who fucks with another person’s feelings like that deserves for their favorite book series to be adapted into a shitty low budget tv show

  4. Or better a totally awesome show that gets slightly worse after season 4 but totally sucks in the last two seasons 7 and 8. bad that it ruins the entire show. And on top of that the book series will never be finished.

  5. That hurts. My favorite game from my childhood was Dungeon Siege, and then it was made into a shitty low budget movie by Uwe Boll.

  6. This is not staged, his friends set him up and they and she were in on it; he wasn't. There is the full version on YouTube and also a podcast thing where they discuss it and all make fun of him for never having kissed someone. They are just shit friends and horrible human beings and the girl is just as bad. This whole makes me honestly pretty mad.

  7. No the redditors intuition can never be wrong. "He doesn't look unattractive and can talk like a normal human so it must be scripted" 🤡

  8. Scripted or not, wtf is the message with making this? Clearly, the writer gets off on punishing vulnerability?

  9. Idk if you've listened to other joji songs but his latest one "Glimpse of Us" and pretty much all of them are pretty good

  10. Now we have staged shitty people? That was the shittiest thing I have seen for a minute and you are telling me they made it up? So there is not enough horrible shit in this world we want to manufacture more of it.

  11. Something can be scripted without everyone in the scene knowing it. Borat was scripted, but that doesn't meant Giuliani was in on the joke.

  12. How can you tell if he is in on the prank or not? You can't, you just announce it is fake for no reason. Fucking Reddit know it all fuckheads

  13. And even more really cringy people people that can't imagine that a lot of people had legit very similar experiences regardless of whether this actual instance was scripted or not.

  14. Scripted I assume. Unscripted the response would be “no I don’t want my kiss to be some randomer in front of a rolling camera”

  15. "I'm literally on stage here in front of all these cameras and we are all sitting in our designated seats in a semicircle. I think it might be staged."

  16. Having once been a dude that had never kissed a girl, I can confidently say that that would not be the typical response. Barring weird religious shit.

  17. The only way I see this being real is if they were playing something like truth or dare and people get pies in the face if they refuse or something

  18. Bro he didn’t see the plate or shaving cream on the table. Stop saying it’s fake. He did not know it was coming. He couldn’t possibly seen her hand holding a plate of whipped cream or shaving cream.

  19. If this is supposed to be funny, you have no sense of humor. Embarrassing anyone for your entertainment is never funny. Even if you laugh, it just means you are a sadist.

  20. And she’s deserves the worst. I hope she stubs her toe daily. Infinite paper cuts. I hope the corners of her mouth stay cracking. Athletes foot. All of the most inconvenient annoyingly painful things every should happen to her every day.

  21. i hate how she asks what he was foing when she said asked and then told him to “take control” and he is so upset i hope man found someone whod give him the perfect first kiss

  22. Is that Tabitha Swatosh? Looks like her. If it is, it's possible that this is just a skit. She creates content that seems real, but is just a humorous skit.

  23. The real sad cringe is all the guys falling for this fake outrage porn. We have all these angry guys in the comments admitting they’ve never been kissed. The comment section is the real sad cringe.

  24. Firstly if someone has a whipped cream pie in front of them you can expect what's going to happen. Secondly, this may be staged but happens enough that it isnt funny.

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