Omicron boosters offer additional protection against COVID-19 infection. When the updated booster was administered eight months or more after a person's last COVID-19 shot, the vaccine was 56% effective at preventing symptomatic disease in people ages 18-49, 48% among those ages 50-64

  1. I’ve had all the shots. Never had Covid once. Every other person in my life has. Not sure it means a damn thing, but at this point, trying to keep my streak going!

  2. Three boosters so far, going for another next month. I have been in close contact at work for hours at a time with someone who was positive and very sick with covid (multiple times), and never tested positive myself or had any symptoms. So far so good.

  3. me as well (though bivalent booster was only last weekend) and i've had at least three exposures, including one with a co-habitator (though they masked and sequestered after the diagnosis).

  4. I've never had a cold shot yet haven't had a cold in 4 years. I've gone 5 years in a row without in the past. What's up with that?

  5. Where do they get these statistics from? How would they know it's efficacy if it wasn't in a controlled environment, if they weren't trying to infect people on purpose and seeing which people got infected vs not?

  6. You’re right but with these sorts of studies they will try to compare infection rates of unvaccinated to vaccinated. Additionally placebos can be used for comparison too. Without rigorously controlled studies that’s the only way to do it and is gold standard for vaccination efficacy studies in humans

  7. Frankly, I doubt that the Omicron booster even temporarily has 56% effectiveness. This is a "study" from the same people who claimed that just two doses would have 95% effectiveness.

  8. Well the prevailing theories for a lot of chronic illnesses is that they are latent buildups of damage such as with HPV as an example, and this is referred to as the Viral Vector theory of disease.

  9. 56% is pretty bad, honestly. I think the requirement during development of these vaccines the effectiveness had to have been >70%, and even that was only acceptable because of the pandemic crisis.

  10. The requirement for these vaccines is to reduce serious disease/hospitalization, not symptomatic disease (which is a much higher bar)

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