Fat shamed yesterday. Decided to do something about it.

  1. That’s the best mindset to have in my opinion. I always think about how I’ve never regretted doing/attempting a workout too.

  2. It’s the habit that will take you there. Make walking through the gym doors your goal, then you have won and can feel awesome. Everything beyond that you are killing it and can feel super proud.

  3. You get most of the health benefits from only walking 5 hours a week (1 hour a day) or doing moderate excercise for 2.5 hours a week. Shit is not hard. Not stoping is ..

  4. 2 years ago I was 215 and we are similar height. Today I am in the best shape of my life and ran 10 miles yesterday. You can do this!!

  5. The first 2 months of running is just terrible for me but everything after is a good time! I have to restart from scratch after having surgery from a serious knee and leg injury. I haven’t ran in two months, but I’m looking forward to the first day I’m able to run again!

  6. Thank you so much and great job to you! I know firsthand it is hard work. I've been heavy my whole life and have never stuck with any kind of exercise program or diet. But it is definitely time for me to grow up. I am 45 years old and eat like a 16 year old boy. If I want McDonalds I eat Mcdonalds. If I want doritos, I eat doritos. i have no self control when it comes to food and I HAVE to change that. I have to.

  7. Your comment to them may have made a difference, they’re still learning the impact of their words. Maybe for the next person they’ll be more considerate

  8. This made me so sad to read. I feel like kind people are getting more and more difficult to come by. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Try to use this situation as a motivation to FEEL better and love yourself. Sure that might mean going to the gym/eating better etc, but what is most important is watering yourself and being kind to the body you have on this earth. Give it love and try to get into a self care ritual. Find an exercise you actually enjoy doing and do that. YouTube is a wonderful resource for finding some easy at home workouts and meditation/self care videos. Turn this negative situation into a stepping stone to becoming a better you. You deserve to live life in a happy body mentally and physically. Wishing you all the love and support.

  9. Even on days that I don’t do an intense workout I celebrate the 10 min walk I went on or the 15 min of yoga I did at home. I have those hour workouts at the gym lifting weights, but even 1 minute of a workout is progress. So you’re already doing amazing. Keep it going!

  10. START LIFTING! I’ve been over 300 twice before and I’ve lost over 100 pounds twice now. This last time was 100 in less than a year of being postpartum WHILE I was eating maintenance calories! Cardio with extreme deficits (I have an ED) took years, lifting HEAVY has helped me drop 30 pounds in 4 months and I’ve lost 8% of body fat in that time. Now I’m 5’9, 205, and can deadlift 235 🥹 just trust me you have to move weights to really get a body you’ll love. I love this body way more than when I was 170.

  11. Use that feel to burn fat in gym like you started. Just instead of regular walking, put some 'hill' on track for faster/bette burn.

  12. Consistency. I would not start to hate yourself over this. But when I want to change something. I sit there after the shitty moment I had and I picture it all over in my head. I tell myself to remember how it feels. Remember the moment clearly. And then make a statement. I want to change or I don't want to feel like this again. I do this after I eat a large portion of something that makes me feel gross and greedy. We overeat for sure. I'll take a moment and say how do I feel after eating this. Do I feel good or bad. Because many times you'll feel bad but you won't notice it as much when your washing it down with a coke, or 3 episodes into your favorite show. Take a pause in the moment and collect your data.

  13. Yeah! Every morning when I wake up and think about all the snacking I did right before I went to sleep I get so grossed out with myself. A few times I've said out loud....."you are disgusting" to myself because it's true. I hate that feeling. I actually just made a video just for myself to document the date, my weight and what happened last night, how it made me feel, and what i did about it today. I just wanted to document the beginning of my journey so i never forget how shitty it felt. It was exactly the motivation that I needed and I don't want to forget that.

  14. That is really fantastic! I don’t think you appreciate the extent that it is that first step that is the hardest. You deserve a huge hug for being so strong 💪

  15. While excercise may make you feel good and motivate you to stick with your health plan. Watch your food intake. Focus on a diet change. It is the key to a successful weight loss program.

  16. I'm happy for you that you're changing your lifestyle "for you". Even if you weren't, people shouldn't make fun of others, and in their face!

  17. Thank you! I think it may have been the best thing to happen to me in a while though! Might have been just the kick in the pants that I needed. :)

  18. I suggest taking it easy before you burn all the motivation without building a habit of exercising, then you will go back to your old habits and get depressed again (from experience)

  19. That’s awesome OP. Good luck on your journey, I’ve been there. Though it’s important to note, going to the gym is half the work. Fixing your diet is just as, if not more important.

  20. Dude, YES! Small changes are the easiest to take on and keep routine. Remember consistency of small wins is better than not sticking to big changes (:

  21. You turned a garbage experience into a positive new direction for your life. You rock!!! Keep moving in that direction you’re going in, everything in your life will get better. I have 100% faith in you!!

  22. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Teenagers fucking suck sometimes and I feel like every generation somehow manages to be more cruel than the last. I am sending you the most positive of vibes dear stranger. You’re a total badass for channeling it into something positive. Great things are coming your way.

  23. First off, fuck people who do stuff like that in the first place. Secondly, good for you for using it as motivation to change your life.

  24. Teenagers are the unfiltered adults of the real world, and they're all assholes imho. I'm proud of you for taking the initiative to feel better about yourself. Every time I go to the gym I feel like a million bucks.

  25. Also fat and my dad fat shames me constantly and tells me I'm unattractive (def not true) and I'll never attract a guy looking then way I do. Like bro, stop protecting your insecurities onto me, I am fine with how I present myself and don't need to get dolled up to feel beautiful and feel good about myself. I am not ugly, just over weight and I'd much rather be noticed for a natural beauty and confidence than a good contour and an "acceptable" body. It's so grossssss

  26. yee but the problem about beeing overweight is not about self acceptance but it's more about beeing unhealthy. for you and society. it is wrong to accept heart disease, diabetes and steady, sitting, inactive lifestyle

  27. Stay strong you can do it!! If you find yourself plateau (or your weight loss has slowed) try switching up your workouts. Our bodies get adjusted to the work we put it through, and burn fewer calories. Also it keeps it interesting👍.

  28. Good for you! consistency is the key and showing up is always half the battle. I have lost 102lbs over the past 5 years and kept it off. It’s a journey not a race.

  29. This is awesome! Please try to remember it’s not going to be easy. Our brains hate change and are clever little bastards when it comes to trying to trick us into giving up. Discipline leads to consistency and consistency produces results. Enjoy the journey.

  30. Good on you for starting mate! Remember, in the beginning, consistency is waaay more important than intensity, try and build a habit out of working out by going consistently without completely killing yourself each workout and just slowly ramp up the intensity once you're consistent with it. Been going to the gym for 10 years, feel free to reach out in case you have any questions or just need some motivation!

  31. Going to the gym is great for your health, but burning off calories is hard. The easiest way to lose weight is portion control/reducing caloric intake.

  32. Hey! I recently started going to the gym myself too! You got this op, consistancy is the key, if 35 minutes a day is what you can do, then just do that for a month, don't try to do too much too fast, not only could you get hurt, you will get burnt out and quit. I'm so proud of you for taking that first and most important step though op, good job and keep it up!!!

  33. Nice bro, just research how weight loss works. You don't have to give up Pringles and hate your life to lose weight. In fact, if you hate it, you won't stick with it.

  34. You are inspiring me to get back on my weight loss regime. I'm so sorry you were shamed... My 2 best friends will eventually die of their eating disorders. One is anorexic & in the hospital regularly. The other is morbidly obese with many, many surgeries, including cancer caused by it. They are both in the state they are in from the shaming. People who do this are awful & I don't give a damn that they are "just teenagers"--they know better.

  35. I’m sorry for how it happened. Remember, there brain hasn’t fully developed ;) good for you bouncing back and taking initiative to work on yourself, not many can. Props!

  36. Way to be. There are things you can control, and things you can't control. First step to a better life in every way is to embrace that reality.

  37. I’m so sorry they said that to you and that you cried that makes my stomach hurt. But the fact that you were being so honest to yourself and not feel sorry plus that you turned it in something that makes you stronger is just amazing. Keep on going. I’m proud of you.

  38. Look up "stronglifts 5x5" it's a really easy to follow gym program. If you want to try weightlifting, just download the app and follow it. It has guides for your form too

  39. I'm fucking proud of you. I'm sorry that it took emotional pain to motivate you to change, but pain is often the necessary stimuli for change.

  40. Hey those little piss pot teenagers just inspired you to improve your life and become healthier. When you wake up feeling great in a month or whatever you'll be thanking them in your head

  41. You got this!! Also, those teenagers suck and should be embarrassed about their lame behaviour. One day they'll look back and cringe.

  42. Congratulations on showing up for you. Life will never be about those kids or any other douche trying to put you down. It's about the 35 minutes you spent not allowing anyone's opinion of you dictate the type of day you will have. Any action towards that will always make you a winner. Remember that. Good stuff!

  43. Fuck ya, OP. Besides sticking it to the haters, the brain chemicals you’ll get from regular activity will feel gooooooood

  44. Im so sorry they made you feel that way. I hope that the exercise makes you feel good, and hopefully it’s not this external negative feedback that will keep at it. It takes a lot of work to change your life (Even in ways tangential to health and fitness)

  45. Look in the mirror and thank yourself every day for not leaning in to hating others for it and doing something about it. Being briefly uncomfortable in order to get healthy is a FAR better life than being miserable for being unhealthy.

  46. Let me tell you this, I am 172 cm, and I only weigh about 52 kg, I am skinny, since I was a teenager, even people who don't know me they would ask why I am that skinny, don't you eat much? My uncle for example used to tell me this a lot, you have to eat more, even if you are not hungry, you have to force yourself.

  47. That’s hit me hard yo. Today I got up and did a bunch of my emails that have been piling up for months, it’s taken a lot of stress off. You’re right- Doing something about your problem is far better than feeling sorry about yourself 🙌

  48. I love this!! Keep on fuelling yourself off the negative comments instead of letting them get to you! Thanks for sharing this

  49. It takes baby steps and you're on the right path. It starts out with a 35 min walk, and a few months from now you'll be lifting weights and jogging.

  50. Being able to turn negative energy into something positive is an amazing trait and something everyone should work on

  51. There you go. Was 215 at my heaviest and also 5’6”. I did not feel good about myself until I started improving. Dropped down to 187 at my lowest but now I’m back to around 195. 20 pounds was a great achievement and it makes you look like a completely different person. Wait til more and find out. I’m gonna set my goal around 170 so I’m still bulky and don’t loose too much strength at the gym.

  52. That's messed up what they said but great job on getting to the gym. If you just do little tweaks every day to your diet, lifestyle, and fitness, you'll get to your weight goal in no time. Keep at it

  53. OMG so freaking inspirational! I love what you said to them and what would take me FOREVER to do, you just banged out right away. At the very least I should get my eyebrows done tomorrow. You didn't just start long term stuff like the gym, you also went for that immediate POW of hair and eyebrows. I don't know where you learned all this but you have to teach others. I am so freaking serious. Took me way too long to get my act together and it would have saved me so much misery if I was like you.

  54. This is so fantastic. I'm a bodybuilder and a strength coach and seeing someone take the harder path of enacting meaningful, healthy change rather than holding onto that bitterness and I'll thinking. Keep it up!

  55. Good for you, one of cousin sister also found motivation from a incident like this and lost and got healthy, she never touches junk food now and has gotten rid of obesity.

  56. This is a very inspiring example of turning shame, a natural and valid emotion, into drive for improvement. Wishing you the best with your goals OP!

  57. Dieting and exercising from a place of shame rarely works and is rarely healthy or helpful. You gotta do it from a place of self love. The desire to FEEL good. Start with small steps and go easy on yourself. Walking on the treadmill is a great start, anything to get your body moving like playing some fun sports is good too. Remember to care about yourself and your own wellbeing, not about what the kids say at the supermarket.

  58. Walking is all I do. It’s light and enjoyable for me. Yoga occasionally. After awhile, I’m sure you’ll probably want to mix it up. I also only really drink water. Sparkling usually and nothing with excessive sugar. Proud of you for going on a new journey! I know you inspired at least one person in here today being brave enough to share and actually do something beneficial for yourself. Keep going! :)

  59. Thank you for actually doing something instead of just saying something on Reddit. It’s inspiring! I’ve been wearing flip flops and slip ons all summer. Today I bent over to untie my boots and I didn’t have tightness in my chest and my belly was in the way still, but not “uncomfortable”. I realized that the working out has been paying off for me and I got really happy about it. Life is so much better doing something healthy instead of making excuses. Keep rocking and rolling!

  60. If you stop eating the snacks, you’ll lose so much weight! Use the money you spend on snacks to buy 2-3 good healthy meals and you’ll be impressed with the results. Do some research, get excited to be healthy. Being healthy is fun! You can do so much more stuff when you don’t have all that extra weight in the way. I’m really proud of you for starting on this path! Keep us posted, we’ll keep you on track!

  61. Thank you so much! Yes, I know in my heart if I just cut out all the snacking I do.....i will get results. As far as meals go, I already eat alot of chicken breasts and veggies mostly because I actually like them. So now I need to work on portion control, NOT SNACKING, and exercising at least 30 minutes a day. I feel that, for now, those are goals that I can actually attain and not get too discouraged in the meantime. I will say, last night was the first night that I did not let myself snack and it was HARD!! I wanted to eat so bad. I wasn't even hungry.....but I just wanted to eat. It was quite the struggle but I did not give in and when I woke up this morning and thought about it I was so proud of myself.

  62. What a fantastic response you had. You let yourself feel your feelings, then picked yourself up and did what you could. Good for you! Be proud as hell of yourself!

  63. That’s a powerful thing to do - sift through insults to find the truth. Of course, making insulting comments about any attribute of another person is insensitive and wrong, and while it’s not insulting to notice these things, they have to be communicated properly to be considered helpful dialogue. Unfortunately, there’s a difference between how people should act and how some people do, so it’s a helpful and admirable skill to “de-crude-ify” what those people may say. Props to you OP for separating truth from disrespect and allowing it to make a positive change within you. Also, best of luck on your new endeavor! (also going to the gym to just walk is highly underrated. Probably about 1/3 of the time i go to the gym I just walk at an incline for a while and do some stretching. Always leave feeling so good)

  64. You can do this. Keep it up! Also make exercising enjoyable by having a gym buddy or even listen to music! You may also try changing your environment by exercising indoors and outdoors alternatively. You can also look for beginner workout routines on Google! Wishing you all the best on your journey. So proud of you!

  65. You should 100% be proud of yourself. It takes a lot to turn that negative feeling into something positive. As an emotional eater who could stand to take that approach more, I seriously commend this. Keep at it and thanks for the motivation!

  66. Bravo! Shifting your mindset and cycle like that is so incredibly difficult. This should be a serious moment of pride. No shame at all I’m being upset. It’s just wonderful to hear you made the decision to change something you want to change. All the best.

  67. You should read Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins. He likes to master the mind and uses obstacles as fuel for self improvement.

  68. I started off walking, then ran half a mile, then ran a mile. Now I love running and I’m down 65 pounds. Just stick with it. Show up. And trust me, on days you don’t feel like going, is when I feel the best afterwards!

  69. Best of luck on your journey to self improvement. Don't feel bad you didn't run a marathon on your first day. We all gotta start somewhere. What matters is you decided to make a change and you went for it. YOU GOT THIS!

  70. If that is what it took... well then thank them. I fat shamed Myself a year ago, and lost 75 pounds... I fat shamed Myself today, passing a sexy dude: I plan on losing 35 more pounds.

  71. 5'6 and i fluctuate between 175 and 185 lbs. Mostly muscle weight. The best feeling is eating bad but knowing I can and am capable of DOING something about it. I can eat like shit for a week, hit the gym 2 weeks straight and it's gone. My point is once your in that mind set, feeling sorry is replaced with natural confidence. Keep going man.

  72. This is a badass response. Keep working at it, but don't let your weight define you. Don't let what they said make you think any less of yourself. Big guys are the cuddliest and squishiest hoomans. What you look like on the outside doesn't define who you are on the inside. Based on your response you probably know this, but I know so many big guys are so harsh on themselves, and it makes me so sad :(

  73. Hey OP I just wanna say that while working out is good for you, diet is the most important (and hardest) thing to change. It may seem impossible at times but your body WILL get used to it, and you CAN do it. I believe in you. Drink lots of water too!

  74. Sorry those people were mean. But that’s awesome that you are using it to motivate you. One of the biggest keys early on is be consistent! Go for as little time you need but no matter what just go!

  75. I’m so sorry to hear that… remember that you’re not fat, you just HAVE fat. You can shed it off with just a little dedication. I did so a few years ago and it has changed my life for the better. Love the motivation from you

  76. In the beginning you’ll feel hopeless, it’s normal to go through a couple of weeks and not feeling real “body difference”, but keep pushing through. After a month or so, not only you’ll feel and see the difference, but also your hormonal disposition will change.

  77. Now this your chance to get absolutely jacked so that 20 years in the future, you can find them in the same aisle again and beat them up.

  78. Awesome! Way to turn a negative experience into productive self improvement! I recently started getting back on the workout/healthy lifestyle wagon, and I have a couple of recommendations if you are interested.

  79. Nice Bro, the small things you do add up, and that’s a good way of using negative emotions for growth. Good luck with whatever you’re doing. 👍

  80. Always important to dismiss the haters. You’re awesome and proud of you for making that step to self improvement! One day at a time 🙌🏼

  81. Don't let the habit die off. Keep up the work! If you fall off the wagon always remember, walking is free, just pick yourself up and keep it moving!

  82. I'm really sorry for what happened to you.....the world is so full of assholes because they know they can get away with it....anyway , positive vibes to you😄😄

  83. Be proud that you are doing something about it. Most people can't even do what you just did. You got this man, keep it up and it'll get easier everyday. I plan to also start my fitness dream that Ivr always told myself I'd do.

  84. Great job brother. Use the way they made you feel as fuel to improve. And keep in mind, you don't know those people, you shouldn't bother what they think about you as long as you keep improving.

  85. I’m on this journey myself, of being fit, stop smoking, and live a healthier life. Your post inspires me. Here’s what i learned: even tho it feels inconsequential- even 30 min of workout a day, adds up to a lot in the long term. I try to remind myself this, on days I’m too tired or too sad. All the best to you on this journey; the first step is half the journey ❤️

  86. I just rejoined Reddit… but still new. And this is the first post I came across. You’re awesome. And I have faith in you.

  87. Hell yes dude! I went from being fat my whole life to being one of the most jacked dudes at my gym in a little over 4 years. It takes time and I still have things I’m still working towards. Once you start seeing progress it’s hard to not get hooked.

  88. Sometimes making the decision to make self improvements, at lest for me, is the hardest part. I was also at 225 about a year ago and someone made a comment at work about it and pissed me off as well. I’m down to 185 now. I feel a lot better and I’ve had people complimenting me lately and it felt nice. You got this. Keep your chin up and be kind to yourself. If you fall off the horse don’t beat yourself up. Just take it one day at a time.

  89. Starting something like this is the most important part. I'm happy that u did. It's easy to fall back on old habits and quit. So I'd suggest find a movement/exercise routine that u enjoy and hold on to the feeling those kids made u feel for a while. These will help u stay consistent. And remember it's not a race but a marathon. Keep at it. Proud of you.

  90. This.... Melted my heart and I teared up, okay I literally cried a couple of tears... I want to give you the biggest hug and tell you to stay the course. This is a monumental step in loving yourself in a new way!

  91. Proud of you for taking action, fat shaming is important and its a dangerous world we live in now where we avoid doing it and encourage unhealthy bodies through calling fat people “curvy” etc or “plus size” instead of obese.

  92. You’ve shown true wisdom in choosing to learn from their hurtful criticism. Keep the way you felt after being made fun of in your mind and let it motivate you to become the person you always wished to be. Allow the pain of critique to drive you towards success and be sure to recognize your efforts when they eventually come to fruition.

  93. I thought kids were all about positive body image and being thic these days...but good on you for the way you handled it.

  94. If it’s any consolation I was on the other side of this equation in a similar (somewhat less terrible) scenario and even though I initially giggled and ran away after the interaction I still deeply regret it more than 15 years later. Remembering it makes me cringe on the regular. If I could go back and apologize I 10000% would.

  95. that’s awesome to hear you are on a path of self improvement. No more victim mindset, the change begins with you, no one can help you more then you can help yourself. As hard as it can be to hear sometimes for the most part being fat is a choice. I’m excited to hear about your progress with another post in the future!

  96. Good job. I would also start tracking my calories and eating in a caloric deficit. Download my fitness pal, they’ll have you answer a questioner about what weight you are trying to reach then they’ll tell you exactly how many calories to eat. Best of luck.

  97. I applaud this. With that strong mindset, you will become a machine. Yes, that kid was wrong to publicly shame you. But it’s little moments such as those which will change you. Kick some ass!

  98. I have been there. I feel you so much. I love the fact that you have turned this feeling towards something positive and being proactive. Just pls be consistent.

  99. Aww virtual hugs! That’s my worst nightmare, to get shamed/ridiculed for enjoying treats just because I’m not a certain weight/within a certain range. I’m really glad you used that as fuel for your workouts, and adding on to other comments: doing workouts, no matter how small, helps to take you to your goal! Small wins accumulate, and compound over time! To anyone reading this: this is your sign to keep it up and keep moving, I believe in you! Keep pushing: take stairs instead of lift, walk a lil between work/studying. Remember you burn calories through moving in general too!

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