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  1. Have you heard of the finger lads? They serve the Two Fingers, offering guidance, and aid, to the Tarnished. But you, I am afraid, are ladless... I, Melino, can play the role of lad. To aid you in your search for the Elden Ring.

  2. But if you had a bachelor, he wouldn't be a bachelor anymore... So we are all doomed to be bachelorless, no?

  3. /us for a sec melina should've had a way more active role like popping up way more often than just here and there fighting more with her than just morgott and having a real questline with her like with ranni /rs gay sex😈😈😈

  4. Yeah, Melina was a huge letdown. I was really hoping to get a great character you as a player could grow a connection with. Instead, she just lore dumped and was super vague about herself. When she sacrificed herself, I felt nothing. She just existed and never became a character worth caring about.

  5. tbh i would have been more likely to go the three fingers route if i actually felt attached to melina. When he said “yo she has to set herself on fire” i was like okay cool idc

  6. I was kinda disappointed when I got past the midway point of the game and Melina just stopped showing up to talk to me at bonfires. Then she dies and we're expected to feel sad. Like nah bitch you ghosted me half the game.

  7. Honestly I bet the DLC will have a shower of lore, there is just so much unelaborated upon content. Some of it intentionally - cuz Fromsoft, but I think the game probably had a lot more development hell behind the scenes than other titles. Im still dreaming of St.Trina and the Gloam Eyed Queen being elaborated on...

  8. I was surprised by the fact that you could talk to her at almost every church so on my second playthrough I did that and was then double disappointed because she just goes like "once upon a time Marika said this" but she never talks about herself or the area or her thoughts on the fact that I'm on my way to kill every thing on continent including God.

  9. That reminds me of the time from made two separate versions of a character so you could have a straight “marriage”. Call me a bigot but I believe that unholy ritual sacrifices to bring forth the end of the current age should only be between man and woman.

  10. When you don’t want to be kindling for the flame to burn the Erdtree, so you hide in a coffin by some hippos

  11. The level-up entity was always a lady or a respawn point... I wish we had at least one male fire keeper or a finger lad.

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