NSF harassed his teachers, stalked his Navy superiors and told nurse she had 'airport runway' chest

  1. I know of ppl like that during my NS. Instead of being guailan like this, they just choose to ignore everything and really just not do shit, if push comes to shove then they'll just bully the other storemen to do it. Too bad they're best friends with the PS so nothing happened to them.

  2. The title of the post really underplayed the things he had done, either read the bot or the website, it just got worse after every line.

  3. one of the fundamental problems with db is that it pauses the nsf service length. so some severe problem cases end up taking 4-7 years to finish ns because they just cant stay out of jail when you actually want these problematic individuals out of the system asap.

  4. hmm not sure about jail, but from what i heard of DB...DB seems to have more "torture" lei, wear common boots walk round the basketball court while being sprayed with a fire hose

  5. This guy is seriously a nuisance to society. Should have a longer jail term but it seems like he'll still go back to his old ways regardless of the charges and punishment. Are there any articles showing his face? Will like to avoid him if I ever happen to come across this creep anywhere. Not just having a dirty mind, it seems like he'll just go crazy and harass whoever that he's displeased with.

  6. Sometime teachers leave an indelible mark on your life. I would still like show my middle finger to some today.

  7. What the flying fuck is this? The dude gets worse with every new sentence that appears.

  8. But there are people who are also simply just assholes with no mental health issues. If it was the case, I'm sure the courts would had asked for an IMH assessment.

  9. a mild version of jeffrey dahmer. but it all starts with pockets of small notorious acts against the system. curious about his family situation and childhood.

  10. A sector leader in social services used to say that if a client really drives the worker mad, there's a good chance client is mad.

  11. Yes it's mental and it's called being a sociopath. No need to be lenient, he obviously has zero empathy and only serious punitive punishment might deter him. But he's likely to be a repeat offender

  12. This guy needs some professional counselling man, db may be a punitive measure but his behaviour needs a psychologist to correct.

  13. Agreed. He needs to be sent to the Command Psychologist to treat his underlying issues. Otherwise he will only get worse from here.

  14. This guy is seriously fucked in the head. And he even wants to appeal. That just shows he still sees nothing wrong with what he's done.

  15. include his Chinese name also la. SG got how many Alvin seah. why do some list the full name including the middle name, and some just alvin seah.

  16. He's clearly unwell and should probably be institutionalised. Sitting in Changi won't do anyone any good.

  17. why does he sound like he's got mental problem? this type can join Republic Navy? wtf, pls give him walking plank punishment, dont waste taxpayer money

  18. How is such a guy allowed to be walking free for so much time? I read and before this he only did 6 months jail?

  19. If sent to IMH he'll be 'good' to check out later with a clean bill of health.Still send him to ops-heavy NS for cleanups under close quarters . Bro, not op with the elite troops for sure. This sounds like a 'keng' case.

  20. No way man. This nutcase is a serious candidate for smuggling firearms out of camp, or pointing a loaded weapon at peers.

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