Dyson’s headphones-cum-personal air purifier to hit stores in China from January, S’pore in March

  1. Comfirm there's some boomer higher ups at Staits Times that's too stubborn to unbuckle from that word. The new young hires no choice but to suck thumb and use that headline even though it's cringe.

  2. “Cum” is used to describe thing’s contradictory or surprising characteristics. For this, “cum” is used because this item is a headphone and surprisingly a personal air purifier too.

  3. I struggle to see how it can deliver the ~1.5 litres of air per breath in the 1-1.5 second it takes for a person to breathe in. It's just blowing some slightly filtered air to the user when they still suck in most of their breath from the surroundings.

  4. Functional? Maybe...although from what I know it blows clean air in the general direction of your nose rather than work like a proper mask.

  5. Cum in where? I'm not kinkshaming, but I'd say that not many people is into that. It seems a rather small and sticky market

  6. can't wait to wear one of these and roleplay that i'm living in the world of (insert appropriate sci-fi dystopia/utopia)!

  7. It’ll sell in China, lots of people are still afraid of covid and the Govt has gone from covid 0 to implement fully reopening in a short time.

  8. Not sure what's with their fixation with cum. I also often see neighbourhood event banners put up by the People's Association putting cum in them as well

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