Musk promoting the idea that Fauci influenced Twitter via his daughter. His daughter was a software engineer there. They make no relevant decisions.

  1. Sophist: A sophist is someone who makes good points about an issue — until you realize those points aren't entirely true, like a political candidate who twists an opponent's words or gives misleading facts during a speech.

  2. Our formal understanding of logical fallacies dates back to a book called Sophistical Refutations, written because Aristotle thought the sophists were such a pain in the ass.

  3. "It's a small world" isn't exactly a bold claim of a particular fact, it's more of a figure of speech/shitpost.

  4. Ah that’s why twitters approach to managing information during the pandemic was so different from every other social media platfo……Oh wait…..

  5. The truly ridiculous part here, is that if anything untoward happened, Musk would have access to all of the evidence of it. Commit logs, emails, meeting minutes / attendance...

  6. Just like the supposed mAsSivE sCanDaL of Biden’s campaign asking that hacked photos be taken down, meanwhile it was revealed not long ago that the entire Fox News Network was working hand in-glove with the Trump admin to coordinate and disseminate a narrative of Trump’s choosing to be promulgated as “news”.

  7. The reason for this is that they think this is how the world works, and are constantly behaving in illegal and unethical ways. They're engaged in conspiracies and they think everyone else must be too.

  8. That’s how you know it’s all shit, when it’s someone they don’t like mere speculation of wrongdoing is enough to find someone guilty, but if it’s someone on your side blatantly criming the burden of proof to prove wrongdoing is impossible to meet

  9. It’s worse… they see the Trump org’s guilty verdicts as evidence of a conspiracy against Trump.

  10. Ah yes, what are the odds that some person inside the government has a relative that works in social media? /s

  11. That's exactly what someone who wants to hide the fact that she was in charge of censoring valid information would put in their bio!

  12. I have zero trust in Musk’s Twitter being able to maintain even the slightest amount of respect for someone’s data - if it proved useful for its’ owner. His behaviour the past month or so had made it amply clear. And don’t underestimate the power of that data.

  13. Musk claimed early on he wouldn't turn Twitter into a free-for-all hellscape of right-wing lies and propaganda, but that's exactly what he's done. I hope all its advertisers pull out and he's footed with a bill he can't hope to ever afford. After all, he had no cash to make this deal, staked some $30B on Tesla's stock, and dumped the rest into Twitter's debt sheet.

  14. I think that’s a good observation. He does some good things; he does some bad things; but ultimately his self interest is front and centre. He’s obviously an opportunist, and egoist and a somewhat conspiracy minded.

  15. None of you have any idea the look of smug satisfaction has been on my face ever since Elon proved every single fucking thing I've ever said about him for years totally correct.

  16. is their a right winger crazy virus going arround? cause a lot of these nuts are extra nutty these days.

  17. They are just cranking the masses for whatever end goals they wanted. Remember Elon’s BTC pumping awhile ago - and then he bailed?

  18. Well yes people do have children and they work at companies like twitter, Facebook, Google - or even newspapers! What horror!

  19. What's "suspicious" here is that Charlie Kirk sees a connection between someone speaking the truth and a made-up position of power.

  20. Since there is no indication of wrong doing from either of Dr. Fauci or his daughter, coincidence or not, this is irrelevant.

  21. It's not a problem. These idiots aren't fooling the swing voters. Let them keep spreading their bullshit while Dems promote decent government policy.

  22. Really? Fauci's daughter working at twitter is part of how the conspiracy "works"? Turns out the conspiracy was *much* shallower than they thought.

  23. Something tells me that Musk and Kirk were probably treated the same by family and peers when they were younger.

  24. I really really hate that a fucking dumbass, pathologically-lying conspiracy theorist Nazi has his own social media platform that reaches billions.

  25. How does he have time for this in his life? I don’t run multi billion $ companies and I don’t have time for this kind of nonsense

  26. Musk is probably the most dangerous conspiracy theorist in the world right now. He’s giving other conspiracy theorists so much more attention than they deserve.

  27. People like them are such fucking cowards. They are the most cowardly chickenshit people on earth because they never say what they mean. They appear to be claiming that Fauci conspired to plant his daughter in twitter to cover up negative info about the vaccines. But they won't say that directly because of how crazy it sounds. It would make them look like Alex Jones conspiracy theorists. so instead they make lots of insinuations and dance around the issue and never explicitly say what they mean to say. They do all this extra work just to create a veneer of plausible deniability so when someone criticizes them they can say "I'm not a crazy, I'm just asking questions" or whatever.

  28. They love making poorly thought out insinuations. Counter this by demanding that they put the details of their conspiracy theories into words. Make them hear themselves sounding foolish.

  29. Wouldn’t it be cool if the business world stopped thinking that a) CEOs are geniuses, and b) their expertise in one arena is instantly transferable to any other?

  30. Already left - though Mastodon is still a hit and miss. But no one will die from not having Twitter anymore - and it is an opportunity to recalibrate one’s relationship with social media.

  31. I don't understand how Musk tweeting "small world" here is seen as him promoting the idea that Fauci's used his daughter to influence twitter.

  32. The context suggests it. Why else did he tweet that in reply to Charlie Kirk? Why did he even acknowledge Charlie Kirk?

  33. What part of "Small world" implies that Musk is "promoting the idea that Fauci influenced Twitter"? I am skeptical of your conjecture.

  34. Why exactly do you think he said that? What does it mean if it doesn't imply Fauci is using his influence on Twitter? Because the context sure makes it look like that's what he's suggesting.

  35. He said “small world.” Which is reasonably interpreted as “that’s interesting.” It’s insane that OP is hanging on his every word trying to read between the lines.

  36. Musk could have stated that they've found no indication that she had any hand in COVID-related decisions (or, if she somehow did, confirmed it and backed it up). Instead, his flippant response suggests he'd like to foster this conspiracy notion while being able to pretend he made no such claim. He didn't need to respond at all, yet he did. He amplified Kirk's unsupported suggestion of nefarious activity.

  37. A. Replying "small world" to that is him saying he agrees. B. Musk replying at all means that way more people see it, and he knows that, that's why he replied.

  38. This sub has a bias against Musk and drops their skeptical thought when there is a chance to bash him. The leap of logic to conclude Musk believes this crackpot theory (based on the screenshot) is meritless.

  39. Has nobody here seen the leaks? They didn't need his daughter there, they just had to message Twitter and they'd ban whatever conservative they wanted.

  40. They're supporting one thing. Your supposing the opposite. There's nothing to be a skeptic about. Political people sometimes get their friends/family into cushy do-nothing jobs. Was this the case? Who knows. Is she still employed there? Presumably of she met Elon's criteria, she could be. That'd at least be someone to point towards debunking Charlie.

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