Broke both bones in my lower leg along with my thumb after a ski collision. Good vibes and any advice or words of encouragement from people who've been through similar would be much appreciated.

  1. Looks like you got an intramedulary nail based on the little bandages on your knee and the reason i know that is because i broke my leg march skiing and now i have a rod in my leg.

  2. If you live in an area with ice buy yourself a pair of crutch spikes. Walking on our even near ice is terrifying without them. I'd also consider lower arm crutches instead of armpit ones if you're getting in and out of cars a lot.

  3. Ski collision, left ski didn't release, twisted till it snapped, both bones. Thumb is luckily just an average case of skier's thumb. No big deal. Thank god I was wearing a helmet or it could have gone a lot worse.

  4. That looks brutal! You’ll probably heal faster than an ACL though (experience talking here). Godspeed on a swift recovery!

  5. I always said I’d rather break both my legs than tear my ACL again because of the lifelong effects, but I’m not so sure anymore 😬

  6. Don’t ignore that skiers thumb. I got a nasty case of skiers thumb and just waited the pain out. Well, it turns out I did some serious tendon damage and by waiting too long missed the opportunity to do surgery to repair it. My thumb is permanently weak and my hand gets tired if I grip anything for a few minutes.

  7. Oh jeez! Sorry to see this. Not sure if they’re going to operate but that would cut down on healing time, though it’s gonna be a while before you’re back on snow unfortunately… bright side is your season isn’t lost, just interrupted. Heal fast, feel better, do your PT and training, and you’ll be back to normal quickly!

  8. Broke my tibia and fibula water skiing a few months ago. You’ll be back, will just take a few months of patience. Hopefully you have some friends and or family around to help out while you recover. Best of luck!

  9. Pretty good. They were super reassuring, kept me up to date with what was happening, and let me know I wasn't the first person to break my leg that day. All around nice guys.

  10. So sorry to hear. I was hit from behind right in back of my knee with a snowboard. Tore my ACL. Ugh missed 2 seasons. Bones are easy. You may even recover in time to ski again this season. Get well.

  11. I broke my back in seven places (T 5-9 transverse processes, high rib and scapula) last winter after I ejected into a tree. Rest and rehab for a few months and I'm already back skiing. Hopefully you have a speedy recovery and are back out there soon. Rest up my dude.

  12. I broke my back skiing 18 months ago, and broke my tibia (boot top fracture) 8 months ago. 4 surgeries in less than two years.

  13. Not sure. I think we hit each other. He was in my blind spot on a seperate run and crossed over. To be honest I don't even know if we colided or if i just went over his skis and lost balance.

  14. Tell your friends you’d like extra company when they aren’t skiing! Having friends around makes the recovery period more enjoyable and it’ll go faster that way!

  15. Sadly, they're all off about to start working as ski instructors and I got shipped back to my home country as soon as I could stand. Luckily I've got some good friends to keep me company here as well.

  16. I'm at Alta/Snowbird. I'll raise a glass of High West to you brother. Hope your rehab works well. Work had at it. It's the only way back. You'll be back out next year. ✌️

  17. Have blown knees and broken my neck skiing over the years. The toughest part for me was the mental recovery after being dependent on people for help with the little things in life.

  18. Ski in control! Last year a guy crashed into my brother at whistler and he badly broke his lower leg then unfortunately during his third surgery he died of an embolism.

  19. You are still alive. Your brain is functioning wonderfully. You love skiing. And best of all, you get to live the rules of daredevil motorcyclist Captain Lance Murdock from The Simpsons. " Bones heal. Chick dig scars, and the United States has the best doctor to Daredevil ratio in the world!"

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