Which one will be released first?

  1. I vote TES 6 not because it's anywhere close to be finished, but because I doubt Skyblivion will be released at all. We'll probably get some alpha version(s), but a full release with all the quests playable (and without breaking bugs) it's unlikely.

  2. I'd probably just use Fus-Roh-D'oh and keep it written dialog, are they really voicing everything?

  3. If Starfield turns out to be a complete disappointment and a financial failure, I wonder how that would affect TES VI production cycle

  4. Its not going to be a financial failure even if the game is disappointing, look at Cyberpunk, it still made an insane amout of money, plus Bethesda is owned by Microsoft now so I don't think they will be strapped for cash lol.

  5. i think that the TES VI release date will definitely be affected by how good starfield is. todd howard said in the most recent interview that fallout 4 was pushed because of how well skyrim was doing.

  6. The team has been as transparent as they can regarding development. It's not a developer team with millions in funding to get it done. Curb your expectations

  7. Dude, you literally said that you don't care about the project that this subreddit was created to follow.

  8. Out of these three, I've gotten the impression that Skyblivion is the one being worked on most actively, as well as the one with the most progress.

  9. Yes, they certainly have been paid in some fashion via donations. They certainty aren't paid near the level they should be for work like this, but thats how volunteer projects like these go.

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