Never joining stormcloaks again. I feel horrible. Sorry r/whiterunguards

  1. Same here. Balgruuf is a god damned father figure & Whiterun feels like home. Whenever I pick Stormcloaks, I feel like a traitor.

  2. 🤯I've never gotten through the Civil War quest-line as a Stormcloak (the civil war generally bores me), i always assumed Balgruuf's allegiance was dependent upon the players decision because he & Whiterun are so central to the dragonborn. Glad I didn't find that one out in-game, i may have shed an IRL tear.

  3. I accidentally started the mission then fast-traveled so it counted me as a deserter but the battle happened and I came back to Whiterun in ruin and Balgruuf missing. What did they do to you Balgruuf ;-;

  4. I built a Nord character specifically to try siding with the Stormcloaks, and then I found out you take Whiterun from Balgruuf and decided not to do the civil war on that character. My loyalty stands with Whiterun, more than the Imperials or the Stormcloaks.

  5. I am right in the middle of this exact same scenario right now. And I can’t bring myself to advance the civil war quest line because Balgruuf is my boy

  6. With as powerful as the DB can become (I mean, come on…head of the Thieves Gulid, College of Winterhold, Dark Brotherhood, etc. etc. ) why can’t you say FU to both sides and take over Skyrim yourself? I wouldn’t even care if it was implemented diplomatically or through force! You would think that giving a third option for the civil war would make the whole scenario that much more interesting. You’d get to choose which Jarls stay or get replaced, which cities get sacked or can be negotiated with…I’ve wanted a mode like that ever since my first playthrough and I made the mistake of joining the Stormcloaks.

  7. Because that is too complicated for Bethesda and usually they write it so that the player characters don't mess the story too much or become famous lineages.

  8. This has suddenly made me wonder what would happen if you went into this questline, and just killed everyone instead of just the opposing side

  9. These are the same people who forced the player to become a Werewolf in the Companions questline - A faction ran by a guy who tells you he regretted becoming a Werewolf yet has nothing to say about you being forced to become one yourself. The fact that the Civil war, the one faction in Skyrim that lets the player join one side of an inter-faction conflict (Destroying the Dark brotherhood is one quest with all the nuance of a Radiant quest so I don't really count it) plays exactly the same for both sides except for the uniform of the generic soldiers you kill should indicate that they're not huge fans of allowing player freedom. Or, rather, that they would rather leave it up to modders to make a better game for free.

  10. Think of it this way: you're not playing yourself, you're roleplaying a character who would join the stormcloaks and would kill guards because it's necessary

  11. I wish balgruuf could be persuaded to join the stormcloaks side. Esp since he was built as this neutral party

  12. Ulfric is the one that needs persuading. Balgruf was very reasonable in his stance. He wouldn't have sided with anyone if Ulfric didn't seige whiterun. Attacking a neutral hold unprovoked is of course going to drive them to join his enemies.

  13. In the stormcloak side they treat you as a human and acknowledge all the shit you contributed they also didn't sell out to an unrelated party and don't imprison me for existing and try to cut my head off and say "doesn't matter kill em"

  14. I don’t like the empire, I just dislike stormcloaks more. Sided with them once to see what happens, probably never again. I either ignore civil war now or side with the empire.

  15. I used to remain neutral until I heard about exactly what happened when Ulfric killed the high king. Dude was literally walking up to Ulfric to tell him that he was going to rebel against the empire and join him (Ulfric), and Ulfric killed him before he could get a word out. Killed his friend and King seconds before getting exactly what he wanted. Then the asshole has the gaul to drag the entire country until a civil war. Fuck him and fuck the stormcloaks.

  16. Ulfric is a Jarl who helped appoint Torygg, all he had to do was talk to him. He did not defeat Torygg in honorable single combat, he used the Thu'um, which was worse than using magic. Fuck Ulfric Stormcloak forever.

  17. If I could just rebuild whiterun after, or convince balgruff to side with the stormcloaks, I might occasionally pick the syormcloaks once or twice.

  18. It's funny because after seeing for the first time how the imperials treat me even after gonna cut my head off for nothing they were always dicks

  19. I feel bad for either side because people are killing each other or becoming even more divided when both tullius and ulfric should grow a pair, my neutered cats have bigger balls

  20. I don’t care what anyone says about the empire, Ulfric murdered innocent people during and after the battle of Markarth. They literally killed children because “they didn’t help fight the forsworn”. Ulfric is a monster and he deserves to go to the soul cairn

  21. Skyrim is for nords!! Sometimes I like to get drunk and walk around the Grey quarter and let them gray skins know what I think of em!! They pollute are cities with their stink and they refuse to help the StormClewks!!

  22. Yeah i dont know , I always side with the imperials even tho im doing a nord dragonborn roleplay . Ulfrics politics is so primitive, he is not going to beat the thalmor with his army alone, and even if he did, he wont be able to sustain his power. I understand Baalgruf for being disappointed that the last dragonborn fell for ulfrics rhetoric

  23. When balgruuf just looks at you and says he thought you were better than that, it hurt personally. I can't side stormcloak again. The "I'm not mad, just disappointed" vibes were too real.

  24. Same. I think there are arguments to be made on either side of the war, but ultimately I can't support Ulfric's unprovoked attack on neutral Whiterun.

  25. No matter how you feel about the wgc itself, always remember that the empire never bothered to enforce the ban on Talos worship until Ulfric brought it to the dominions attention when he decided to throw a huge tantrum over it.

  26. This is the only reason that I don’t go with the Stormcloaks. Sometimes it’s run to role play as a rebellious person, but I can’t bring myself to hurt the Jarl

  27. I always side with the Stormcloaks if I'm playing a nord, specifically because of the imperials/altmer outlawing the worship of Talos. If I were a nord living in skyrim, a world where the magic and blessings of the gods can actually be seen and felt, I would feel unbridled rage if someone made communing with my God illegal. Its beyond unacceptable to me, no matter the justification for it or if you think the imperials actually turn a blind eye to it. Some things in life are worth dying for, and this would be one of them.

  28. Me to Nazeem: You have that luxury. The luxury of the blind. The luxury of not knowing what I know: That Guard’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and uncomprehensible to you, saves lives. You can’t handle it. Because deep down, in places you don’t talk about, you want me on that wall. You need me there…

  29. Ever since i started my Survival playthough Whiterun has saved my ass more times than i can count, not no mention the carriage guy has more money than all the city's combined from me alone. I've always sided with the Stormcloaks, purely because they didn't try and take my head off on sight.

  30. If you guys play with mods there is one called “the Balgruuf dilemma” that makes it so you can get Balgruuf to side with the stormcloaks

  31. I actually paid attention to dialogue and context in my most recent playthrough and realized Balgruuf is kind of a huge wad. So I didn't feel bad joining the Stormcloaks.

  32. That’s what war is. Stupid conflict that forces you to choose a size despite the consequences. My Nord is a Stormcloak but hated having to fight Whiterun. However, she can’t stand the Dominion and can’t follow a weak leader (Elisif) either.

  33. I played Skyrim so many times ... In the current run I decided to play for stormcloacks for the first time and I hate it

  34. Nah they were imperials. No sympathy for the Empire, just look at how beautiful the replacements are. Fine Stormcloaks.

  35. I sided with the stormcloaks on my first playthough but after taking the time to speak with Ulfric and the npcs, it became clear to me that Skyrim needed the empire for stability. The concordat is temporary and a war with the thalmor is inevitable. The empire is better suited to defend skyrim than Ulfric in my eyes. Ulfric also seems like a bratty three year old who got told he couldn’t eat ice cream for dinner.

  36. For me the progression of lore depth goes as follows: step 1) if You played previous games, Empire = good, if You haven't - Stormcloaks = good because underdogs, freedom fighters etc and Empire wanted to kill You. Step 2) oh actually the Empire didnt like the concordat, they recognise Thalmor as true enemy and Thalmor were using Ulfric and didnt want him to be executed and benefit from the rebellion, and united Skyrim and Cyrodiil stand better chance. Step 3) actually a Stormcloak victory is bad for Thalmor and Imperial army lost badly, most of the good soldiers were Nords anyway and the Redguards defeated Thalmor in Hammerfell.

  37. The stormcloaks are a bunch of racist idiots almost as bad as the Thalmor. They could have just as easily targeted just the Thalmor when ever they are found away from Imperial Troops. All of my Skyrim characters followed the simple idea 'The ONLY good Thalmor is a DEAD Thalmor'.

  38. Empire is racist all the same. And there is a difference between wanting to live free in one's land and literally wanting to undo creation and proclaiming one's race divinely superior to others.

  39. People don't realize that the storm cloaks would doom Skyrim immediately upon taking out the Empire. The Thalmor would just swoop in a crush them, the Imperials themselves show their dislike for them and you still hear respect for Talos, I definitely feel that the Thalmor are in for a reckoning one day but not if the Stormcloaks win

  40. what makes you think that the stomrcloaks and by extension the dragonborn, who soundly destroyed the imperial legions would be destroyed by the thalmor?

  41. Thalmor would swoop Skyrim like they swooped Hammerfell? Also I wonder whe it's easier to defeat someone, when Your agents, soldiers and wizards are already inside plotting or not? Plus ,,Stormcloak victory is to be avoided" - literally the Thalmor.

  42. Ulfric Stormcloak is a crybaby whiner who’s just as bad as Darrell Brooks when it come to debating and arguing and I always join the imperials in spite of him.

  43. Well, Imperial and Thalmor forces are just as racist. And I think Skyrim would stand pretty well. Hammerfell did and most of the fighting in Cyrodiil was done by Nords, they were just forbidden to keep fighting. I agree on Ulfric being an absolute dumbass though.

  44. The worst part about it. It's a real shame too cause I'd also never join those fucks the imperials because they were just willing to kill me even though I wasn't on the list for executions that day. Really can't win in picking the sides in that quest

  45. No one cares about useless internet points man if this got a discussion going that people were interested in like me that’s all that matters

  46. It's funny because politically I agree with the stormcloaks but sacking whiterun makes me always go imperial instead.

  47. Nah, you can finish the main quest without it. It’s kind of like any of the guild quest lines—Companions, College of Winterhold, etc.—optional storylines separate from the main quest.

  48. The only thing you really have to do involving the civil war within the main quest is the moot to get them to have a ceasefire while you go kill Alduin.

  49. I did a play-through where I made my character, Thor Odinson, and I join the stormcloaks. I felt terrible when we had to take whiterun.

  50. When I joined the siege I got overhyped and killed Belethor. . . . After I slayed a few more NPC's and robbed the place dry they had to arrest me in the middle of an active battle ground. Good thing crime is legal for a price in Skyrim.

  51. Once i accidentally entered whiterun with Nocturnals grey hood on. I had to execute all whiterun guards through my tears as there was no other way (I wasn’t about to pay a 10k+ bounty). RIP ✌🏻

  52. It’s all good, after I kill StormCloaks, behead Ulfric, I run back and forth on his dining table, knocking everything to the floor. My Khajiit character has issues.

  53. I usually choose the Imperials because I respect the jarls on that side versus the dopey jarls who support the Stormcloaks. But disappointing Balgruuf just isn’t for me.

  54. Honestly yeah that’s they way I feel about the civil war in general. This might sound lame by I remember the first whiterun guard I had to kill. It was like damn these guys are just defending their home and I’m the invaliding force pillaging this city.

  55. I personally, haven't joined the stormcloaks since my first playthrough. Got swept up in the whole Rebellion idea without realizing quite what I was fighting for. Obviously I knew the Nords were fighting for independence but, after looking into the lore a bit. I decided the Empire was a much better fit

  56. After my 3rd playthrough, I learned you don't have to join either side. Can't stand the Stormcloaks and the Imperials are kind of annoying to me as well. Liked being on neither side.

  57. So if you want to join stormcloaks and avoid killing everyone in Whiterun you can actually show up and then leave. You get a slightly altered quest I believe without full scale battles and no guilt

  58. On one hand I feel horrible taking Whiterun from Balgruuf. On the other, the alternative is giving Riften to Maven. Though I guess she the one in charge either way-

  59. I find the argument that the stormcloask are more racist than the empire fascinating. the empire directly allows the religious genocide of their own citizens and even aids and abbets the thalmor ( in the case of the grey mane quest) the stomrcloask are xenophobic towards non humans sure, but they dint go out of their way to lock them up and kill them like the thalmor do.

  60. I always join the empire, first time I sided with the stormcloaks I didn't like the outcome, it felt maybe lifeless with the stormcloaks and lots of hypocrisy and unfairness to others and with the empire I feel a sense of victory when helping them take skyrim. There definitely something wrong with the stormcloaks. On another note, while the jarls are not saints, it not my business to go into their past or anything, just like a lot of things. I'll respect balgruuf, he a good leader and I'm sure he feels guilt for his own wrong doings base on how he speaks and cares for his people. Not like we know how long ago those wrong doings were ago he probably changed a lot overtime in his leadership like any leader.

  61. Oh, You're all doing it wrong! I just spedran to the city gates avoiding all Imperial soldiers, progressed to Dragonsreach sprinting and again avoiding all guards, and i Dragonsreach immidiately engaged Jarl himself and beat him to submission. Not a single guard nor even Imperial soldier dead, city taken. A perfect, flawless, clean victory. LDB spec ops

  62. The first time I tried going to join the storm cloaks, I saw the interaction they have with the dark elf at the gate; turned right around and got on the carriage to solitude. (Lore wise the empire accepts all races into their ranks even though we don't really see that but there are mods that add that.) I don't like racism whether if it's in a video game or in real life. I feel for you man.

  63. After that mission,I reverted a save and joined the imperials instead. Once,I created a character just so that I could finish the stormcloak questline cause I could never bring myself to do it. When I stood on the windmill bridge,looking at the burning town of solitude,I just felt....empty and really regretful like none of it was actually worth it. I then removed all of my armour and threw myself from the bridge. I then went back to my main character and helped tullius kick ulfric's ass.

  64. It's been a minute, I can't remember. Do you essentially do the same backstabbing shit to whiterun if you side with the imperials?

  65. I play as an argonian, everyone in white run is nice (albeit the two exceptions), meanwhile, everyone in windhelm is a dick. Choice is easy for me.

  66. But what if your character wants to kill any and all who'll stand in the way of Ulfric's reign? Like maybe you feel bad but don't let that stop you from storytelling. Probably the funnest part about Skyrim and why I keep playing.

  67. Ulfric is basically just Trump. And the Empire is, well...THE EMPIRE. To steal another fantasy reference, I'll go fight the Night King while the children play musical sword-chairs.

  68. One of two reasons I don’t play stormcloak, that and I only played as a nord once so it didn’t make sense the other playthroughs.

  69. For me Orc and Redguard make perfect SC playthroughs, even Argonian seeing how all Argonians living in imperial Solitude are criminals while both the richest (Madesi) and most influencial (the Morthal jarl stewart) Argonians thrive in Stormcloak holds.

  70. This is why I can’t join stormcloaks, but also cause Skyrim isn’t for the nords, that’s the mental state I have, they never say Skyrim is for everyone, they are extremely against the lizard men and dark elves, in Ulfric’s area, meaning he does care for us other races

  71. But they never say anything against Redguards, Bretons or Orcs who are also native to Skyrim. On the other hand Dunmer are racist slavers, Imperials were until recently (and recently didn't mind it in Morrowind), and Altmer want the entire universe for themselves and their divine ancestors who MAY have existed.

  72. I can no longer feel comfortable going into whiterun after completeing the questline. It just feels like a stab in the back to do it. I cried during the battle and now i refuse to go back.

  73. Stormcloaks or not playing the civil war at all are the way to go. Communing with an actually felt god becoming illegal is grounds for some death.. just my opinion though.

  74. I feel guilty everytime I do this but I have no choice. To me, it’s about revenge. Imperials tried to kill me even though I was not on the list, probably for their image, to not enrage the townspeople

  75. I don't feel horrible at all, either way. Balgruuf should have indicated which side he was on when asked by his Thane. Instead, he waxes indecisive and gives no answer. The man has a shrine of Talos dead center in his city, what are we supposed to think?

  76. SKYRIM is for Nords!! Balgruuf wants to support the milk drinkers then this is what happens. Their deaths are on him not the DragonBorn.

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