What's a snooker hill you are prepared to die on?

  1. I remember they had the overhead camera for I think one tournament years ago, it was really cool for the replays. Then it went away again, presumably because it cost an extra tenner to set up and as such was a wildly frivolous unnecessary extra.

  2. I was saying this to a friend just the other day! The spider cam used in football (ie 2 wires on x and y axes) equipped with a laser pointer to accurately replace balls. A fixed point camera above the table to continuously capture the position on all balls.

  3. Agreed. I went to the CoC and sat exactly in line with the blue. The TV camera does not do a good job of showing where the balls actually are. Some shots that look like the white is on the baulk cushion are actually a whole hand away from it

  4. I agree but also a projector or similar so the balls location is projected onto the table, no more of this left abit right abit nonsense

  5. Could not agree more. The tech to achieve this is now widely available in sport, considering the money in snooker, it's shameful that it is not implemented.

  6. This is why I watch snooker and not pool. High-level pool is very boring to watch because it is basically a one-player game.

  7. The ideal match is where you have elements of both, you want to mix up the fluidity of break building and the single clearances with safety play and critical points.

  8. I 100% agree defensive play is part of the game, but "a contest of who scores the most/misses less" is actually how you win the game. Even with exceptional defensive plays, you cannot win without actually potting the balls to get enough points to win.

  9. Completely agree I’m very very… very amateur level but have a relatively strong safety game and my friends don’t like it. For me they are the most satisfying shots to play.

  10. That the format for the world championship should never, ever change, no more talk of changing match lengths, leave it alone, any other event, go for it, couldn’t care less but leave the worlds alone

  11. We’ve seen the amazing things professionals can do on a 12 x 6 table, now let’s see what they can do on a 24 x 12! Big snooker! 🎱

  12. He definitely doesn't "C'mon!" enough. Have we perhaps considered a direct approach like shouting it at him before his shots? Maybe a bit louder when the frame is hanging in the balance and the opponent misses a sitter?

  13. The UK Champs should go back to its old format, and Masters Semi finals should be best of 17 considering how prestigious both tournaments are

  14. Selby is one of the GOATs and the fact he can win playing defensive snooker at a time when the game is so attacking is testament to his greatness. So many "young and upcoming players" who can only pot balls could learn a thing or two. I love Judd too but he only became great when he learned the tactical side of the game.

  15. To be fair, Judd’s tactical game has improved tremendously in the past couple years. I think most people will agree that was one of the main reasons he was able to make it to the final of the World’s this year without making 20 centuries.

  16. One of my hills - he doesn’t actually play defensive snooker, at least when he’s on form. When playing well he can play the game just like guys like Trump and Robbo - long ball in, one visit, big break, frame done. His scoring is very heavy. What he does do though is play the percentages better than anybody.

  17. They are amazing exactly because they are so unnecessary and don't often fit the game of snooker. I also like the borderline-racist ones. Ding's in the past was Pot Noodle and is still currently Enter the Dragon. Madness! 🤣

  18. I feel sorry for the ones with bad nicknames, like The Milkman. Good grief. Careful Ronnie, he might whip out a pint of semi skimmed in a minute.

  19. Snooker in the UK is dying. There's a reason why the top players currently are the same as fifteen years ago, the quality of young players coming through is just dreadful compared to what they were previously. In a decade or two probably 90% of the tour will be from China

  20. That’s because a) snooker clubs are dying. I had a choice of 6 different clubs within reasonable travelling distance 20 years ago but have just one now and b) the rise of internet gaming.

  21. Absolutely true, it's basically a snooker spinoff. It may be open to every player on tour but it is otherwise what a non ranking event should be in every way.

  22. The tour needs to prioritise longer matches involving just the top 20 or so players. Sick of it always being boring best of sevens to accommodate players who no one in the general public has any interest in. You could completely get rid of the bottom half of the tour and the sport would significantly improve as a whole

  23. Best of 7 matches are way too short for tournaments (not including qualifiers), absolute minimum should be best of 11.

  24. Honestly I don't even bother unless it's bo11. There is no time for the match to get going in the shorter game. One player can get two quick frames in 20 minutes and the match is basically over.

  25. I refuse to believe that John Higgins was playing along or faking. I fully believe he intended to match fix for money and have rooted against him ever since.

  26. Absolutely 100%. He can't win either way in my mind. Either he's a would-be match-fixer, or he's the biggest coward in snooker for being scared to simply say no to acting immorally. As if somebody's going to execute a sports person who says they don't want to fix a match. 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

  27. It doesn't matter that it doesn't matter about the black/pink/blue etc missed at the end of a winning break. We know how the game works, JV. Stick to questioning the destination of the white.

  28. It seems to be the Beeb that is obsessed with excusing misses by saying things like that. Dennis Taylor is the worst offender. Even if they miss a straight shot by 3 feet Dennis will be sniffing around for evidence of the kick of the century.

  29. Well there effectively is now. No player makes less than 20K prize money per season even if they don't pot a single ball.

  30. I really like BO11s. If it's tight you get an extra long session and if it's not there's no faffing about for an extra session where the leader only needs 1 or 2 frames.

  31. It's only slow play if the referee warns you, until then - there isn't a problem. Anythjng is better than a shot clock. Ronnie isn't bigger than snooker and the sport will survive without him.

  32. ronnie defo isn't bigger than the sport and the sport will undoubtedly continue to do well without him. but it will have some sort of effect when he's done, in the last two tournaments you see how empty the crowds can be for other matches and then you see his matches which are fully sold out.

  33. If I see you and your mate playing in the club and you're playing the miss rule, know that I am judging you. (Not kindly).

  34. Completely agree with #1. The mixed doubles invitational was a good development. They should screw around with the format even more and see what happens.

  35. It's a bit of a hard sell to not hold the Worlds in the UK as the vast majority of players are UK players. You'd be asking their families to spend thousands on flights to get to Honk Kong to watch them get beaten 10-1 in the first round.

  36. Judd Trump is the most naturally gifted player ever after Ronnie. I feel there's a lot of wasted potential there.

  37. Talented is definitely one of the first ways I would describe Trump. Same with Lisowski, for his inconsistency and concentration issues he's insanely naturally talented.

  38. I'd like to see some different finishes and colours for the wood used on the tables, I liked the lighter finish on the old tables, and there's no reason why they couldn't stain the wood snazzy colours for certain tournaments, same with the cues too.

  39. World championship matches should all be played at one table one venue and a secondary venue in Sheffield should be built next to the crucible so 2 matches can be played at the same event, no more dividing wall between tables, you don’t see Wimbledon with two tennis courts next to each other divided by a wall

  40. My understanding is that usually, in this situation, the miss is called because there would have been an easier escape, but the player is choosing an alternative escape that won’t leave anything on. But I might be wrong…?

  41. Snooker should always keep its 'old- schoolness' with waistcoats etc the majority of the time. Fine if some tournaments here and there are more casual, but snooker shouldn't try to be pool.

  42. I agree, but only because the alternative seems to be identical shitty polo shirts and I think that looks awful.

  43. Upvoted for the sheer spiciness of your take :D Not sure I'd call him 'great' but he was definitely...well, a character, which is way more than we seem to get from players nowadays.

  44. Clear out the deadwood commentators. Sick of the inane babbling from them and the over the top sensastionalism from the others, Like JV.

  45. I feel that a real effort needs to be made to bring women into the top 128 so we can finally prove and put to bed that this is just a mans game.

  46. It's not only a game of strength of course, but being able to hit the ball naturally harder gives men an enormous advantage. 12 ft by 6 ft is a huge area to cover.

  47. There are too many ranking events now. Either remove some or change the points system (ie only take points from a player's best 10 events)

  48. That players should purposely miss after wrapping up frames instead of going for centuries. I lose interest without tension and seeing a player chase a 87

  49. The World Championship semi-final should be best of 25, not 33. Would create a break before the final and would even the playing field for whoever plays their semi second

  50. Some smart people should figure a way to integrate a laser positioning system into the rails that track ball locations. Maybe someone could click a remote after the balls stop moving in order to capture their positions so they can be replaced as close to perfection as possible. If this sounds moronic it is just the ramblings of an actual moron so take it easy on me, I was born with this defect.

  51. People hate the miss rule. I understand this. But if you're old enough to have watched snooker before the miss rule, snookers were a joke. Players made no effort to get out of them, unless they could do so without risk.

  52. With the new taom chalk matches are sort of more boring on average. Players having to deal with the infrequent kick was entertaining.

  53. Efforts to copy darts and make the sport more "accessible" to fans have not worked and those in charge of the game should focus on making the core product as high-quality as possible.

  54. The miss rule goes too far. If the player leaves it short, call a miss. If the player takes the easiest escape route possible, is not short and is close to hitting the object ball it should not be a miss. The miss rule leaves this weird gulf between the amateur and professional game. I think the fact that the GOAT wants nothing to do with the miss rule and finds it abhorrent should tell the rule makers all they need to know

  55. McManus commentary, whilst at times insightful is mostly annoying. A commentator should not be someone who loves the sound of his own voice. They should be succinct and to the point, only expanding when necessary, not just waffling continuously. His pre meditated rhyme as judd won his first wc (something about an icky thump) was absolutely unforgivable

  56. I actually think McManus is the best pundit. Fewer clichéd answers and predictable comments than the others. A fresh perspective.

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