Jimmy White's wig

  1. I'm sure Jimmy could get something better so I'm surprised he sticks with something that doesn't look particularly genuine. Stll looks better than the one Eddie Charlton used to wear.

  2. Wow, I remember watching that. How bizarre. I also remember how pissed off he was when he found out he wasnt the fattest man in Britain.

  3. It's covering scarring from a botched surgery on his head. Not sure why people care personally, it's entirely up to him.

  4. I'm not sure it's a vanity thing totally, more what the public expect to see, memories of the days when he was Edward Snookerhands. The Whirlwind, what a player.

  5. I’m unsure on this. I think he could choose a better head piece that reflects his years but losing your hair is not always so easy to take. I have struggled with it but since my early 40s And Jimmy is far from old 80/90 is old ! I play regularly with a lad at 78 and he will hit regular 20/30s Youth look at people as old but they are heading the same way

  6. I think he should do whatever he likes and I don’t really understand how people think they have the right to make comment on his or anyones physical status.

  7. If people stopped going on about it I could easily forget it's a wig and concentrate fully on the content of Jimmy's character.

  8. He’s too old for a wig, it looks ridiculous but maybe he can gradually go down in size so he doesn’t show up randomly looking like a cue ball?

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