German players were "annoyed" by the discussion about the "One Love" armband

  1. Really ridiculous that even redditors want players to get into politics so much. They are playing a match, they can make all the comments and political support during media interview questions. Why mix the two, in the end you are not changing someones mind because of a gesture before a football match.

  2. It's a tough situation because some players only want to focus on football while others want to use the tremendous influence they have.

  3. In what world is a heart gesture disrespectful to Muslims? Qatar does not represent the whole of the Muslim world. Qatar actively involved itself in hurting Muslims. Be it in their funding of extremist groups who carry out attacks on Muslims, or their participation in the genocide in Yemen, or the fact that many of the labourers they worked to death were Muslim.

  4. That a hand over mouth gesture is apparently more offensive than a heart gesture just makes you question life in general. What weird fucking take. Pure weakness.

  5. This information is directly about the German camp and people are still saying that they’re wrong. Unbelievable. Truly incroyable from

  6. Was/is completely unfair: Jürgen Klopp said it best when he pointed out that some of these players were 10 year-old children when the decision was made to play it in Qatar. The continuous talk about what those players should do now to protest that decision is unfair and illogical.

  7. The main target for critisism should be the people awarding Qatar the WC. Those people should be throughly investigated, but we know nothing will come out of it.

  8. Zidane and pep went there too promote qater 2022. I remember when pep was leaving Barcelona FC people were like where will he go. He obviously was going to city for money just like he went to a FIFA meeting to promote Qatar 2022

  9. It is not unfair if these players were actually doing this because they have morals and values. The reality is it's nothing but good PR. Same as western corporates that have the rainbow flag on their twitter accounts execpt the ones in Arabic.

  10. This! The decision was was made 12 years ago and even though it was obvious that they bribed their way into hosting the WC, I don't remember there being this level of criticism or protest when it could have actually mattered. But for now, they're only ruining the experience for the fans and the players.

  11. Yeah it's getting ridiculous. Sure Qatar is a shitshow, but what can the players do? They came to play not protest. If they were to protest everything that is bad, then they will never play. Leave the players alone, they are trying to focus on the game. And people cannot be holier than thou since they will never boycott the coke they drink, the iPhones they use, the nikes they were, etc etc. People are ridiculous.

  12. What does players being childs when Qatar was decided have anything to do with that? It's not like they would've voted for or against Qatar themselves anyways.

  13. Well, while I agree with you that a player isn't responsible for the whole thing, another quote comes to mind: it is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.

  14. Kinda suspected it after both Gündogan and Müller made those posts after our first game. I hope the part about Goretzkas PR agent who also advised Scholz Chancelor campaign tried to influence the players isnt true though..

  15. I think that it's quite normal for a big organization to involve pr-experts in situations like these.

  16. As somebody who has been in contact with that PR agent for quite some time (He was very active in Schalke's Twitter scene) I can just say that it sounds 100% like him.

  17. The DFB managed the situation badly in 2018, the same again, but no consequences whatsoever. The DFB should decide what to do, not the players.

  18. neuer is also in germany heavily critizised because he was filmed in croatia singing nationalistic songs lol. the worldwide view compared to the german view is very different to these players.

  19. The dumbass part of this is that their protest was SUCCESSFUL. The whole point of the protest was to bring eyes on the issues. Their protest fucking worked. The fact that there was constant talk and debate about it shows that they were in fact trying. But because it didn't proceed in the original planned fashion, people act like they are sellouts that did nothing and didn't give a fuck anyway. It's so fucking dumb. The German team and every other team was successful in their protest. They got people talking and debating, even if they didn't wear a fucking armband.

  20. Nobody wants to say it but as a footballer, this is the pinnacle of many careers. They couldn't give a fuck about armbands and protesting, understandably.

  21. And now some of the discourse is falling for the 'they should have focused on football' propaganda. Nah fuck that. You cant just link 'engaging in politics' with 'bad performance'. It's pure confirmation bias and nothing else. Don't fall for this false dichotomy.

  22. These comment sections really put that into perspective. Half the people here think they shouldn’t have spoken out at all and are idiots, the other half think they they didn’t do enough and even by participating they are idiots. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. And some people just take any chance they can to shit in Germany but that seems like a small minority and mostly trolls

  23. The federations who were pushing to wear the armband have embarrassed themselves and made the players look like idiots in this whole mess. They declared their captains were going to wear the armbands before they got an answer from FIFA about if they would be allowed to, and also strongly suggested that they would defy FIFA and wear them anyway if they didn't get it.

  24. The only logical way to protest for federations would've been to just not participate. That would've given a loud message. Surely they didn't do that because they would've missed out on the money and prestige right?

  25. Yeah, but what was FIFA going to do? Kick European teams out of the World Cup? FIFA only has power because the top FAs decided it should have power.

  26. So day before opening game a team discusses form of protest with PR guys and not focuses on game? Clap clap.

  27. I just don't think it should come down to the footballers to do anything about it. They are there to play football. A protest would be the entire country boycotting the event. Since that didn't happen, these gestures become a bit pointless and put unnecessary pressure on the teams.

  28. If they had boycotted, they'd have just been replaced. Gestures matter because they raise awareness. People still remember John Carlos raising his fist in the air on the podium stand in 68. They wouldn't have remembered shit if he boycotted.

  29. Thats exactly what hazard said, I’m all for human rights and sending msges but Hazard said it the best, “maybe they would have won they game if they focused on the football”

  30. Imo this opens up a larger discussion about the purpose of such symbolic actions from footballers. Even if it wasn't the main reason for Germany's catastrophic group stage exit, this whole affair still clearly had a negative effect on the team and the players. And at the same time the gesture itself was also met with open criticism (from all sides), mockery and counter gestures. And at that point we have to ask ourselves: why are we even doing such gestures?

  31. Or maybe start small. Maybe the topic should've been worker conditions of the slaves who died for the WC.

  32. No, the only proper action would have been to boycott the WC the second the decision was made. Everything that followed after was a failed attempt at damage control.

  33. surprised they didnt threw the muslim players under the bus this time because german would totally believed that

  34. some insights from someone living in germany: this topic has been going on for months now. in stadiums the ultra groups made banners to boycott the world cup and most of the discussions before the world cup was this and very rarely the world cup itself. even fans started fighting each other like whoever watches the world cup is a bigot and who does is a performative motalist. i doubt that all this drama was the sole reason for their failure but it 100% had an impact. imagine playing in a world cup and you have always on your mind that a lot of germans want you to fail and the others dont take you seriously. ever since the world cup in 2006 the dfb made every bad mistake they could.

  35. The 2026 World Cup will be hosted in the US. Will be waiting to see which countries protest the US's racism, wars and human rights record.

  36. USA destroyed my country. Literally destroyed it, not hyperbole, and destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands two generations down. Then you get someone with a US flair thinking they have moral superiority because of what they read in an online echo chamber or what the guardian/CNN said.

  37. Depends on who is US president. If the skin color of the president is orange then there might be protests.

  38. Yeah, would be exciting to see which country will protesr, but atleast they are allowed to protest unlike in Qatar were they use FIFA to threaten teams with sanctions.

  39. Presuming your from Europe, racism there is much worse then in the United States, most Europeans just ignore it from my experience (mainly France). Can’t argue the wars though! Lol

  40. This was very evident. Their team came to the WC with the objective of protesting and not competing, none of them looked focused in the first 2 games. No wonder they got smacked in the group stage.

  41. A German politician was there supporting this shit show, two days later it was announced Germany signed a record gas deal with Qatar.

  42. I remember people hating on Hazard for saying stuff like “Germany should focus on Football” and saying stuff like “Wearing an armband is not the reason they lost to Japan”.. Now it seems like people completely changed their minds. It 100% will deter them from their main focus, which is PLAYING Futbol.

  43. There was plenty of criticism of the Olympics in China or the World Cup in Russia, but the athletes weren't expected to protest.

  44. All the events were in the past or are in the future. Whataboutism won't bring us far, so stay on topic, which is the Qatar World Cup.

  45. Actually the article starts speaking about topics, but then doesn't finish the discussion. Starts speaking that they dismissed the "Heart symbol" to not offend Muslims, but then doesn't explain what that would even me and why it would offend Muslims

  46. Wouldn't this imply that some players feel Muslims are incapable of tolerance towards minorities per sé? Pretty racist, wouldn't it?

  47. Lmao another L for the rsoccer politics experts. Let’s see how they spin this one to pin it on Gundogan or some other “sell out”.

  48. pointless virtue signalling isn't going to change who the host is and its not going to change core values of a conservative muslim country. not to mention a lot of african and middle east countries completely side with qatar on the issue of lgbqt. the massive amounts of migrant deaths was always a bigger issue to me , the gay thing was more cultural and religious which are things people don't change.

  49. Wenger is up FIFAs ass, guy is chasing every penny he can get before he kicks the bucket, his entire statement completely ignored other teams performances, we should laugh about it because it was pathetic.

  50. You know what focus on the things you come to do.also media asking players like Iran players all that political and social issues is really not productive

  51. Reddit is full of Western people with a superiority complex who have no understanding of the rest of the world.

  52. Westerners have always had a moral superiority complex. It's what allowed them to rape and enslave half the world. At least it's just virtue signalling now. Could be worse.

  53. The players aren’t guests, they’re participants. It’s ridiculous to compare a player that didn’t have any choice in where the World Cup will be to some tourist for example that chooses to go to a country and then criticizes it. You can’t expect a player to not go to maybe their only chance at participating in a World Cup if they don’t like the values of the host country, it’s not that simple.

  54. Well, you are right on one thing: The teams shouldn't have visited Qatar in the first place, because it was very clear that they shit on human rights, poor people and everything else the west tries to uphold.

  55. I agree but personally I think it’s fine to accept homosexual people they are in every country. The thing I don’t like it’s like you say the promotion of it and the wild stuff they do to get away with. It’s really disgraceful and tasteless. Some cities in the US have this gay pride but it’s not just a march some places allow gays to be butt ass naked and display their weird fetishes in public. Where there is children and even other people aren’t trying to see that shit. If you’re gay okay that’s it, stop broadcasting it and stop promoting it to others.

  56. Imagine you put your house up for a massive party, everyone in town is coming, are you really expecting everyone to respect the rule of your house of "no drinking", for example? No, because you OFFERED your house, you werent force to do shit, if you invite people you have to be reasonable and understand that some people are going to break your rules and you are just going to have to suck it up.

  57. I’m genuinely all for equal rights, but surely it’s intellectually xenophobic to tell those of different cultures that their ‘way’ is wrong/inferior.

  58. Treatment of Women isn’t as bad as you make it seem. As for mistreatment of women and black/darker skinned people, it’s all cultural not Islam.

  59. Theyre not wrong to want the choice. They look at the world cup as another big tournament the host country does not matter to them. Its also fair to point out we can look at any country that hosts the WC and point out its flaws but its never been as large as a talking point as it has now which feel hypocritical at best.

  60. This world cup is also revealing the true nature of some football players. They virtue signalled left right and centre, but then they forgot all their "morals" the moment they were threatened by fifa.

  61. Money talks. David Beckham signed a 150m dollar deal with Qatar. They will just represent the side that pays more. Ozil angered the Chinese sponsors of the premier league and was cancelled. There is free speech but it comes with a price.

  62. You won’t win shit as a professional footballer if something as small as this supposedly tilts you enough to not perform at your best in a tournament that’s this important for you and your career.

  63. Exactly, the German team has been subpar for awhile now. This is clearly being used as a convenient excuse while pandering to the “anti-woke” and cultural relativism crowd.

  64. If this source is true, then they were having an intense debate, which is political in nature and splitting the locker room before the match....

  65. I'm fairly confident that you posted this without reading comments (sorting on old, your comment is the 4th)

  66. Footballers shouldn't be shit on for wanting to represent their country in possibly their only ever WC and not wanting to get involved in the political discussion. People on Reddit want them to so they can say their favourite footballers are politically aligned with them. "Journalists" also want them to because it's easy clicks. They, themselves, couldn't give a toss whether these footballers genuinely believe in what they say. They are a means to an end.

  67. Racism is more prevalent around the world than homophobia as more people of color exist…. Why didn’t they do a protest on that?!

  68. they did focus on football. They had the highest expected goals of any team in groups, hitting posts multiple times per game and then getting countered with their opponents being exceptionally efficient and fortunate.

  69. I sort of agree but it's unpopular to say that . 2018 had the Özil thing , last year it was the rainbow coloured stadium thing and this year it was the rainbow coloured armband . They are at these events to do their jobs not become Wokey Mc Wokeface .

  70. These armbands are for the teams to feel good about themselves, not trying to start change or any kind of dialogue. That is simply not how you challenge a 1400 year old belief, widely held by billions.

  71. This lecture shit is annoying. Fuck off man, lecture your government or the Bayern board. Neuer fuck off man. Great keeper no doubt but lecture your government and the Bayern board. Just virtue signalling.

  72. They're not wrong. People watch sports to get away from the problems of the world for a few hours and when our sporting events are used for political campaigns (not small protests but actual campaigns that overtake the purpose of the event to push some sort of agenda), it doesn't surprise me that people get mad. Here in Canada and probably the rest of the world outside of West Europe, none of this stuff was broadcasted, networks focused on football and football only and it's been great.

  73. Completely wrong time and place to protest, too little and too late, shouldve done something before your plane touched down

  74. And how did qatar and homophobia stop the germans from starting Fullkrug? Germany doesn’t have a balanced squad, many high profile players had sub standard performances and there were many questionable tactical decisions. The politics killing the german NT seems like some complete bullshit.

  75. The question remains why did the German government sign a deal with Qatar to buy energy from them? If they despise Qatar so much why did they decide to get more involved with them? They’ve been buying Russian gas for so many years prior, so if it hurts their pockets morals are thrown out the window.

  76. Money doesn't make them any different than you and me. They just can afford things we can't. They feel the same things we feel and react to things the same way we do. They are humans at the end of the day just like us. Crazy I know.

  77. They shouldnt have done it and just play. Weird that copers ITT and the football world are trying to spin narratives that they lost the first game bc they focused on "politics" rather than football. Literally not true and a complete dismissal of how good Japan played even beating Spain and that the German defense is simply abysmal.

  78. Finally realize why they covered their mouth. I assumed that someone had asked the Germans why the 42 and 46 world cup wasn't held.

  79. And some people say the Germans don't feel represented by the NT these days because of too many players with foreign roots. Nope, they don't because of things like this. Where most Germans wanted them to boycott and not go to Qatar at all, these dimwits don't feel they want to protest or "lecture Qatar".

  80. With all the focus the leaders in Qatar have on the German gesture I believe other nations should follow and do the same before a game.

  81. Not just in Qatar, I dont think they give a fuck about human rights. Period. They're all stuck up in their rich perfect lives. If they ever spoke up about it, it was probably for clout

  82. I am asking genuineily why people supports there should be a statement for or against lgbtq people in a football match? what’s the context?

  83. I'm generally against the notion that acts of political protest stop players from "focusing on the football". It's possible to do these simple actions and also play football. I recall all the way through England's run in Euro 2020 certain parts of the media saying this about England taking the knee, as if kneeling for a few seconds prior to kick-off distracts you in any way from the task at hand in the football match. The media simply opposed the protest the players were making, but tried to pretend it was because of footballing results.

  84. Oh they didnt want to infringe on the right of the qataris to discriminate and ostracize gay people. That would be very bad, because respecting freedom of religion is much more important than allowing gay people to leave in peace, I get it.

  85. Jesus Christ, how can people still be butthurt about that gesture? I'm sorry to break it to you, but you can't switch off political statements you don't like, as if it was a remote. I mean, I also have to live with right-wing dickheads spouting their crap here or on Twitter.

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