Olivier Giroud disallowed goal against Poland 58'

  1. Shouldn't have. Goalie looked up to see if the ball was being cleared, realized he had no chance to get up and get into position, flopped around like a fish.

  2. Wasn't really a disallowed goal in the strictest sense, the game had clearly been blown up before he even got set to try it. Lovely technique though

  3. I'm honestly struggling to see how that was interpreted as a foul, even in slow mo which usually looks much worse.

  4. Reddit is mad because the game should never have stopped. If there was a fault it was on Varane, not by Varane.

  5. I know some think it’s soft , but it would’ve been even more controversial if it stood and the keeper was down on the ground. I think the ref chose the least controversial decision.

  6. Its an obvious foul by Varane on the defender, he has both his hands on the polish back pulling him down. idk if people 8n this thread are literally blind

  7. I don’t think it was a foul? Matty Cash held his head (despite no contact) so ref had to stop it. Players that feign head injuries should get very lengthy bans.

  8. It's definitely a foul. Varane has both hands on Cash's shoulders, perventing him from jumping. That's always a foul.

  9. Smart read by Szczesny though, he took a quick look, knew he didn't clear the ball properly and baited the Ref to call the foul.

  10. So if the goalie comes in and clears everyone out, causing chaos and injury, the ref then allows play to stop, therefore the goalie can not only foul others, but at the same time make play stop because of it. Absolute nonsense. Let the play finish then review it if you have to.

  11. In 20 years, if you show the highlights of Giroud to a kid, they will think he was the best in the world.

  12. I know we want to see an amazing goal like that, but I'm happy it was disallowed because Varane clearly fouled Cash there. Attackers get away with that all the time, so I'm happy to not see it rewarded

  13. Can somebody explain why the referee has blown there? No obvious foul, just let the move play out and VAR can decide if something was wrong.

  14. It was an obvious foul on Cash. If it was about Szczesny's intervention then it would make sense to wait for VAR, but the foul on Cash happened earlier and was obvious – so there was no need for VAR to be checking whatever happened after that first foul was already commited.

  15. Foul by Varane on Cash happened first. If not for that earlier foul, quite possibly it would later by foul by Szczesny on Varane.

  16. man, that should have counted. Keeper clearly saw he didn't box the ball far enough and then started screaming in pain.

  17. That's ridiculous, sczescny fails to gets the ball and crash in the packs, starts to get up, sees it's a dangerous situation and then starts to be hurt. As ridiculous as the foul he supposedly had against Messi imo

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