England fans on facing Kylian Mbappe

  1. Come to think of it, who are most Aussie, American etc rooting for now? Wishful thinking might be Anglo support like this dude, but unlikely

  2. It's a very effective tactic and you see teams do it to England (as well as others) all the time, basically France start to break anywhere on the pitch you take the player out.

  3. He’s not wrong though , you gotta get into his head and make him take a second to think if he’s going to be leveled and take a longer route

  4. He’s not wrong. Just send out the worst bench player on the team to give him a career ender immediately as the game starts and he’s no threat.

  5. Tbh I don’t think so. I’m more concerned about tricky strikers who can play off the shoulder. Benzema would’ve been a very scary matchup.

  6. I think of all the numbers, someone said 0 and someone said 0.5.. Other than that the lowest was a six, and there were a couple of 9s, 10s and even a 12.

  7. These English fans are having a laugh and you lot on here are criticising. I swear they can't win. Badly behave you criticise. Well behaved and having a laugh, you still criticise.

  8. There was a similar post with Netherlands fans saying similar chat about how they aren't afraid of Messi the other day and the comments were full of people praising their dry sense of humour.

  9. Fans having a bit of a laugh who have traveled to Qatar to see their country being criticised by basement dwellers

  10. One of the small reasons I want to win a major trophy in my lifetime is to be the biggest insufferable and arrogant prick ever. Like full on hard Brexit clichéd England fan because if we can exist as fans being mostly self depreciative, pessimistic, unwaveringly supportive and in numbers whilst we sing about Vindaloo and reword Atomic Kitten songs and still be accused of being arrogant I might as well piss off the entirety of Reddit on this sub and just become what we're accused of.

  11. I feel for the English, can't have a conversation about anything without people bringing up that you colonized the world as if they personally looted The Gambia and brought back slaves to do the laundry last week, like yes, but what's that got to do with their chance against mbappe this weekend cunt.

  12. Who gives a toss mate. Can't expect any pro England comments on Reddit, we're probably the most hated nation on here. As a Leeds fan I fucking love it, makes it all the more sweeter when we do win.

  13. Your comment has 900 upvotes in 4h. 99% of the people here agree with you, no need to play the victim card.

  14. Look the guy telling he is in Bellingham's pocket is obviously having fun and maybe my sense of humour is completely broken but some of the others looked dead serious when they said Kyle Walker got this

  15. I knew as soon as I saw this video that the reddit comments would be dumb people who can't have fun lol

  16. Three Lions (the "It's coming home" song to online comedians) is a self-depricating song with optimism, yet to most people on the internet its some arrogant pompus thing.

  17. Bet his dad is English so he went with him and met a few family and old friends and probably supported both England and Australia

  18. Too much talk about facing Mbappe. He's a top quality player, but England are not facing Mbappe and then just a bunch of no-marks, they are facing France.

  19. I swear that’s the thing that surprises me the most, you’d think it’s a one man team when hearing how people talks about it lol

  20. I hold my hands up and admit i dont know as much about the french team as i do about England, but am i completely delusional in thinking that, Mbappe aside, we genuinely have a better squad (and probably starting 11) than them?

  21. Especially after their win, the fans are obviously gonna be gassed. Same thing if they lost, they would have been mad.

  22. Lmao, i have scrolled so far down this comment section and still haven't found a single salty comment, while all comments are about people being joyless.

  23. We are lightened up. Mbappe's currently learning english so he can do the crying celebration in front of them while telling them he's the second coming of CR7 afters he's put 10 past them on saturday.

  24. It's such a shame that Maguire is getting dissed by everyone even though he's performing very well in this world cup. I thought stones would be the best defender for them but Maguire's performance has made him the best defender for this team.

  25. Iv read this entire thread looking for the ppl that the majority of the comments talk about, the joyless and ppl that take banter too serious and I found a single comment with that rethoric.

  26. It's often the early comments which then get downvoted to the bottom as the thread develops. If people just downvoted and ignored them they'd get far less attention.

  27. A England team quietly playing well, and a French team without locker room drama. This is a hard game to call.

  28. The French defense is shaky. I think it will be a high scoring match relatively unless Southgate parks the bus. I would go with either France 3 - England 2 or England 3 - France 2.

  29. Obviously you haven’t seen Maguire in an England shirt. Also he’s against Giroud. Maguire struggles against pacy, back line breaking attackers. Giroud is about as far from that as possible.

  30. I'd give the edge to France, but given England were supposedly going to fail to score against Iran, maybe I'm being too pessimistic.

  31. It isn’t just Mbappe though is it. Dembele can be a killer & you can’t write off Giroud coming up witj something.

  32. Mbappe is talented, sure, but could he do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke warm dry evening in Qatar?

  33. Mbappe is inevitably going to hurt England but hopefully we take our chances and can get something from the game

  34. England is quietly playing well althought more attentions are on France at the moment. The players are all fit to play and their squad depth is actually better than 4 years ago.

  35. Bantering right there, French right here liking it. I’m amused and looking forward for this game! Also, you’d be surprised to see how many French persons like England, spoiler: I’m one of them. Oh, and you guys are missing one player who (whom?) will score : Griezman. You’re all way too much obsessed with Bappe/Giroud Bisou !

  36. Yeah, English people are absolutely incapable of taking anything seriously and people not understanding this is a cause of a lot of misconceptions hahah

  37. England fans on here complain about being called arrogant yet here they are brazenly claiming that a world class footballer can be constrained by an old man's cargo pants, the nerve of these fuckers😤

  38. Yeah they should be more like the humble Dutch. They know how to lay down and respect a great footballer when they see one

  39. English Football fans at the World Cup, optimistic about their team is peak soccer, an overwhelmingly American subreddit with a staunch and sustained root-against-England mantra, hear hear lads.

  40. Any TRUE England fan (not a drunk idiot) knows mbappe is the best player in the tournament if not the world. He is quality and we’re going to have a hard time containing him.

  41. Reading through this thread, I have seen fifteen highly up voted comments about how people are taking banter too seriously and zero people actually taking banter too seriously.

  42. Chat shit get banged. I think the game is pretty even, but what I wouldn't do for a good England meltdown with 2-0 for France in the first 20min hmm

  43. All those people so confident in Kyle Walker dealing with Mbappe should go watch Newcastle v City from earlier this season where St Maximin tore him a new one.

  44. Believe walker was carrying an injury then. They're also very different players. Kyle is solid defensively but the reason people are confident is that he's probably the only RB in the competition capable of dealing with Mbappe's pace. ASM is a probably even more tricky on the ball than Killian but doesn't have the same raw speed imo.

  45. Yeah, I mean I think it's clearly meant as a joke but there are actual morons out there wondering why Mbappe's ankle isn't broken by the 10 minute mark.

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