[Giovanni Chacon] (Brazilian journalist) Tite's comment during the press conference on the dance after Richarlison's goal: "I have to be careful when doing this because there are some bad people that call it disrespectful (...) it's actually a way to show joy, a celebration"

  1. Roy Keane was one of the pundits at half-time on UK television. He said it was like watching Strictly Come Dancing lol

  2. Also I feel like people are forgetting/ignoring that it was originally kicked off as a protest against racist comments. What better place to do it than on the world stage?

  3. People forget that more often than not players celebrating their success by dancing or whatever, is about them enjoying their success rather than doing it with the intention of rubbing it in their opponents' faces.

  4. i grew up watching joga bonito football and fell in love. fuck this generation of the old boys club thinking it's disrespectful "now". absolute BS. it's not just "fun", it's comradery between the team.

  5. I'm surprised how many people are surprised that some perceive showboating as disrespectful and unsportsmanlike. Maybe it's a cultural thing.

  6. I’m so glad your players are having fun. I’ve found this World Cup a bit depressing as an LGBT Wales fan and I’m sick of seeing joyless 5 at the back refusing to play football. Brazil is football to me, I hope yous win.

  7. I have seen many people complaining about people calling it disrespectful but nobody actually complaining about the dancing. People actually have a problem with it?

  8. Nah, dancing is cool in general. The question is whether 4 dances for a one goal is a bit excessive.

  9. Still don't understand why dancing is seen as disrespectful but sliding 15 feet on your knees and holding your arms out isn't. What's the functional difference?

  10. I thought Brazil were classy winners. It's not like they were making mocking or disrespectful gestures at us.

  11. Not saying I agree with this but people historically get way more upset when it’s a coach celebrating. See some of the reactions people had to Mou’s celebrations over the years

  12. Dancing is fine, but the whole team dancing, when your pummelling at team 4-0 inside 30 mins, witht he manager joining in....

  13. Let’s not turn this sport to rugby please, I’m tired of grumpy old men policing people have fun in sport

  14. Disrespectful? What a load of bullshit. No one called Cameroon disrespectful at Italia '90. They just want people to be angry, miserable and boring.

  15. I wonder if people really forget how joyful it is to see Brazilian dance after goal like whenever Ronaldinho socred??? Back then peak Ronaldinho bring people to wwatch and enjoy football more.

  16. Can someone please explain to me how dancing and showboating are more disrespectful, unsportsmanlike and unprofessional than trying to injure your opponents on purpose or starting fights on the pitch?

  17. There's a part of the world that is so boring, it's incomprehensible to the rest of us. Just ignore them. They don't like celebrating life in different ways than they approve.

  18. Why are the Brazilian players diving so much and deceiving the ref? For me this is it only disrespectful but also cheating. Neymar is a great player but he also falls over more easily than anyone else, why? It brings down his greatness.

  19. Can't say I feel either way about the dancing but this isn't the first time they've or another country has done it. Should South Africa have done that practiced celebration vs Mexico in 2010? Of course they should since it was a meaningful goal and a genuinely great celebration. It's a generational gap with Keane and I can't say I'd celebrate like that but it's not harming anyone so begin as you mean to go on.

  20. And Keane played with another Keane that used to do cartwheels into a roll when he'd score. Though tbf that Keane said he wouldn't do that type of celebration against former clubs since it would be too disrespectful. Maybe that's the class Roy is after.

  21. Need to run as far as possible and then do the longest celebration you can. According to reddit it's not disrespectful and nobody should be annoyed by it

  22. I mean, they scored four goals in the first half and spent about 6 minutes celebrating them. It might not be disrespectful but it’s certainly overdoing it.

  23. Playing devil's advocate here with some questions: is a dance after a 5th or 6th goal disrespectful? how would Brazillians feel if someone scored on them and danced? let's say Germany scoring 7 goals and dancing after each one? is that disrespect?

  24. Honestly the way the Germans acted like a machine coming to do the work it needed to be done made it much worse for me. It was as if there was no emotion, like it didn’t mean anything to them.

  25. Of course I'd be mad but I can't complain about a team getting a huge win and celebrating it. Losses aren't supposed to feel good anyway and they earned it, so let the men dance. I don't think it's disrespect, it's just having fun and being happy about a great performance.

  26. Sometimes the dance can come off very disrespectful. But the goal wasnt some fluke goal. It had everything you want to see in a stylish Brazilian team at a World Cup. Fully deserved a fun celebration.

  27. There's always gonna be a bunch of sourpusses that get all in their feelings about somebody expressing and celebrating a joyous moment as if the world centres around them and the "disrespect" that was committed...... 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  28. It’s an expression of joy and a celebration of the player that scored. Scoring for Brazil in the World Cup is the pinnacle for these players. Tite is very close to the squad and his best attribute imo has been developing an incredible connection and atmosphere within the squad. Him celebrating with the team is part of that celebration of the player and their accomplishment not a piss-take. Just because other countries don’t understand or appreciate that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

  29. Its a dance. People are mad because of dancing.... Dancing that Brazilians that have come before and who will come after will continue to do.

  30. The Koreans don't even get offended, why the hell so many people are offended on their behalf? Do they think they are incapable of showing emotions or what? Typical ignorant joy killers

  31. It’s funny how the rest of the world enjoys watching them dance but somehow the stif European are always the ones offended by it

  32. I think its because we're taught to respect other people's feelings if what we are doing is perceived as disrespectful. Whereas the people itt are being wildly dismissive of that, it feels hypocritical even if its just a culture clash

  33. Right, so people who's culture feels negatively about over celebrating and especially after the opponent is already beat are "bad".

  34. Anyone here defending Tite's dance think he will, or should do it against Argentina in the semi-final or in the Final? He won't, because he understands that it might entail sporting consequences. However, when it's only South Korea and the win is a formality, it's acceptable.

  35. Hahahaha... If in a game between Brazil and Argentina one of the teams scored 3-0 in the first half, believe me, dancing would be the least of the problems.

  36. If he thinks it's acceptable to do it in the round of 16 against South Korea then he should do it in the semi-final against Argentina or even in the final. But he wont, because he understands what the sporting consequences might be against a stronger opponent.

  37. I suppose it is a cultural thing. In South America and many other regions we see it as a normal thing. It's not taunting, unless they do it in your face (facing your bench or your fans). 99% of the times is not an issue.

  38. I don’t think the dancing is disrespectful at all. Cringe, perhaps. But that’s down to personal taste.

  39. Not sure why Keane is bitching . Brazil has done this for decades. Pretending as if this shit is something new. I remember as a kid watching Brazil score in world cup 98, and then running with their shirts over their head after scoring, and imitating it . Sucks that it got banned afterwards though.

  40. Eh its fine. Its a bit shit for the Koreans, however its there damn fault for having a terrible defense in the first half. Having said all of that, I'm sure Brazillians would have a similar attitude if Löw broke into a jig during their 7-1 drubbing.

  41. TIL I learned that the respectful Sir Roy Keane isn't only an ex-player become commentator. He also retired many people with his criminal tackles, including Haaland Sr.

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