[Pedro Sepúlveda] CONFIRMED: Cristiano Ronaldo will not start today's match against Switzerland.

  1. Portugal meeting with Ronaldo was “intense” and “at one point Fernando Santos was crying” but everyone grew closer and a big lesson was learned.

  2. I can already feel all the people who are edging themselves at the thought of getting to gloat or bitch about the decision depending on which way the result goes.

  3. Honestly, it was clear Fernandos Santos was indulging him by starting the guy after such a shit season with very limited game time. And he has the audacity to complain about being subbed off after 60+ minutes from a game that didn’t matter and he only started because the coach want to help him statpad. Now he gets what he deserved.

  4. Hilarious how Fox in the US has been doing nothing but hype up Ronaldo all day and now he's on the bench.

  5. Lots of people here don’t actually watch the games or don’t understand what they are watching/ don’t really pay close attention. When it’s the World Cup or euros, those people are the majority of the sub.

  6. They really haven't played well. They've won a couple games comfortably admittedly, but you can't say they've played good football or looked threatening and fluid enough to be considered favourites. The bar should be so much higher for a team with this much quality. Looking solid and not making mistakes is the baseline, not the goal.

  7. First two games he was decent, was not very good against South Korea but Portugal started playing awfully when he was subbed off then so i’m not too sure about the impact of this decision by Santos

  8. This could be interesting if Portugal want to go into half 0-0 and then bring him on for the last 45. I'd rather have one of the best goal scorers ever finish the game rather than start.

  9. He did ok in the first 2 games and bad in the last one. If the alternatives were others I'd say that it would be right to bench him, but I'm not confident in this at all.

  10. No, he has been ok but had a horrendous game vs Korea, deserved the bench for his comments but he's not really our main problem, the nok existing tactics from our manager is the main issue.

  11. Been their worst player imo. He just doesn't limit his touches and play like he needs to at this stage of his career. Wants to be on the ball deeper but can't carry past most defenders and doesn't find incisive passes. Then because of those movements peeling off and dropping, he's in situations where he needs to bust a lung to get into positions half the time and he just can't do it.

  12. Ronaldo is 38, it is better for him to come in at sixty minutes and play the possible extra time and penalty than to start and get replace on the seventy min. I believe that the plan they have agreed with Santos

  13. Not understanding the comments here at all tbh. Ronaldo was pretty good in the Ghana and Uruguay game, scored a hattrick against Switzerland the last time he played against them iirc and was only bad in the South Korea game, which was a heavily rotated Portugal team thats already qualified vs a highly motivated Korean team desperately to qualify.

  14. Portugal was utter shit without Ronaldo against Switzerland this summer, crazy experiment by Santos if it's true.

  15. What a shit attitude in comments, he's been pretty good with Portugal and been top 3 player for them. It's like all the people in comments are professional Ronaldo haters, it's pathetic

  16. When you see someone asking who in Portugal can replace Ronaldo, there are no names. Only reason we see is that the replacement can defend better, imagine choosing an attacking player solely because he defends well. The mental gymnastics this sub does to hate on Ronaldo never ceases to amaze me.

  17. Well you can say all that but it's clear the coach has a problem with him, seems all that drama against Korea may have been something after all.

  18. In the case that the match does goes into extra time, this is a good decision. If he starts, no matter how poor he is, he needs to finish the match.

  19. I for one am excited to watch only half of the match being played while the other half is being spent watching Ronaldo sitting on the bench

  20. Absolute horrible decision. Of course, it's a day of joy and happiness for reddit now. Well, let's see what happens, now that Ronaldo out, Portugal gonna annihilate Switzerland I guess.

  21. If he calms down and accepts the role Portugal can be dangerous with him off the bench because he still is Ronaldo but he is going to be all angry and pouty

  22. I'm well aware that Ronaldo has not been doing well in the last 6 months or so, but this subreddit is acting like any team without Ronaldo by defintion become so much better, is just laughable. Portugal and United are definitely not competing for anything with or without Ronaldo right now, we'll see that soon enough. Imo Ronaldo has been a net positive for Portugal, he has been better than Ramos and Silva.

  23. Time for Bruno Fernandes to show everyone that he’s Portugal’s most influential player. I mean, he’s done that already in this tournament, but now Ronaldo won’t be on the pitch for his toadying fans to credit him with ‘assists’ for failing to get a touch on a cross/shot.

  24. Bruno generally doesn't perform on the wing which is where idiot santos will play him until the last 30m or so of the match.

  25. I think the fact that public opinion in Portugal tipped gave the Santos a bit more confidence about the decision. I actually think he'll do more against Switzerland

  26. An online poll from a newspaper whose readerbase is in no way representative of the general portuguese population is no "fact".

  27. Ronaldo isn’t starting because Santos is probably worried this goes to extra time and penalties. Santos doesn’t want Ronaldo to play the full 120 mins. Ronaldo will prob come in at 60 mins…

  28. Dude they've been playing very well with Ronaldo playing. They already had a chance, don't act like Ronaldo was dragging them down to a shit team

  29. Quite the precipitous fall from grace. Unfortunate he can’t accept that father time remains undefeated. Between the Man U debacle and the hissy fit when being subbed off you can’t help but feel a sense of schadenfreude.

  30. Hope Portugal lose now just because of this. Even if he is washed, Ronaldo has a better chance at scoring than ANYONE on the squad.

  31. This sub is filled with morons who seem to think dropping Ronaldo improves both United and Portugal. We'll see what happens to Portugal tonight and what happens with United by the end of this season. Imo Ronaldo doesn't make the team much better, but he has been a net positive overall, without him they will soon realise that none of their problems have gone away, only they now also have a hole at the front to fill.

  32. Don't really get the circle jerk on vitinha. He has good feet surely, but has the physique of a 9 year old. Football is a contact sport, he always seems like he's about to be carried by the wind. I agree with Santos here. Otávio is a better solution

  33. "I dont know any star player that come of the bench, i dont know any ballon dor winner that come of the bench, i dont know any all time nation top scorer that come of the bench, i dont know any multi time golden boot winner that come of the bench, i dont know any 7-time UCL top scorer that come of the bench. Why Cristiano Ronaldo ?" - Cristiano Ronaldo probably.

  34. Im grasping here, but I think Santos knows Switzerland will push for extra time and wants to bring Ronaldo at halftime or around the half hour mark fully expecting the game to go 120 min.

  35. Ronaldo doing his best to piss off him managers this season. Be hilarious if santos doesn’t bring him off the bench and they go out!

  36. Ronaldo is the best player on the team but he’s also 37 and can’t play 90+ minutes if they go the distance.

  37. If he comes off the bench and solves it, he will probably think he silenced the critics instead of being a super sub.

  38. He barely played for his club and has been lackluster for Portugal, santos was more than fair to have him as the starter in the first place

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