Vini Jr on dance criticism: "It's the most important moment in football when you score a goal, and not only do we [players] celebrate, but also an entire country. We still have many other celebrations to do. May we keep playing well, dancing a lot so we can get to the end of the WC in that rhythm".

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  2. Slowly, we’re losing those light moments. It’s like when everyone got mad at Neymar for trying a flashy dribble.

  3. It's hard to believe but there are people on this sub defending Roy Keane, football really is dying if you're not allowed to celebrate after a goal, ridiculous.

  4. Because the vast majority of people aren't complaining about them dancing, they're complaining about them excessively celebrating. They have no answer to that so are mispresenting it as no one wants them to dance.

  5. It doesn't come across as a spontaneous outburst of joy which is what goal celebrations are supposed to be. It looks more like choreographed, individualistic, narcissistic, pr dance, at least it does by the time the players are on to their third iteration of dancing after scoring the 3rd goal into a team ranked outside the top 20 in the world..

  6. It's been a topic of discussion long before now, especially among players. A lot of trash talk has been directed torward Brazil in games; there was audio of Messi telling them to "dance now" after Copa America.

  7. All it needed is a racist xenophobe with enough media coverage to speak his mind and boom... it's a valid and agreeable point of view. Now all racists and xenophobes get louder.

  8. It was Roger Milla (Cameroon) 1990 world cup that started post-goal dancing in a visible way at the highest level. Hes 20 years older than keane

  9. Football has plenty of tiresome discourse. Part and parcel of fan cultures, really. But celebration policing might just be the silliest and most pointless.

  10. I think that "tiresome discourse" is also part of it though, since culture is inexorably linked to football. You have nations from all over the world, so you're bound to have many frames of reference. For instance, it is more than likely that dancing in someone's funeral is not acceptable (in most parts) but heavily encouraged in some countries in Africa (Mali, Nigeria, Kenya, etc.). It's no trivial matter that people give their lives for this sports and take it much more seriously than others, even if you and I perceive it as petty.

  11. People complain about boring games (Like Spain tiki taka) but then also complain about fun games where we see bags of goals and teams celebrating.

  12. People upset about players celebrating is legitimately one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

  13. for casuals who don't care about xG assists and shit like that, brazilians, colombinias etc are the most fun to watch cos they play exciting football and then celebrate like madmen. it's not just a game it's a party for them and only people who aren't fun at parties hate them

  14. are people still getting mad about this lmao. what they're doing is 10x better than Griezmann doing a fortnite dance with an L on his forehead.

  15. I think the issue people have with this is how much fun they are having. It's not fun to see other people having fun if they are a dull person, so they want having fun to be illegal. Others having fun reminds them of how they are unable to have fun.

  16. My Top 3 moments of this WC so far: 1-Tite doing the pigeon dance; 2-Senegal crowd dancing; 3-that Maguire dribbling video (beautiful ballet). Keep dancing lads, we sure could use more lightness and joy after these last years. Ps: people keep saying that we would be offended if other teams dance against us, this honestly isn't true.

  17. I'm not sure I've seen many complaints, just that Tite said that he keeps a lookout to not accidentally do a pointlessly offensive dance that could be taken out of context. As if you could convince the Brazilian NT to stop dancing

  18. It doesn't bother me but I do find it hilarious when they finish the initial celebration then 3 or 4 players get together for a choreographed dance routine like 12 year old girls at a sleepover

  19. This is where I'm coming from. After every goal they would huddle and then jump around for a bit and then do a dance move? The world cup is better place with a good Brazilian team but its 4 nil lads.

  20. To me is: If you guys feel like we're disrespecting you by dancing then fuck it, I hope we disrespect the fuck out of them.

  21. yeah who would have thought constant bitching and whining about people expressing happiness gets them pissed

  22. Most people haven't complained about them dancing at all, just that they excessively celebrate. It's misrepresenting the situation by taking fringe complaints to avoid the actual issue.

  23. I definitely think some idiots do have a problem with them dancing. But I also agree that the dance -> group huddle -> group dance extended celebrations aren't that much better than Pogba's extended celebration that got made fun of during the Euros.

  24. This, I dont mind if they do a dance to celebrate. But if your 4-0 up before half time do 3 dances, then go to the bench and dance again with everyone including the coach I think its exaggerating and you are kind of humiliating the opposition. Imo its not great sportsmanship.

  25. South Korea’s players didn’t seem offended, so why is everyone else getting offended on their behalf?

  26. There should only be a reasonable line time wise, and that the dances wouldn't be some obvious offensive things. Otherwise I think you can't be too excessive after scoring a goal during a World Cup.

  27. That’s all well and good, but I’m afraid this reasoned take doesn’t fit the narrative here so kindly fuck off with your balanced and fair opinion.

  28. Yea cause no player has ever done more than one celebration. Since the beginning of celebrations everybody has strictly made sure to do just one and never go over the limit right?

  29. The complaint has always been the dancing. Roy Keane and the spanish players back then never said anything about excessive time celebrating. You are just picking something else to complaing about

  30. Let people celebrate however they want, as long as it's not offensive or disrespectful. Only rule should be of time limit, say 30s or 1min max or referee can punish. It should not matter if some wants to dance, some wants to display a message or some just wanna bundle together with bench and staff as long as it doesn't take too long for game to restart. World cup is among the biggest stages where we get to see all these cultural differences, and it needs to be enjoyed not censored.

  31. I thought they were a bunch of disrespectful cunts and I was told I'm a sexist and I wouldn't be saying this if it was the men's game. Now I'm saying the same thing too.

  32. I watched that game and I thought our women’s team was being super disrespectful. We’ve won world cups so act like it.

  33. The culture thing is just an excuse. We've all been watching Brazil for years as they are the best footballing country and I have never seen past teams dance the way this team does. It is not a culture thing but just taunting.

  34. "People like to complain when they see another person happy, and the average Brazilian is always very happy, so we will always affect a lot. May we continue with our joy, because there are many more people for us than against us"

  35. No one is bothered about Brazil dancing, I’d even bet that most people enjoy it, it’s different. It’s the excessive time they took to celebrate which is the issue. Celebrations should be limited to a certain time frame before the opposing team is allowed to kick off whether you’re back in position or not

  36. Remember how Ronaldinho did the samba, he’d do it once for a few seconds a few high fives and then it’s to playing. It’s okay to celebrate, it just shouldn’t be multiple celebrations for single goal.

  37. Brazilians think it's ok to do the group dance, then the solo dance, then the group dance with the bench boys. For me that is too many dances. I can tell they've thought of all these moves they want to do and they're running through the list like "oh I'll do the baby boy thumb suck then the little pigeon waggle" comes across as real stupid.

  38. He's allowed to dance and I'm allowed to think their team is a cringey bunch of knobheads. Unless mods say no I guess, I know they REALLY like to mod on this sub I'm allowed to think Brazil are cringey right?

  39. Even though its being framed as a nationality thing, its more of a generational thing I think. The choreographed, multi-stage, multi-location celebrations are less an expression of Brazilian culture as they are an expression of social media obsession and Tiktok culture. Brazil in previous World Cups was never this excessive celebrating. We haters are free to call them twats for it and you Brazil stans are free to call us bitter boomers.

  40. Noone is, they're making a strawman argument to make those that think celebrating a 4th goal in half an hour while your opponents are now crying isn't civil are mental.

  41. Its a stupid chicken dance. I hope they eat another 7 goals and go back to their bitch corner for another 10 years

  42. lol reddit always devolve to insulting south americans in any and every sport event, it took a while this time! It took 4 games for people to criticize this BR team and all the population of the country, so congrats