Ben White returned home from England's World Cup camp following an alleged bust-up with assistant boss Steve Holland. The Arsenal defender also became unhappy in the England camp and struggled to mix with his fellow team-mates.

  1. Serbian media is the same.They took this WC as an opportunity to start a rumour that a player in the Serbia camp was sleeping with another’s wife. And then it was another player and another’s wife, etc. There’s some shit in every tournament (if we even qualify lol)

  2. Jack Grealish said on some content they’ve been doing that Ben White is his best mate on England duty. I’m surprised with this geezer as your buddy you’d struggle to get on with your team mates.

  3. I will never understand why the fuck would the media want to slander their own national team? Like, the entire fucking country want them to success, why in God’s name can’t they give in some support, surely that would sell more? Disgraceful parasite cunt

  4. Once you realise they actually don’t like or see themselves in half the players due to class reasons, easy to see they’re consistently plotting on them

  5. Absolute mercenaries, and so short term - England win the World Cup they sell newspapers for months on end

  6. So he's still with the England squad? Because that's a ridiculous thing to lie about especially if he starts the next game.

  7. The Ben white “story” came from the daily star…. Safe to say it can be ignored. Begs the question why the hell sky are even reposting that shitty tabloid

  8. It's clickbait. They're reporting on the "rumours" from tabloids but they know exactly what they're doing and that it'll lead to the kind of headline we see in the OP being spread around.

  9. You mean the Sky that’s owned by Rupert Murdoch is posting shit news from a shit tabloid? Well, colored me surprised!

  10. And it's not just that they're printing lies about someone or that they're going after a player in the middle of a tournament.

  11. Judging the media based off tabloids is a bad way to go about it. Ignore that trash and make an effort to read the quality outlets.

  12. Then why did Arsenal and Rob Holding put up a post on Instagram for him. The FA requested his privacy be respected and this journalist is acting the contrary.

  13. Yeah, this is a load of bullshit and FUCK the Daily Star if it was a serious incident surrounding close family or friends.

  14. My sources say Kalvin Phillips rejected White's romantic advances, causing Steve Holland to give White a hard time about not focusing on the matches and causing drama. Arsenal and Holding support White's bravery in coming out.

  15. Our tabloid journalists and paparazzi stand outside people's houses daily and go through their bins to find anything incriminating or otherwise publishable. This is childs play in comparison

  16. They are the same players as last year more or less. He has been picked by Southgate for a while. I find it hard to believe he has yet to mix. Heck he plays with Saka and Ramsdale at Arsenal. I find this hard to believe

  17. Bad tabloid stuff. Arsenal would not have tweeted out that their thoughts are with him (paraphrasing), and also he would have rejoined the squad in Dubai if he wasn’t dealing with something back home

  18. More than likely bollocks. Why on Earth wouldn’t he be at our Dubai camp if this was the case. Couple that with the “we’re all with you Ben” statements from BOTH Arsenal and the FA.

  19. the source of this story is the Daily Star ffs, and the first newspaper to second it was the Daily Mail.

  20. definite bollocks imo. he'd have been joining back up with Arsenal for their friendlies if this was true

  21. Because English media is completely infested with slimy tabloids that have no ethical standards. They'll write anything for the clicks and it tarnishes the journalism profession as a whole. Unfair on the quality outlets that get ignored in comparison because they don't lie for attention.

  22. Yes I'm sure printing a story about a player who was never going to play is really going to rock the squad.

  23. Bullshit, when has Ben White ever failed to get along with anyone, seems like the most down to earth player

  24. There’s literally Arsenal players in the squad. Idk how he’s not at least getting along with them. Typical media vs England team again, nothing ever changes

  25. I reckon it's probably true and reputable journalists have been told to sit on the story until after the tournament.

  26. It would be very grim to make up a story like that given that everyone thinks something much more serious happened. If he is going through family trouble, for example, this would be an awful story to run.

  27. Man. No one hates the England team than the English media. Writing these absolute shit stories. Why would the FA & Arsenal put up tweets with “we are with you” for something like this? Absolute trash and it comes out a day before their game against France.

  28. This seems very plausible. And I would put the Daily Star several rungs BELOW The Sun and Mail in terms of journalistic integrity, and they are both pretty damn low on that ladder.

  29. This story is a bit of a smear on the player reputation, implying he cannot integrate with the squad or respect the coaching team.

  30. Calling bullshit on this, Saka said family reasons the FA posted how they’re all behind him. And if he did have a bust up, he’d have joined the arsenal team in Dubai by now. It’s clearly family related

  31. Christ, some of the media in this country is straight up cancer. They will find any reason to devalue and discourage the England team just for a few more clicks.

  32. Keep in mind this is a Daily Star Article being regurgitated on to Sky Sports, take it with a pinch of salt.

  33. So I guess the racism thing won't track for them anymore after the nonsense following the Euros, so now they're just back to good old fashioned making shit up?

  34. This is total lies. Ben white is one of the best professionals in the Arsenal team and has been praised by multiple top level manager for his professionalism. Even if he did have a problem with anyone he would have kept to himself

  35. Anyone who believes this need to have a moment of introspection, who would benefit from this type of coverage and disruption? Rhymes with arse.

  36. Benny Blanco, the most chill man in the Arsenal side? Nah. The English camp seems like a pretty positive atmosphere, this story is trash.

  37. Its literally why they put it in paper talk. Its stories that papers are reporting that Sky could not corroborate. If they could corroborate it, it would be in the news section.

  38. Get the feeling their publishing this bullshit to try and bait Ben White or his team into revealing what’s actually happening. There may even be a kernel of truth in it (I.E. he had an argument with the assistant coach, possibly because he was stressed and distracted by whatever is going on in his personal life, but that’s not the reason why he left). Incredibly scummy behaviour if so.

  39. No evidence of this, sky are just throwing shit because they need attention during a world cup in which they are not getting any.

  40. This is just an obvious lie right? Why all the "we're with you, Ben" and asking to respect his privacy. I just don't believe this is the real reason.

  41. This bit of brilliant investigative journalism from a no-mark journalist totally explains why White is not with his Arsenal team mates in Dubai. A league topping team that he has been an integral part of and played in pretty much every game for. I totally and wholly believe this story.

  42. This is bullshit from the Daily Star originally. If this were true he'd have gone to Dubai to join the rest of the team, not publicly receive "we're with you <3" posts by the club.

  43. chill as can be Benny Blanco who gets on with everyone?? nah if he’s gettin boisterous better believe it’s for a good reason. otherwise this is just more tabloid trash.

  44. There is no way he doesn't mix with his teammates. He's friends with a bunch of them and also has 2 Arsenal teammates.

  45. This is a very different tone of reasoning to last week. If true, this is quite a bad look for him, but I'm not going to jump to conclusions. I don't buy this reasoning.

  46. I don't like how Sterling's issue was made public and he had to take the flack for going home for a genuine issue while Ben White was given 'privacy' for footballing reasons. But I'm not surprised

  47. There wasn't much flack for Sterling going home and I believe the reports of why he went home initially came from his representative.

  48. Likely because Sterling’s was crime related, which gets out, while Ben’s is a family member (maybe, we don’t know)

  49. Anyone think he was upset about the handling of the love armband fiasco and he continued to share his frustrations? England management team asked him to stand down, he continued to protest, etc. and finally said he’s leaving.

  50. I hope this is true, but it almost def isnt (well, he may have had a bust-up but I doubt thats why he left)

  51. ‘Raheem Sterling returns home from England World Cup duties because allegedly, Gareth Southgate’s cat broke in to Sterling’s home in London and did the unspeakable onto his dog’

  52. If this is bullshit, which it certainly sounds like, it's an incredibly disgusting narrative to create about someone who's having serious family issues.

  53. Big if true, although its no secret benny doesn't like football much if at all, its firstly a job to him his dad was never a fan of a club and his mum wasn't into it either. i could imagine this might prevent him bonding with a few of the more football centric players in the camp.

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