Anybody know why they change the eyes in the mystery bags? 😩

  1. My only guess is they're targeted more toward kids. I don't mind the eyes, but they'd be more appealing if they had normal Squish eyes. I also wish they came with bio tags.

  2. I love the eyes, but hate that they’re usually scented! It’s so hard to find unscented mystery bags and I can’t/don’t have time to unstitch and and take out the stinky little sachets.

  3. Honestly this one isn’t bad at all (peppermint mocha) typically I don’t like the scents either but I already feel like it’s losing some of the smell just in the past couple days it’s been out lol

  4. I personally think they are cute, but I think that it is messed up that they do it for a mystery ones and not a regular one because they 100% take away your choice on if you would even like it or not if you don't like them that way.

  5. I love the eyes! I think they look so precious! 😍 I replaced my original Prim that I had to leave behind when I moved for the Valentine's one, just cus I love her eyes & embroidery! ❤❤

  6. i haven’t seen any new christmas releases in the wild, as i barely leave my house, but the star eyes on this one might be christmas exclusive

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