TikTok needs to be stopped, it’s gone too far

  1. apparently it's supposed to taste like yakult but 🤢 i'm like, just get yakult, it's cheaper and healthier!

  2. i think ppl drink it bc apparently drinking too much yakult is bad for u 😭😭 ive seen ppl do lemonade and coconut milk and tried it myself it’s prettu good ngl but sweet cream is just straight sugar

  3. I tried this about a week ago out of curiosity, and it’s really yummy. Super sweet, but tasty.

  4. To be completely fair, I like to make my partners a key lime pie frap when it's slow. And it's really just lemonade and sweet cream. I think it's pretty good

  5. the strawberries are weird but this is actually so good blended, kind of like that frosted lemonade they do at chick fil a if you add vanilla bean powder

  6. Actually this is pretty good. I had a customer order a lemonade with sweet cream and honestly it sounds disturbing but I decided to try it anyway. It tastes like lemon sherbet. All my partners were grossed out until I told them what it tastes like lol

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