21 pump grande Vanilla Iced Coffee

  1. 21 pumps may well have been the last of the bottle 💀 ours foams up sometimes when it’s out too

  2. how do starbucks customers not vom after asking for a truckload of this sugary sweet shit in their drinks? seeing how a lot of people customize their beverages makes me sick to my stomach

  3. A girl comes into the Starbucks I work in and gets 15 pumps of caramel in a hot latte (TALL) and then complains that it’s cold … Every. Time.

  4. someone ordered two 12 splenda teas at my store before, 24 packets total between the two drinks. ridiculous, luckily we had an extra person who was able to sit there and open all of them for us but still.

  5. i have a regular who orders two trenta black tras with no water very light ice and 10 splenda each. It uses almost all of our black tea pitcher in one order

  6. Once had a customer who would regularly get a Trenta iced coffee with double classic, double vanilla, double caramel… 42 pumps of syrup. Extra cream, as well.

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