Did anyone else have to do mandatory barista training this weekend?

  1. Yeah the craft and connect pods? Im leading one on Wednesday. I get to teach some shift leads empathy and how to coach. Ironically I just interviewed and got hired as a shift last week lol

  2. I led that pod twice last week, I recommend doing it out of earshot of your SM if possible. I found my pod conversations were completely different based on who they thought might be listening. The ones where they didn't think SM was listening were far more productive and truthful.

  3. Every store had theirs at different dates based on what worked best for the location, but it was a company-wide mandatory training.

  4. you guys got yo close the store for it? My store literally just has an additional 7 or so people do it DURING THE DAY and they just get in the way and make us down a machine

  5. All the stores in our area closed, I’m so sorry y’all had to stay open fr cause the training w the doors closed was so so productive and I actually learned a LOT! I was never trained properly on hot bar bc my trainer was, uh, fired for doing illegal activities lmao. I also had a bad habit of making my refreshers straight into the cup and swirling them (except the pink, dragon & paradise drink obv bc the coconut milk) and turns out shaking it with ice really does change the flavor 😭

  6. Yeah we did ours during the day too but luckily my SM was like if you can’t get behind bar then you can’t get behind the bar but made sure I really spoke how important it is to serve fresh shots and SHAKE YOUR DAMN REFRESHERS/TEAS. Idc about batch blending Frappuccino’s tho it is what it is there

  7. Lucky you got to close for it! Our district was told multiple times we were absolutely not allowed to do that because it wasn’t supported by the company. So either they’re full of it — very possible — or your managers are incredible.

  8. I’m honestly shook that no where else has closed their doors for this, we had signs up at every Starbucks around our city apologizing for the inconvenience. Our district manager even made it a point to visit all of the stores in our city!

  9. We just had ours this week. I honestly think it was beneficial to the newer baristas that were rushed through their training. They got the time to actually practice and even made progress on sequencing!

  10. Mine too! A customer at ours pulled on the door, read the sign, and then pulled on the other door before accepting defeat 😂

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