i can’t STAND tiktok “hacks”. now 26.2k people think this is okay to do and will probably try it

  1. Just make each with three different levels and watch the mom deal with three kids arguing over who gets the big one

  2. That’s when you ask which one, and if they give an answer say you know that store and will talk to their manager about their partners not following Starbucks policies.

  3. But why though? Starbucks charges like what $7 for that drink? How hard is it to split it three ways? Fuck Starbucks as a corporation.

  4. People asking “why is this a problem”: it creates extra labor that will not be reflected as labor so that means less hours for the employees :) thank you

  5. Everybody hates hand outs until they’ve got their hands out. If you want 3 tall frapps, you gotta buy 3 tall frapps. People don’t realize their silly requests affect our labor negatively because it’s all about them.

  6. Damn my mom would split large desserts (milkshakes, blizzards, fraps) between us kids to save money but she would NEVER expect the restaurant to do it for her! We got cups at home!

  7. Right?! I would never expect anywhere to split an item FOR me if I was gonna share with my kid. It’s entitled and teaches the kid to expect shit like that rather than understanding the reason behind splitting a larger drink. I would have absolutely no problem with a mom asking politely for an extra cup/straw or two, though.

  8. Definitely not a hack. I've told people no to requests for splitting drinks. The only time we've done this is when we ran out of venti cups and offered two talls instead.

  9. If the mom was so broke, why is she going to Starbucks to get milkshakes? I bet it’s cheaper to get actual milkshakes and split them

  10. No seriously though it's even easier to make them at home. We buy a single tub of ice cream at the store and blend it up w some milk, a flavor syrup that I use for coffee, and bam, delicious milkshake at home and enough that you can make one every day for the next week or two.

  11. If you’re that poor that you need this stupid “hack” you have no business going out anywhere for coffee or any other food. Stay home and save money.

  12. at my store we never split it for them. we tell them we’re not allowed to but we’ll give u cups on the side, fuck that!

  13. I had a lady want 2 different venti Frapps split into 2 talls, we just gave her the venti for each and gave her 2 extra tall cups for each. She kind of stared at me as if I was stupid and I just shrugged and said that it was the best I could do for her without breaking policy. Have not seen her order that since.

  14. funniest part is in what world does someone think it would be an employee’s responsibility to split a fast food item for them? i had a woman the other day ask if i could cut one of the bacon gouda sandwiches into three parts for her kids. i told her i could give her a knife.

  15. I had someone ask me to split a chicken bacon for her and she was being super rude and short with us at the speaker. The person on warming split it long ways 😂

  16. This isn’t a “mom hack,” this is against company policy, and in most places, if your SSV saw you doing this, you’d receive a verbal warning.

  17. Before I quit (lol) I was an SSV and would absolutely tell my barista to charge them for 3 talls and tell the customer to contact corporate if they wanted to bitch :)

  18. Talk about the way they put cookie crumbles on a double chocolate chip frap 😂 No hate to the barista, just funny since there are so many versions of a chocolate frap Starbucks has and they all get just start getting confused for each other.

  19. I’d do it if they stuck some cash in the tip jar before asking for the cup split. Make our moment right if you want one right back.

  20. It may not be the policy but I can already hear my shift leads and manager tell me to do it anyways for them and they'll make look like I'm the problem 🙃

  21. Don’t do it. Working at Starbucks is a terrible terrible idea. I’ve worked at 5 different stores and it’s not work it. I promise. Please reconsider

  22. Only time I have ever split a frappuccino is a tall strawberry creme frappuccino in 2 tall cups just bc a regular wants to get his two kids something but doesn't want to give them the whole entire tall cup.

  23. Yeaah some lady tried it with me before and I definitely put those cups on the side and said it was against policy because it is.

  24. We don’t split drinks luckily. Customers can take that and shove it honestly. Nothing against you OP but Jesus these posts make wanna scream no matter if it’s a customer or barista who posts.

  25. It's a literal policy that we do not split drinks. I can't tell you how many people try this and get pissed when I repeatedly tell them N O.

  26. I also hate the "hacks" about getting a veni drink with no ice and a cup of ice and acting like they uncovered a secret. Like... tell me you didn't pass science class without telling me.

  27. a venti would fit into 2 talls with maybe a bit leftover. unless they made the batch bigger, how would this work. (spoiler, it doesn’t and the baristas aren’t gonna do it for you)

  28. I’m honestly so happy to see that stores across the country aren’t giving in to this bullsh!t. Every store that I worked at in my 5 years said we had to, and that “it sucks but we have to “make it right” for the customer”

  29. This type of shit really annoys me. Not only are you fucking with our labor but also our inventory. Customer really have no understanding of business hahahaha they just want their “hacks” if I was to allow this I would have made a venti frap and just split that between the three cups, that’s what they’re paying for.

  30. or the people that swear they'll save 30 cents if they ask for no ice and a separate cup of ice because "starbucks is SCAMMING YOU by putting ICE"

  31. I got screamed at by a lady for refusing to do toppings on all her split drinks for her. Out of kindness and in the gentlest way possible, I told her I would split her venti into two, but she would only get toppings for one drink. In the end, I made her pay for the whipped cream for the other, and she was so angry and was screaming that what I was doing was “gross” that I would even do that, and it’s not like we are a mom-and-pop shop. Like, I am sorry lady, and sure I agree with you like who cares about wasting Starbucks’ money because they’re worth billions and don’t care about anybody, BUT my hours depend on the sales we get which means how many baristas my boss will schedule on my shift to close so it does matter to me 🤦🏽‍♀️

  32. Its gross what u did? Lmao shes just taking the way shes acting and what shes trying to do (gross) and deflecting it on to u. Because she knows what shes trying to do. Idk why some customers come to Starbucks and want something but dont wana pay for it

  33. The most frustrating thing is that Starbucks corporate would never publicly state to customers that they will be charged for extra cups. Instead Starbucks corporate would put the responsibility on baristas.

  34. Yep because they dont wana look like "the bad guys"....so they do put the responsibility on us (just like how we have to follow a ton of other standards) but if a customer calls corporate and cries about it, corporate tells us to just give it to them and makes themselves look like the good guys so the customer can return to a starbucks and keep spending money. They wana keep up the facade of them doing whatever customers want and bending to their every will and demand so of course theyre not guna publicly state things like that 😑

  35. We were forced to do this but I would still only blend a venti amount and pour it between the cups and add nothing extra to make them full, and I never made sure they were even.

  36. Tik tok hack... make it at home lol. Every single time someone comes in with an easy drink that will take them 5 minutes at home to make... instead comes in or through the drive thru and wait 15-20 minutes.

  37. Afaik no. Almost everyone here is agreeing saying that it’s against policy and they’re not allowed to do it.

  38. Who would even drink this garbage. 500 calories and 72grams of sugar in one venti sized drink that’s mostly ice, a splash of milk and some syrup/coffee pumps added for an overpriced legal way to to get addicted on drugs like caffeine/sugar.

  39. someone asked for a venti split into two talls once and i asked my SM if it was okay and she said "yes, you'll understand when you're a mom" 😐😐😐😐

  40. They are still getting dumb amounts of sugar. They are just being cheap no one is stopping them from buying 3 smaller sizes drinks, they just don't want to pay more.

  41. God as a customer who doesn’t know about secret menu or this tik tok stuff. Just what is this shit? I like Starbucks but damn, I got do more “people-watching” I always seem to be missing the quackery.

  42. people have done this since i’ve worked at starbucks and like,,,,, omfg like i get it but also,,, why have all my past managers allowed this

  43. like whatever. i don’t get paid enough to argue but also like,,,,,,,,,, howard baby how am i supposed to get 30 second drive times while doing this

  44. We had corporate called on us for saying no and for not putting the toppings on every split drink. Now our DM says we have too 😓😓

  45. I saw a dad do this a few years ago… except that he didn’t say until pick up that it was how he wanted the drink. I felt so bad for the barista because she tried to give him cups to do it himself and he said his wife had that photo done all the time 🙃

  46. wanna know why i wouldn’t? to prevent them from thinking its now okay and going to another store and harassing their baristas for “not knowing how to do their jobs”. ur comment right there is what adds to the problem

  47. Go do something against your company’s policy and see how that goes for you. Not getting fired cos someone too cheap to buy three separate drinks.

  48. OP you're either delusional or corporate. If people want to share its none of your fucking business. Never ordered a large pizza and split it?

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