the way she yelled at me when i told her i have to charge her for 2 drinks...

  1. I swear these are former partners being evil. Someone asked for blueberries and cream cheese in a drink the other day… (if you don’t know this is not allowed per food safety training) but per me not hating myself

  2. This. I’ve done a venti strawberries & creme frapp w/ 3 scoops of vanilla bean powder & 3 pumps of raspberry syrup. It was absolutely delicious 🤤. You could even do extra strawberry purée instead of the raspberry syrup, for the effect the customer was going for.

  3. at first i thought she was asking for it made with half and half (like, the cream) but no yeah she’s asking for half of each. that’s weird.

  4. I’m gonna sound real dumb in a minute, but if it “tastes exactly like strawberry ice cream”, why not just… get strawberry ice cream? For literally less than however much this is, probably?

  5. lol people like to think they’re getting something “fancy”, and often think that because it’s a starbucks drink it’s somehow healthier than straight up ice cream…

  6. I was showed the same thing and I was like. "Uhh that's crazy, so I can just make you a strawberry frapp and put some vanilla bean powder in it instead" she asked if it would taste the same and I just shrugged and told her it would at least be way cheaper

  7. We had a couple come through yesterday and the guy obviously doesn't order regularly but was hinting toward wanting some kind of layered or stacked frap of 2 completely different kinds. The Barista taking the DT order just looked confused-as she should, lol-and I said "sure, we can do it, but they're going to get charged for 2 whole drinks". I can't think of any way to make that that won't take up 2 pitchers and the amount of time it will take to make 2, so...sorry. Happy to make what you want if you don't mind that you will have to pay for 2. If it was an adorable little kid who comes inside and it was absolutely dead, I might do it because I like the majority of our customers, but yesterday was truly the first day that felt like the holidays & I didn't even get to stop to catch my breath for 6 plus hours. There was a line starting at 4:30 AM from what I was told and we didn't get a break until maybe 2:30 for a very short amount of time to catch up. I really don't mind being crazy busy, but I've done this for a long time. The newer Baristas get a bit overwhelmed and it's understandable. Some of the requests are crazy...

  8. This is how I know that people have no clue what they’re ordering. This could easily have been ordered as a customized strawberries and cream or vanilla bean fraps. Instead, they’re setting up people to get mad about paying for two drinks and for baristas to get yelled at.

  9. Ive had two customers ask me for this exact drink and when I explained I’d have ti charge them for two drinks if they want it to look like that, neither of them wanted it anymore😅. One straight up left and the other did a strawberry crème frapp with vanilla bean and Strawberry inclusions.

  10. Y’all if you want this but don’t want to pay for 2 drinks, just get a vanilla bean frap with extra strawberry purée on the bottom and a little on top, it should only be like 80¢ more and it won’t make your baristas hate you

  11. I'm sorry you ran into a Karen. They show up occasionally and can REALLY rain on our parade. We got you though, vent away, sweet barista.

  12. If they want something that tastes exactly like ice cream, why not just go to the store and buy those big tubs of strawberry ice cream? It’s much cheaper too. I’m sorry you guys have to deal with customers like this. I’m not a barista but if I do want to customize something, I keep it easy for the baristas where I order at. Like for dragonfruit mango refresher I’ll just ask for extra inclusion. These tiktok fads need to die out.

  13. The next few weeks, some stores will magically run out of Strawberry puree when they see this screenshot presented to them at the til. But instantly restock if it’s normal STCF.

  14. I'm actually thinking this had already happened, since my closest has been out for a week now, and the next one I just stopped at today realized they were out too after I had ordered a Strawberry frap.

  15. I want to bully all these people off every app stop making up "secret drinks" you asshats. (Former partner I can say what I want lol)

  16. We get all the EBT customer at our kiosk inside a grocery store, bcuz the "other" local chain quit accepting EBT for Sbux, so we get SO many coming in ordering $6-8 drinks, many times group orders upwards of $40 and paying with food stamps. Guess that's how these influencers can fund their expensive habits......

  17. Well it’s the taste of the vanilla bean powder I think. It would make it sweeter and probably more like ice cream. But not expecting to be charged for two drinks is just dumb.

  18. The LOOK of the final beverage appears to be all of the ingredients in the same blender. The beverage itself is pink, not layered. The cup is lined with red because they put extra purée in the cup

  19. ik we all double batch but i would definitely use the fact that it’s against standards to blend multiple frapps in one blender to get out of this one

  20. Honestly down to make wild new "secret menu" drinks for customers (with a recipe) back in my days as a barista, but it costs my time and energy + the till prices don't change at my will as a regular barista.

  21. I sometimes get a vanilla bean with extra strawberry purée. Tastes like a state every milk shake and it’s muck less of a pain in the ass.

  22. I would have gotten them a vanilla bean with strawberry purée on top with I guess half of the vanilla powder for the size. And show them how to Oder it for next time…saves me a literal migraine AND they still get what they want

  23. If it taste just like strawberry icecream... why not just eat strawberry icecream??? instead of paying 7 dollars, so over these tiktok drinks.

  24. My real question for the baristas is, do you guys ever try any of these? Like are any of these TikTok drinks actually worth ordering? I get most are for looks but some sound good but I imagine still taste as trashy as the punk ass kids ordering them.

  25. Only when there’s excess after making a customer’s tiktok drink. But 90% of the time it’s not that ground breaking. Everything Starbucks has tastes the same whichever way you mix it. Our customers are just easily influenced by unusual looking drinks and think they’re getting something special.

  26. Yeah big drinks and all, but you don’t see me complaining on why a client wants a 60’ wide drawer instead of 30’. Do your job? 💀

  27. Tell her the baristas who make these drink do so because they're essentially free, to us. For customers, that's two drinks.

  28. they made that so difficult😭 just ask for a vanilla bean frap w extra strawberry puree, idk why they have to make it half and half cus it literally makes no difference. whoever originally posted that is foul for that

  29. yesterday someone said they wanted a venti “tiktok” and after explaining that’s not a drink etc. she decided to google (in the drive thru during peak) and find the recipe… yes it was a venti iced white mocha with extra caramel drizzle and vsc cold foam. today i had a 10 year old try to order a “grande” and then explained to her mom that it’s an ariana grande drink and it’s just called grande. she got a pink drink instead

  30. They probably think they are ordering one drink, even though two are pictured and two are in the instructions. I can hear them whining now.

  31. Also we're not supposed to mix drinks like this! There's no real way to ring it up in the register either. Let's stop giving people everything they want when it's clearly out of standard. This is how the "but the other Starbucks does it" starts.

  32. no it can't. 1 strawberries & crème + 1 vanilla bean = 2 frappuccinos. she wanted 2 different kinds of drinks layered into one. not only is that not an option on the til, but it is twice the amount of work and twice the product for only half the price.

  33. You could add the vanilla bean powder to a strawberry frap and get the same flavor, but it wouldn’t be layered like that one she was asking for.

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