Asking the partners mainly; do you even like Starbucks coffee?

  1. When people ask what to get at Starbucks, I always say the cold brew is the only thing on the menu that’s sort of worth what it costs. I haven’t been able to make a cold brew that good no matter how much I’ve tried, and of course nitro is a very niche option.

  2. I got a Toddy off of Amazon just to make cold brew, and making it with Guatemala is pretty decent. My go-to is a cold brewed Casi Cielo though, any chance I get.

  3. i 100% know our espresso isn't the best, but it's good for fast food espresso. i've had a latte from dunkin and had to throw it away after one sip. i much prefer the coffee of local shops, but time and money make the biggest impact on where i decide to go.

  4. I don't think there's anything intrinsically wrong with it tasting like fast food coffee. It is. The issue is that it isn't priced like fast food coffee.

  5. I love and adore my local shops, AND they are all significantly cheaper than Starbucks, but none of them open before 7am.

  6. Agreed. I make lattes at home with some other syrups and they’re never what I’m looking for. When I run out I’m just going to buy the sbux ones.

  7. lol not really. I was a bit more of a coffee snob before being a barista but I understand that not everyone has the time or money to make lattes at home, even though they're leagues better and overall cheaper over time than what you can get at Starbucks if you're the type to drink coffee every day.

  8. I never really liked coffee it was Starbucks that made me start drinking it and i enjoyed it maybe in my first year but now everything is just meh

  9. I worked for Sbux for 2 years, and then independent coffee shops for the next 3 years. There's really no comparison in quality... the independent coffee shops that I worked at had espresso that was rich, creamy, and deep flavoured while Starbuck's espresso always tastes burnt, and too weak and too strong at the same time.

  10. Compared to other “fast” coffee it’s good. I like the beans brewed at home, they taste awful when brewed at the store though. Most of the drinks made to recipe are too sweet but I can figure out something I like if I make adjustments. The nitro cold brew is also genuinely good

  11. I much prefer it brewed at home as well. It’s the only coffee I have been drinking at home regularly for 20 years. I tried other brands but don’t like them as much. In store I usually get brewed tea though.

  12. I was a big coffee drinker before even working at my first coffee shop but ever since then from working at my first local coffee shop to a starbucks I have completely stopped drinking coffee. It's not even starbucks coffee anymore, I just no longer want or have the desire to drink coffee. I like the smell but not the taste. I now only drink matchas and energy drinks for my caffeine lol

  13. The only time I was really excited to drink Starbucks coffee was when I worked at a reserve store and had access to the clover machine. The blue mountain coffee with the clover was actually the best cup I've ever had.

  14. Ex partner here... I really enjoyed Starbucks coffee when it was free but outside of that, no not really.

  15. This is my take on Starbucks. As fast coffee goes Starbucks is the best. I think its better then Dunkin, McDonald's and Dutch Bros. There's a lot of local coffee place that's way better then Starbucks by a lot. But if you're looking for fast, convince, and something of a decent quality. I think Starbucks fits that.

  16. I've never been a big coffee drinker but now that I work at Starbucks I drink it occasionally. I find it's just meh. I don't have much to compare it to, but our lattes don't really do it for me. I still drink them occasionally thinking maybe I just haven't found the right syrup. However I do like Americanos, maybe it's all the milk I don't like? I'll have to try a local shop to have something to compare to.

  17. I actually bring my own Vietnamese roast for coffee before and during my lunches here. Been working for the company for about seven years now (been considering this year will be my last, actually) and I only ever drink that. I don't even have an account for stars or anything, but to be fair, I only ever come to the store for work. I don't go to Starbucks for anything else, really.

  18. I like coffee. Iced, cold brew and hot, always unsweetened. I know I’m an outlier and keep it to myself in the store. I do not like all of Starbucks coffees. What I’m struck by is how many of our customers don’t like coffee. For my partners it’s a paycheck but those customers show up voluntarily. I like our blonde espresso ground for home drip brewing and pour overs

  19. Nah, our espresso is always stale as all get out and everything just tastes. sour. i don’t even like our matcha anymore ://

  20. 7 year Coffee Master here - yes and no. Our coffee is so-so. I used to love our espresso but several years back it dawned on me just how awful it was. Not sure if it was when we switched to the Mastrena 2's or if it was like I had suddenly seen the light of how over roasted it is, but either way, I nolonger drink our espresso. I prefer getting espresso beverages at smaller coffee shops. The only coffee I drink in store is cold brew. As far as our beans, I'm so-so. Huge fan of Sumatra and Verona, but I dislike just about every medium and blonde roast we offer. I actually don't use my weekly mark outs as often because I have a subscription to a different coffee company (y'all- it's located out of California. Philz Coffee is so goddamn good). I once did a coffee tasting with my DM & SM peers and had them compare Philz vs. Starbucks in a blind taste test (while inside of corporate, hehe) and they all agreed that Philz was better lmao. I enjoy coffee a lot and appreciate how much love is put into it, and I adore Starbucks for how we ethically source our coffee but... something along the way just misses the mark in flavor. I've done several tastings at the reserve stores and will buy the reserve beans occasionally, but it's not a habitual thing nor something I seek out. So, meh.

  21. I only drink Starbucks when I work, and for that purpose, it’s good. I wouldn’t pay for it out of work though. If I want a sweet, fast food coffee, I’m going to Dunkin.

  22. its okay, there are local coffee shops i like far more and i like making my own pour overs. i stick to a few drinks and thats about it, but i do really like our cold brew :)

  23. I do like Starbucks cold brew- pumpkin cream cold brews are actually what made me start liking coffee in general. Now that I don't work there anymore and I have to pay for it, I have to say it really doesn't taste as good anymore.

  24. meh, i like it enough, and where i live its definitely cheaper for me when you factor in the discount. (obviously if i make at home its cheapest but... im busy af) dunkin iced coffee has a strong clutch on my wallet tho

  25. I’m very sensitive to espresso. A lot of it gives me a bad stomach ache, which is sad because I want to support small businesses. Starbucks espresso never gives me stomachaches so I’m able to drink it whenever I like. I actually really like how it tastes, which seems to put me in the minority, at least at my store😅

  26. I am no longer a partner, but SB espresso is far superior to any other espresso I have had. I like to drink espresso straight up or con panna. The roast on SB espresso is perfection, in other places it often tastes super alkaline, like putting your tongue on a 9V battery. Regular coffee is not my jam, but SB used to have a whole bean Mexican Shade Grown that was so good without any condiments. I don't go to SB that often because it is so expensive, but they definitely have some really good quality whole bean. I don't know if you guys still do coffee tastings with pastry pairings, but that is a great way to explore the nuances of the different roasts and regions of coffee growing. The nitro is amazing too, but it makes me feel like I drank a cup of nails.

  27. I only drink it for the caffeine. I’d never pay money, especially the full price, for Starbucks coffee

  28. When I got interviewed the first question my manger asked was “Do you like coffee?” And i flatly said “no” and she said “this is gonna go great”

  29. I do like the iced coffee and the cold brew, but I need at least a little sweetness. The casi cielo is yummy as hell. I did a tasting with just a little soy and chef’s kiss.

  30. I have been able to notice differences in taste over the last decade or so. It's hard to identify what is due to reduction in training and experience, what is due to reductions in labor (and time for attention to detail), and what might be due to a difference in variables upstream from the store like roasting/sourcing/etc.

  31. Before being a partner I didn't drink coffee at all, so in many ways Starbucks is kind of my barometer. Since I've left I've tried a ton of places and while everyone is right, independent shops are great, I'll be Devil's advocate. I love Starbucks consistency. I know how to order anything to fit my tastes and it's been like 8 years since I've worked there. If I try to be adventurous (Ala not drip coffee) at indy places it can be all over the map. Sweet drinks always come out too sweet. Ice drinks never have enough ice. I could go on, but you get my point. And for my money, best iced coffee. Everywhere is cold brew now and that's great but Starbucks iced coffee just has this like...bite i can't get anywhere else.

  32. I have been with Starbucks for 15 years and yes when it is made like it is suppose to be made it is amazing. Not all drinks. Though and that is mainly just because of prefance. The problem is not all partners care.

  33. No, most of our products are garbage. Worst yet, I've watched that quality plummet as they've flayed our bottom line razor thin, lost and changed suppliers, have ongoing recalls and QC issues, etc. Even our core coffee beans taste different, either from the sourcing being messed up or changing weather patterns affecting the beans.

  34. Nah our espresso is not great. I remember the first time I had an americano from a small local cafe rather than sbux, and it was SO good. I was stunned at how much better it was than Starbucks. With no sweetener or anything, just plain quality espresso.

  35. I didn't drink coffee at all before I worked at Starbucks, I then became addicted for 2 years and only just kicked the habit a few months ago. My stomach and anxiety feel so much better since quitting.

  36. For the most part it's reliably decent for fast food chain coffee. Espresso is def better than any other big chains, at least around me. But if I want a cup of good coffee I'll go just about anywhere else and buy beans to make at home.

  37. Not really. I’m a black coffee kind of guy so naturally I think Starbucks just taste like sugar. As for black coffee pike, blonde, dark, espresso and blonde are all really low quailing beans that could not yield an enjoyable cup of coffee

  38. I don't like Starbucks coffee much at all. If it's all you've had other than grocery store beans, it's pretty good. But once you try beans fresh from a roaster??? Oof. I have a spice shop near me that sells fresh roasted coffee and after trying some, I feel like I can't go back.

  39. Bruh the coffees they took out of our core lineup makes me so mad. Breakfast, Kenya, Willow. Why tf. We are supposed to be a COFFEE shop.

  40. Not so much. My favorite drinks are the pinks drink and the strawberries and cream frap lol I refuse to spend money on coffee at Starbucks. There's so many good locally owned coffee shops in my area so I just go there when I want a good coffee. I've applied at some but they seem to not wanna hire starbucks peeps.

  41. Cold brew is my go to honestly. I bought the at home cold brew maker from work and I just get my coffee from Walmart for the most part. Sometimes I’ll go to my local coffee shop because they sell locally roasted coffee that’s quite good. Right now I just made the kind called “black and tan” from Colectivo (?)

  42. I only liked GBL as a child because that’s all my mom would let us have lol. But now working here I just think 1. the smell of starbucks is gross 2. I can’t really drink any of their drinks anymore

  43. Oh well so to clarify i meant teenager not child idk why i wrote it like that. So like 4 years ago i loved it but after a year of working there everything became just meh

  44. I like coffee, but I drink it more for taste. With that being said, I find Starbucks to be... serviceable, though I didn't frequent it before or after my first tenure with the 'bucks. I'll drink it while at work, but I never really crave it or would be willing to pay full price for it.

  45. Before working at Starbucks I would never drink coffee, now I’ve opened up to espresso shots mainly a bit more. I don’t see how it wakes you up if you don’t pair it with sugar of some sort. However I can’t understand how, a customer could happily hand over a 5 dollar bill with a smile on their face for a tall drink that’s mainly ice knowing they’re getting coins back. I would never.

  46. I like the iced coffee and the espresso is alright for fast food espresso. I won't drink it straight like I will with good espresso but it makes a decent enough latte.

  47. Our espresso beans are usually over roasted. Pike tastes like dogshit. I’d rather drink Folgers. Almost all our dark roasts have an ashy aftertaste to them. Blonde roast is the best, but so many new baristas hate doing the basic pour over because corporate breathes down our necks about being fast. I’d rather drink the house blend of a local diner/coffee shop than what Starbucks pushes. It’s all overrated.

  48. Updosed blonde ristrerro shots don’t taste bad. I absolutely am not a fan of the dark roasts and do not like the regular espresso. It’s not bad for the caffeine and drinking daily, though.

  49. I like our coffee and espresso for the most part, but our dcf is absolutely awful. I know dcf is a lot stronger and sometimes more bitter in taste since it’s roasted for so long, but cant handle it at all. I can down black coffee but our dcf, absolutely not

  50. I dont like regular coffee, just espresso, but even then I only drink sbux because of the variety of flavors. My local cafe only has the basics, but once in a while I want a white hot chocolate

  51. I do really love the brown sugar shaken espresso. The rest of lattes and actual espresso/coffee drinks not really. I’m a huge black rock drinker on my days off- I like their espresso better and they have more sugar free syrups than us!!

  52. No. I’ve never liked their coffee. I love the tea and some of their refreshers (RIP Cool Lime). And the only reason I got a job there was because a new store was opening 5 min from my house and they were willing to worth around my first job.

  53. I do honestly like their mocha sauce. It’s not overly sweet. But aside from that, I have no desire for it. My go to drink when I was a partner was to add hot water to the black iced tea concentrate

  54. I was one of those people who just needed a job so I didn't start drinking coffee until three or so months in. I didn't stick to anything until.... I discovered the Ethiopia reserve. The only coffee I'll drink black without cream/milk or sugar.

  55. Yeahhh, worked at starbucks - thought I knew what good coffee was. Quit. Worked as a barista for a company that roasted their own beans and learned way more in depth knowledge on what quality coffee is and how there are so many factors that effect a good espresso shot. And now, I work at Starbucks again and it blows my mind how bad of quality the beans/espresso/brews are at Starbucks and what people will pay alottt of money for. Most of the Starbucks beverages are more expensive than the small speciality coffee shops I have worked for cost. And the quality is embarrassing. But like - get those drive thru times down! Doesn’t matter if the milk is burnt and the milk bubbles are the size of a basketball - get those times down!

  56. Honestly I love the cold brew, and an easy London fog. And the passion tango tea. Espresso is espresso I’ve not found a local shop that tastes better here so I don’t really care on that end. I do try to support local, but they are not struggling here and always busy and even we stay busy(tourist hotspot).

  57. I've been a barista for 2 years and I like the chai and the iced teas, but for coffee the only one I can actually drink is the blonde espresso. Everything else has a bad taste for me now. It's definitely only because it's Starbucks too, because I still enjoy coffee from other coffee shops.

  58. Yes. Guatemala or Christmas blend. Freshly ground and made at home using a pour-over, Chemex or French Press.

  59. Not really. I like the apple crisp but I mostly get crème Fraps or a trenta water. Starbucks caffeine gives me immense and painful jitters and decaf just makes me exhausted asf

  60. The blonde espresso is good. I also enjoy the brown sugar syrup. Along with the cold brew, and the sweat cream/cold foam. All in all, it’s not bad. The refreshers also have a special place in my heart.

  61. I’ve only ever really liked the iced coffee specifically not the cold brew. The fancier stuff can be good if done right but is too expensive. When it was free as a partner it was good. I hate the hot coffee (pike etc) its trash compared to most places. The espresso isnt particularly good. I make my own coffee now

  62. I used to really like the coffee there. I don’t know if over the years the quality has dropped or my tastes have changed, but I no longer enjoy hot or iced. The cold brew isn’t bad, but for the same price I can get it at a local coffee shop.

  63. It honestly has a strange taste I realized. I’ll still get it sometimes but compared to local coffee places there is something really distinct and off about it. Not terrible but strange

  64. I like our chai, and I like our casi cielo and our blonde shots in lattes and stuff are not the worst. But I generally opt for something not Starbucks.

  65. I equate it to beer. Starbucks is like the anheuser-busch of coffee. They create their product on a macro scale. It's a consistent and clean product, and they make a ton of it which is incredibly difficult to do and maintain that quality and considtency. You know what you're getting every single time, and it's a quality product. It may not be your favorite product, but the quality and consistency is there. And just like AB has a whole craft portfolio, Starbucks has a whole reserve coffee portfolio. People in the beer industry may not go out and buy budweiser because they prefer a different type of beer, but very few will say it's not good beer. It's hard to make a light lager, let alone make it on a macro scale with that level of quality and consistency. I don't know a ton about making coffee, but I'd assume the general sentiment applies here as well. It's also why I don't like when people make fun of others for liking budweiser. People like what they like, and it's not a bad product. Macro coffee feels the same.

  66. I just quit after 1 year at starbucks. I will not be purchasing starbucks for full price. I would rather go to an independent shop with locally roasted beans, way worth the price.

  67. It's bitter, the only espresso I like from Starbeez is the Blonde. The syrups are just meh but the refreshers are decent

  68. Haven't found better coffee anywhere. I've tried all the prudes and hipsters stuff and they are just making stuff up thinking like the coffee they like is good cause it's not mainstream haha, but ultimately, I've had it all and nothing compares to my starbucks americano

  69. I used to now it makes me sick I switched it up to try and get something different and I don’t even do syrup or anything just some oatmilk and I still get sick from it

  70. No I agree with you. I've been to small Cafe shops where the coffee has a much higher quality taste. I go to this Asian grocery store that has a small Cafe inside owned by Koreans and when I tell you their white mocha can't even compare to starbucks white mocha. I've literally made the 25-30 min drive once just to go get myself their white mocha latte. The taste wasn't syrupy like from starbucks. It has such a good smooth and toasty flavor and not overly sweet its as if it was already blended with the milk. But yeah starbucks is just very overrated.

  71. Nothing to write home about. They’re too focused on production rather than quality. It’s like the McDonald’s of coffee in my opinion.

  72. getting it for free before/during/after work (exceptions to when I'm craving it) is the best thing ever but if I can help it I never go to a Starbucks when I'm going out for coffee

  73. I exclusively drink blonde shots because that's the one that tastes the best. Our normal shots taste bad to me. I know it's not good for me to have that much caffeine but I really can't stomach our signature shots. I also only really drink coffee with the vanilla and peppermint or 2 pumps of WM and peppermint. The only other syrup I actually like in coffee is the chestnut praline.

  74. I only like blonde espresso but I’m now getting to the point where it’s all just sugar. Could also be my tastebuds changing bc I’m getting older. I’ve always hated the taste of coffee and wanted it super sweet/lots of cream. Now I just prefer to make it at home because even with my discount it’s still cheaper. But if I’m on the go, Starbucks for coffee and Dutch bros for the rebels 🤟

  75. I hate going to starbucks for coffee but the breakfast blend is the only thing I'll brew at home. I only drink iced coffee and it consistently makes a perfect carafe each time.

  76. Not my first choice, no. I'm originally from coffee bean, and honestly starbucks doesn't hold up to what coffee bean use to be. I never understood the hype and even after a year at starbucks, I still don't get it... But, I also don't understand why McDonald's is as popular as it is either.

  77. Blonde espresso is more of a medium roast and imo their best espresso roast. I love the blonde espresso, the cold brew, and most of the dark roasts are good for home brewing. My fave roasts are Guatemala Antigua, Kenya, Jamaica Blue, Verona, and Anniversary (depending on the year).

  78. That's a negatory capt. After nearly 4 years the only thing I drink are Americanos or iced espresso and that's mostly out if necessity for caffeine. Sugar plum Danish though. I'll get wrecked 😆 They are my absolute favorite pastry.

  79. IMO I do like our brewed coffee when it’s actually cycled correctly. I’m a whore for Siren’s Blend. I love our cold brew (it tasted better with the toddies) our iced coffee is a little weird in my opinion. But honestly I feel like our brewed coffee is better as a pour over. Personal preference I guess :)

  80. I like the cold brew, and as a lesbian the iced chai with oat milk is a staple, but for the most part I was just drinking water during my shifts near the end there. Now I don’t spend money at non-union stores and since there aren’t an unionized Starbucks’ in my area, I haven’t been in a while.

  81. the espresso used to be really good until they switched to super auto machines :( now the blonde espresso is just bearable. i like the syrups with the right ratio! brown sugar, vanilla, and classic are all solid. the pumpkin sauce is still good but i hate the mocha! i mostly make dirty chais when i work! the chai concentrate is delicious as long as you don’t cut it with water. starbucks is definitely better than dunkin and it’s a good option if your local coffee shops aren’t open early

  82. Starbucks sells sugar not coffee but... I believe that Starbucks is better than most fast food chains in terms of the quality of their coffee. Nitro and cold brew are the best by far in terms of quality if done right. Ristretto blonde shots are the best in terms of espresso. If you're getting coffee never get it brewed but get a French press or a pour over however it is likely that the baristas won't know how to properly make it because it is rarely requested (and annoying to make). The beans are average to below average in terms of their similar priced competition.

  83. When I’m not paying for it I like it, otherwise no I feel no shame going to Dunkin on my days off….my large iced coffee at Dunkin is cheaper then my espresso drink at work with my discount it’s just not worth it to me (obviously Im not getting the same drink so they won’t be the same price) I feel you on that when I first started I felt like I had so many options now I’m sick of my go to

  84. Not a partner anymore but when I was and still to this day I enjoy it. You get all the people who rag on sbux for the prices but I'll take a slightly overpriced coffee that is made consistently over a $2 cup of burnt dirt water... looking at you dunkin 🧐

  85. Funny, most SB drinks including most of the drinks listed on this post so far are barely even coffee if at all.

  86. I like blonde casi cielo and Komodo for roasts (I find any of the others disgusting) and I a few of our standard drinks but I mainly like coming up with my own drinks

  87. I've been here for 4 months now, and I can definitely say that 70% of products here are just..not quality freshness and it has a big impact. Like of course I like certain Fraps and coffee drinks but everything is so strong/bitter for my tastes that I have to put 15000000 pumps of syrup to sweeten sometimes lol

  88. Almost to my 1 year and I've started bringing my own chais and adding shots when I get to work because I do not like our chai concentrate 😅

  89. Former partner. Here. I only drank blonde, ristretto shots and I usually only used 1-3 pumps of syrup depending on size, flavor, and if I added extra shots. The signature espresso is an insult to espresso.

  90. to an extent, there’s days i’ll want it bc it’s fast and easy just bc it’s there and i can make it how i want. but there’s also the whole thing of the syrups and nondairy milks just giving me a mind boggling migraine

  91. As an ex-starbucks barista, its good compared to other fast food coffee places but bad compared to literally any actually decent cafes LOL

  92. I like the refreshers, a few of the frapps and the salted caramel white mocha but that's about it. Used to like a vanilla/caramel ice coffee but it's too strong now.

  93. Honestly I don't even actually drink coffee at all, only Teas and hot chocolates. I mean I'll still try some of the coffees occasionally but like it's just kind of there.

  94. I’m no longer a partner but I used to love everything but now I just keep it simple with cold brews. Partially because I know how it can be during peak but also with the turn over rate they don’t actually take the time to teach people how to make the coffee that well anymore. I don’t blame the GB’s though. If I want quality I’ll make it at home or go to an actual coffee shop.

  95. Someone told me Starbucks and McDonald’s aren’t even near the same league, I told them yeah because McDonald’s has more and better food 😂

  96. i only get white mocha and it’s actually just 4 shots of blonde w 2 pumps and like sometimes a splash of oat but i go to local coffee shops for matcha and other

  97. The only drinks I have legitimately 100% enjoyed are vanilla bean frappuccino, white mocha with dark caramel, and a strawberry acai refresher made with the carbonated water Sbux sells (preferably lime water), mixed with a splash of passion and raspberry flavor

  98. I’ve been here for one year and I’ve grown tired of it. Eventually everything starts to taste the same (syrup wise) so I just bring in my own creamer now from home and do it with my cold brew

  99. Only started drinking Starbucks because of work. I was never really into coffee before I started, but after taking the coffee master course and trying to make stuff at home, I realize just how mid our coffee is. Overstated, but the espresso always tastes kind of burnt and same across the board. I'm starting to consider other shot types to see if that helps.

  100. Comparing to certain coffee shops where the beans are not good I still prefer Starbucks. But hot chocolate from mocha sauce isn’t the best tbh I prefer from insomnia.

  101. have to be in the mood for espresso now, i normally go for a black iced tea, no water w strawberry base and liquid cane

  102. No- I dont even usually drink coffee but every single time I have our coffee it makes my stomach hurt. I can have some coffee from other places with no problem so idk 😭

  103. I mean I liked really sweet coffee before I started working there. I was the person to order a Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino with a FUCK TON of caramel drizzle lmao. When I started tho, I got sick from the sweetness and ventured out into more, I guess “bland” tasting coffee. My go to was a triple or quad espresso with 2 pumps of toffee nut and 2 pumps of caramel filled to the top with oat milk. Imo blonde shots taste way better than regular. Regular shots taste so so bad to me

  104. I worked at sbux for 3 years. Never really liked it before except the mint mocha frap and cool lime refresher but those are both long gone anyway. I never liked what sbux had I just consumed it bc free or cheaper than anything else.

  105. Ex partner here, I found the coffee to be ok, i don’t go back now that I don’t work there anymore as I prefer some more affordable options, after all coffee is coffee and McDonald’s or Timmy’s have a good black coffee

  106. I like some of the beans, I take them home and cold brew them most often. I don't like the espresso or any beans made in the big urn brewers. If I get black coffee at work, I make myself a pour-over to avoid inconveniencing my co-workers by having them make it for me.

  107. i don’t work at starbucks, but i really do not like their coffee. i’m convinced people only like it bc they haven’t tried anything else OR bc they are addicted to sugar and are adding so much to it they don’t know the taste of the coffee.

  108. i worked there for a year and i only really like the white mocha, cold brews and SOMETIMES the strawberry açaí. the iced coffee and lattes all taste the same as any other coffee shop

  109. I’m just a customer but Starbucks is my favorite place to get a plain hot latte, which is all I ever get there. It seems more milky and less bitter than anywhere else.

  110. Former partner here. I abhorred almost everything at Starbucks except the reserve coffees on a clover, which my store had until it disappeared one day. Even the cold brew is often bitter and sharp. Local cafe's take pride in their craft and that's something Starbucks lost a long time ago. It was amplified under Kevin Johnson the lack of care for craft. I say this as a 2 time district champion and a 2 time runner up in area.

  111. I like freshly brewed—like "still dripping at the end" freshly brewed—Komodo Dragon blend. I also usually like the Holiday Blend and Christmas Blend. The rest are between milquetoast and foul.

  112. imo local coffee shops are too inconsistent, i’ve never had too bad of an experience with sbux and now that i make my own drinks it’s even better

  113. I haven’t visited any of my local coffee shops, but I prefer Starbucks to every other place I’ve tried outside of small businesses that aren’t in my area that I tried while traveling.

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