Always charged breve

  1. We didn't used to charge for this, until we came out with the oatmilk shaken espressos. People realized if they ordered the regular one and added oatmilk it would be cheaper. Instead of raising the price on the regular shaken espresso they decided to add a charge for those milks.

  2. You could order a triple (or however many shots) over ice, shaken, with your syrups and a splash of half and half. Since it's not a drink that comes with milk by default, you get just a splash and not charged.

  3. You shouldn’t be charged for Breve- breve is steamed half and half, and we charge for it because the act of steaming adds more labor. They are ringing you up wrong

  4. Breve (according to Starbucks) is when you substitute half and half for milk in a drink. There is a button in more custom directions for “steamed” which gives labor.

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