Best method to unstick 2 shakers? (I am not the one that did it😡)

  1. IMO after the temperature trick, start twisting them in opposite directions. You still have to pull them apart, but my experience has been that twisting and pulling requires a lot less force than just pulling.

  2. Put them in the Hobart, in my experience that works the best. I had a shift say it’s better to use the fridge because she thought the cold would work and both cracked

  3. I was gonna say "fill them with tears" but honestly enough people have suggested the Hobart thing that I'm gonna have to try it next time this happens at my store.

  4. Throw them in recycling and order more. It’s such a waste of time to try to fix, and also dangerous. I’m not getting injured for a bougie capri sun shaker.

  5. i had a barista put the bottom half in hot water and ice in the top one, then added salt to the ice and it came unstuck after pulling it, the salt on the ice really helped i think

  6. Put it on a pedestal in the back and treat it like Excalibur. Whoever @pulls the sword from the stone” becomes the new SM and rightful King of England…or something.

  7. i’ve heard people suggest surrounding the cups in ice (using the 5L pitcher) and then pouring boiling water from the brewer into the cup stuck inside. after you do this science happens and you can twist the cups opposite from each other to release the seal

  8. throw it in the hobart, halfway thru the wash grab it out (ik ur not supposed to open it midway) and throw it on the floor they should pop right apart.

  9. You can try using the hot/cold water to separate them, but in my experience, that works maybe half the time. If you can’t get them apart, break the inner one apart with pliers from the tool chest to save the outer one, and your SSV can order a new one.

  10. Bang bang bang. Knock it against a counter top edge going around the circumference of the shakers. Or try dish soap around the lip of the bottom one and try to twist, return to banging if unsuccessful 😂

  11. one time this happened to ALL of our shakers at once. We did not have a single one to use, but i looked up a video and just put them in HOT water and put an ice scoop with a bit of water inside the shaker. It should either come apart on its own or with a pull

  12. Ice/ice water in the top cup, run hot water over the bottom cup or dunk it in hot water. The cold makes the top cup contract, and the heat makes the bottom cup expand.

  13. i always submerged it under water so the tiniest bit of water would get inbetween the two and then pop the bitches in the freezer and in about 30 mins it was as easy as twist n pop

  14. The one time I was successful in separating them was when I put it in a container of hot water and then filled the top cup with hot water. They kinda popped apart so be careful

  15. Did the hot and ice suggestion before... no luck. Probably because we tried other methods that just made it worse. We ended up just throwing it out after ordering new ones.

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