How would you make this? Customer complains it’s different everyday and refuses to change their order

  1. I’ve taken this damn app to be my sworn enemy. Got something stupid like this and i tried explaining it to them……customer looked at me like I was a 11-eyed monkey juggling behind the bar. Straight up looked at me and said “wow, i thought the machines did the thinking for you” 🥲🫠🙃

  2. We have one customer who orders a coldbrew 1/2 decaf and expects just that. ma'am I've explained to you multiple times that we do not have decaf coldbrew, if you really want it to be right every time (she just asks for half cold brew, half decaf iced coffee) then stop doing a mobile and just please come in and explain. you have to come through the drive to pick it up anyway, you're waiting in line either way.

  3. Because the system doesn't know how much space anything takes up, only what to charge for it. Heck, you can add extra peach flavor to any sized cup and not have told it what the drink is, they actually want that done when customers refill a peach tea.

  4. I had someone order a decaf coldbrew and apparently NO ONE had told this poor woman that we can't do that. Unsure what they'd been serving her, but it wasn't decaf coldbrew.

  5. My store has mastrena 1s so they’re getting one (1) decaf shot and i’m moving onto my next drink tf

  6. Just tell them its impossible for the barista to split the single shot of espresso into 2/3 we dont have a button for it.

  7. Lmao I would just be like “Awww I’m so sorry - I’m not sure why that’s happening!” makes 1/2 decaf No way this person can taste/feel the difference. Why people gotta be like this? 😆

  8. They're just being pedantic because they know the order is a pain in the ass. I have a bit of a strange order (I get an undertow with my order) and I've definitely had baristas not know what that is, educate themselves, and get it for me. It may take an extra step, but I don't ask for anything impossible. Usually I'm simplifying things by making everything a quad, lol.

  9. Exactly. I'm not playing mad chemist back here and pulling 3 shots for a Tall and hoping that I mix them with the correct ratio.

  10. I mean it's neither the customer nor your fault that it tastes different every day. Starbucks just needs to change the options on the ordering menu. Why they have this option is beyond me.

  11. I’d start making this drink by throwing the sticker away, and taking a break to go outside and get some fresh air. After some deep soul searching and remembering my vow to the craft, I’d come back inside and make a decaf vanilla latte, then throw that away too.

  12. It’s ridiculous how we suffer because the company has the worst app with sometimes impossible modifications. You can’t have a blonde decaf, they’re separate espresso beans entirely.

  13. 1/2 caf only i don’t have time for stupid orders like this. No on could ever taste a 1/3 blonde over that nasty decaf anyways

  14. LOL OR WHEN THEY SAY WELL "THE OTHER STARBUCKS DOES IT FOR ME" OR "WELL IVE ORDER IT BEFORE AND NOONE SAID ANYTHING" ... well yes you probably got 1 blonde shot or 1 decafe shot. It's one or the other Lol that's probably why it's different every time because the barista making it doesn't know what to do hahaha

  15. It's a tall, its only getting one shot anyway. I'd just pull a decaf shot, ristretto if they don't want it as bitter

  16. What an asshole, I would just ask them how they want it done ? Since they are such a pos make a scene have them come behind the counter embarrass them maybe they will never come back

  17. Her final verdict was that we should be giving her 3 shots. I told her she has to pay for extra shots, she said the app let her put it on the cup without paying so I should just do it

  18. I would let her know next time that the issue is the 2/3 decaf. Tell her that if she does it 1/2 decaf, it will be more accurate, since that's an even split? And see if she likes it that way.

  19. Straight up tell them that you cannot make it and that you will never be able to make it. It won’t happen, and their drink will simply never be right.

  20. Half decaf on the new machines, full decaf on the old ones. After 3 remakes and not listening at all to why that’s not really a thing, they can fuck right off with that

  21. I know, I’m usually a closer and people are usually more chill in the late afternoon/ night. I’m working mornings now these customers are insane. She bickered with me for like 10 mins. I was shaking when I took this pic 😂

  22. ⅔ decaf should not be a possible option without a number of shots being divisible by 3. That it hasn’t been fixed after all these years is a great example of how little corporate knows about their own business

  23. We literally offered this lady every option known to man!! She’s stood in front of us and claimed to be calling corporate and she’s made multiple complaints on the surveys (our sm prints customers comments out)

  24. In a shot glass, pour a single shot of blonde, then two decaf shots. Then waste 2/3’s of them. Tall is still only one shot.

  25. Not that Starbucks makes, anyway. I think decaf is like, washed or something, and has trace amounts of caffeine. The process doesn't do much for the flavor, which is why you won't find speciality roasts decaffeinated usually.

  26. half caff, if youre getting enough espresso for it to be worth it ill do some math and make it closer but for one shot thats what you get

  27. That order is crazy to keep consistent. This isn’t a science project, where you’re measuring 1/3 deciliters of regular, and 2/3 deciliters of decaf. I’d expect you to be guesstimating when you’ve pulled the 1/3 and 2/3 shots, and live with it.

  28. I would make it 1/2 caff and call it a day. With one shot the 2/3 decaf would be such a negligible amount it would not even matter. If you try to explain this to them and they still don't get it then idk what to tell you there. I have a lot of people like that and I've just stopped repeating myself to people that don't listen.

  29. I would just make it decaf. Decaf espresso has a very small amount of caffine, if she wants her magical math problem then she can order more shots.

  30. Starbucks customers are the worst. I don’t work here but I do delight in reading the unfortunate drama that you post from your daily lives. People are truly off of their rockers, all for coffee! Bless you all.

  31. I have a friend who orders a coffee that I could IN NO WAY order as it is too long and complicated! She has to write it down if she wants me to order it! SO how can someone possibly make it hearing it once!!! You SB people are amazing!

  32. This might be dangerous. For something with as little caffeine as that, my first thought is that the customer is either very sensitive to caffeine or they have a health issue where their doctor said they shouldn't drink caffeine but they want to so they're toeing the line.

  33. I’d make it a triple with 2 decaf shots, and let the crew know that when she arrives, whoever greets her when she picks up her order to let her know that she didn’t order it with 3 shots, but we made it for her today. Remind her to order it with 3 shots, or just half decaf.

  34. Ask them if they have a caffeine sensitivity. If so, decaf. If not, then you could ask them if they would prefer blonde or decaf, let them know that it’s different each time because it’s impossible, and tell them the way your store will be making it for them going forward based on their responses. Do not give them the opportunity to argue with you about what is in the realm of the bar’s (or your) capability. They can get what is possible that’s as close to what they’re asking for as possible, or they can change their mind and order something else that’s reasonable.

  35. I’d passive aggressively pour a decaf and reg one in separate cups and then make her tell me how much she wants of each.

  36. It’s literally impossible unless they want to add an extra shot and do one decaf, one blonde. Even then, blonde has higher caffeine content so that might as well get either completely de café, or a regular latte. Have a supervisor speak with them about their order the next time they come in and explain why it isn’t possible.

  37. I don't know. I know that I get a different cappuccino every single time I order it. Unfortunately, Starbucks doesn't seem to have a standard recipe for a cappuccino. It's frustrating.

  38. I would get your SSV or a SM to ‘politely’ explain that the machine can’t give decaf in an espresso that is more caffeinated.. then ask what they are looking for specifically..

  39. I'd probably, reluctantly, pull one decaf shot and one blonde shot and then only pour half of each into the cup.

  40. You just make it decaf and explain to them unless it's 2 or more shots there's no way to pull 2/3decaf. You can create 2/3 decaf by combining 1 .5decaf+1 reg decaf in a 2 shot beverage and for the 3 shots you just pull 2 decaf and 1 regular shot. It is doable for anything other than a single shot beverage 🤷‍♀️🤗 hope that helps

  41. Okay so…. Pull three shots. One signature, two decaf. Pour 1/3 of the signature shot in there, then 1/3 of each decaf shot, all within the approximately 8 seconds before the shots die, and absolutely within the 45 second time if they’re in drive thru. Good luck, soldier! 🫡

  42. I can't understand why 2/3 decaf is a thing. Unless the drink has exactly 3 shots, the whole thing is going to be decaf. 1 shot of espresso barely has any caffeine as it is, and decaf isn't actually entirely decaf. I do wish more people understood this.

  43. I honestly don’t understand why there is a 2/3 decaf option because half the time it’s on drinks that don’t even get 3 shots. If it’s a mobile order or delivery I just click 1/2 caf and call it a day.

  44. I’d invite her around the bar to show me how tf she wants blonde 2/3 caf shots to come out of the machine that doesn’t have a 2/3 caf button OR decaf blonde beans. I swear they think we have magic latte dispensers back here.

  45. some people enjoy conflict and complaining to feel important. To me this customer choice is easier with either A) stop being regular customer at place that can't get your custom order right or B) learn how to make your own custom orders at home.

  46. I would pull one 1/2 shot of decaf and then another but pull it at the 1/4 mark of the 1/2 shot and then pull ANOTHER 1/2 shot of blonde and pull it at the 1/4 mark. That is IF that was the only drink on bar at that moment, and the customer ordering that is Gordon Ramsay. If I had other drinks in cafe or drive I would just do 1/2 blonde shot and 1/2 decaf because why the fuck would someone do this.

  47. I would wait for them to show up for pick up and explain that I cannot give them 2/3 of a decaf shot with 1/3 of a normal shot. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  48. I'm not a barista so trying to understand why this doesn't make sense to make. My understanding is that this a handcrafted beverage. Sounds like 2/3rds ~66% can be eyeballed as a bit more than half? Why is it cumbersome to measure this?

  49. Ah geez this is annoying. If I got this order I would just do one half-decaf espresso shot, 3 pumps vanilla, and 2% milk. I am VERY curious how the customer can tell it’s “different.” Is it possible to be THAT hypersensitive to caffeine?

  50. I always enjoyed the challenge of finding a solution. First have a convo with them, where you listen and they do as well. Whats probably happening is since its a mobile they're arriving at various times enough to change the taste quality. When they get there I would make a fresh one and tell them if there's a difference or matches up to what they were thinking. Otherwise its on them, bc if its busy can't guarantee its gonna be a fresh mobile yo lol

  51. You could do a full decaf shot and then 1/2 a standard shot to create that ratio but it wouldn’t follow the latte recipe so yeah no wonder the customer is always getting a different drink

  52. You know the shot pours when it is halfway through the light bar right? I usually count out equal thirds and eye it out from there

  53. Most baristas in metropolitan areas don’t have time to baby a single drink like that. Trust me I get what you’re saying but during morning peak that’s nearly never gonna happen

  54. First of all you can’t make one shot 2/3 decaf and 1/3 blonde. I would tell them I could maybe do half blonde 1/2 decaf (still have Mastrena 1s) but even then that’s pushing it.

  55. I ended talking to her later that day and she said corporate told her she should be getting 3 shots. I said but you didn’t pay for 3 shots you paid for 1 . I took it up to the sm after that

  56. I’d just give her a decaf that’s it. Corporate doesn’t care that’s why they allow orders like this to be placed even though it’s impossible to make. I bet none of them know even how many shots each size gets.

  57. One of my customers does this on mobile order every day. A 2/3 decaf tall americano. We all just do 1/2 caf double shot. One day I asked them if they knew their drink only gets 2 shots and that their order doesn’t make any sense. They told me they knew and sometimes they’d get “lucky” and get an extra shot for free. Haha! They never complained when they didn’t get a third shot so I just think it’s funny.

  58. Couldn't you drink 1/3 of the shot while maintaining full eye contact and just completely anger them enough to make them walk out? Or are Starbucks customers just THAT pedantic?

  59. I actually did visually intimidate a customer once, he literally picked up his drink and immediately dropped it all over all the other drinks at the mobile handoff. I couldn’t hide my reaction at all and he ran away… like actually ran

  60. "Different" how? They can't possibly think they can taste the difference between percentages of caffeinated coffee.

  61. "some people are committed to not understanding you. they don't want to understand. they want a fight" - good words from a therapist. explain why you can't, I'd it doesn't work refund her drink and tell her to go to another store

  62. I would make it the way you are supposed to. Put the syrup in first, then fill it with shots. Once the cup is full you are done. If you can't fit the steamed milk into it because of the shots, that's on him. Not you.

  63. Had a customer with this same 2/3 decaf issue and they’re always annoying about it. I said the machine isn’t working properly so we can do 1/2 decaf, reg blonde shots, or complete decaf shots. Otherwise they can order something else or go somewhere else.

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