What Is the worst drink you’ve had to make as a barista

  1. Sometime in the last 3 weeks we have acquired a new regular. His beverage of choice is a grande 2wm blonde ristretto cappuccino with chocolate cream cold foam whip and mocha drizzle. Just makes me wonder how on earth he landed on that. He mobile orders, and the first time I made his drink I was like “weirdo,” but then he was a super unassuming nice, quiet dude. So there you go.

  2. i haven't worked for starbucks for almost 10 years and i still remember this cup of garbage. it was some type of pumpkin frap with a banana, espresso shots, and protein powder. straight up wanted to throw up when making it.

  3. Mocha cookie crumble with water instead of milk, also had a customer come in and ask for a mocha cookie crumble frap not blended

  4. We had a semi regular who wanted an ice water blended with matcha but would always order it like "venti matcha frappuccino, no classic, no base, no milk" and not elaborate on what the hell she wanted.

  5. When my daughter was 3 and would order her ice water, she decided she wanted a “peppermint mocha water” after I ordered my peppermint mocha. She insisted on it and started screaming when I was like no. The baristas were so kind and made it for her, which she obviously hated, so they made her a regular water. I still think about it and feel so bad for those baristas!

  6. What an asshole. People will do anything for a free drink… I had a customer order a mocha with chai syrup. That was a bit strange to me. Heard him say it was disgusting as he was leaving but he didn’t ask for a remake, lol, so whatever

  7. A grande vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brew with extra sweet cream, vanilla sweet cream foam, 3 Splendas, 3 pumps of honey blend and 2 pumps of chai. Tasted like straight cough syrup. Horrible.

  8. Grande iced black tea, no water, no ice, fifteen classic, eight scoops matcha, shaken with the ice strained out, topped with salted caramel cold foam which she insisted on calling the "sea foam milk cap." Had to make it like a year ago and still have it memorized.

  9. Matcha frap with espresso 😬 I’m not much of drinkshamer but I tried some of the leftovers and it tasted what I imagine dirty lettuce to taste like

  10. I ordered this once (hot) bc I like chai espresso. I pulled out of the dt took a sip walked into the store and apologized saying how freaking disgusting it was and why i ordered it. Ordered the dirty chai and talked with the one partner about trying the “hmm I think this might not suck” choices he’s seen people make while he remade it.

  11. Ex partner - but we had someone at our mall corporate location who would do the "mall walking" in the morning. She insisted that we fill her rather large stainless tumbler with half berry hibiscus base and half strawberry acai base. No ice. No water. No inclusions. She was once charged for it as a grande and would ask for a supervisor if anyone tried anything else. Ringing it up was such a pain too bc it's such a weird thing. And yes, she would drink it straight from the tumbler as she walked 😅

  12. tall iced double shot with 9 sfv and 7 splenda. ice had to go in first with the syrup and splenda on top so the espresso could melt the splenda 🤮

  13. trad misto with ten shots + whip cream during a rush. also a mango dragonfruit extra iced blended with whip mostly because i couldn’t get it out of the damn blender pitcher 😭

  14. Grande cold brew, Splash heavy cream, 18 pumps sugar free vanilla (but everyone at my store understands she really wants 20), Double blended, Venti cup, Dome lid, with a sleeve. And God help you if we are out of plastic straws.

  15. That drink just sounds disgusting I don’t the honey blend taste gross to me anyway so maybe if it was a latte without the berries it would be OK but with the Matcha 🤮

  16. I had someone order a Carmel macchiato no coffee. When I explained to them that would be just milk they tried arguing with me.

  17. The damn cold brew smoothies with the vegan protein powder that were sweetened with a date paste.

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