When you tell them it’s two minutes before close and they order 10 drinks anyways :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))$$$))))))6)))6))))))))))))))))))))) (that’s me ab to commit ärson)

  1. We had a woman pull up right as it turned 9:00. We told her we were closed. She proceeded to say "BuT mY cAr ClOcK sAyS 8:59!!!!" Like lady, our clocks say 9:00, we run on store time not your time.

  2. A lady walked in right before I could lock the door, and at this point I was too nice and nervous to say we're closed. She asks for dark roast, I say we don't have any, and she passive aggressively tells me to make her two dark roast pour overs. That was the day I decided I wouldn't be nice anymore. She started my villain arc. It's been three years and my blood still boils at the thought of her. I hope her life is going poorly.

  3. when they see the baristas standing outside the closed store and still try to break the door down to get inside then ask if we are still open (as we are all outside and the doors are locked)

  4. A family pulled up to our speaker box three minutes to close once. None of them had any idea what they wanted so they asked for some time to look over the menu. When they finally ordered they wouldn't stop talking over each other and laughing hysterically. They got six drinks in total. When they pulled up to the window they decided to cancel three of the drinks (that had already been made) and asked me to list and describe all our hot teas. When I was done they decided to add four different fraps instead. I only had one blender at the time as the other one was in the sink in the back under a pile of dishes. As I was working on the fraps they started tapping on the window. I opened it up they asked me what pastries we had. Apparently none of them had ever heard of a scone before because when I got to "pumpkin scone" they asked me what it was about seven times. No matter how many different ways I described it they kept asking "Okay but what is it?"

  5. Oh good grief, the first time they've ever been to a Starbucks or what? How about the standard non-spoken rule if it's 15-20 to close , you basically count that establishment closed. Haven't heard of Google to ask inane questions like "what is a scone?"

  6. A lady tried to order two travelers 5 min before closing. I laughed. Like laughed. Out loud. And just said “that’s not gonna happen.”

  7. These are the people that google what time a restaurant closes and see it closes in less than 10 minutes and rather than taking that as their sign that they missed it, they take it as a queue to rush to the store right before it closes and get their order in

  8. When its near close and people come in, I explicitly say (as a shift) we are not taking large orders. I don't really care if I am not supposed to do that. :)

  9. Yeah “it’s gonna take me longer then 5 min to complete that order so I apologize but I can’t honor it for you today”

  10. The pain of being a closer. I am an opener now and instead we have people who will pull up and sit at our speaker box five minutes before open. We open a half hour later on the weekends and people do not understand. Had a guy last week waiting at my window when I walked over to fill the ice bin. I just looked at him and shook my head no.

  11. I stopped taking people 10 minutes before we close specifically for this reason. You give an inch and customers will take a mile.

  12. I’m sorry but a 10 drink order 1 min before close ain’t happening. Strait up will apologize for the bars already being shut down. I can get you some drip coffee tho 🤷‍♀️

  13. A few nights ago l was waiting for two girls to leave my store before I locked the doors so I was wiping down tables and putting up chairs as a man walks in and I look over to tell him we're closed. He's shocked and mad asking "why isn't the door locked then?" The snarkiest attitude I've ever heard from a young dude. I just point to the couple of girls still packing their bags and say because we're waiting for the last of our customers to leave. Dead pan silence. He walked out, and after he left, all of us had a laugh. Girls apologized for their many many bags and left. I close and locked right after them.

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