I’ve been working at Starbucks for a couple months and still don’t understand how ONE cake pop cost almost $3 USD.

  1. That’s really the whole answer right there. Why would they charge $1.00 when customers are willing to pay $3.00? Prices might go down when customers start going somewhere else.

  2. The little vanilla scones used to be .75 cents each or three for $2 I believe. I haven’t seen them in ages, it was the only pastry I could eat there

  3. Since I know longer work for the siren but love those little morsels of happiness, I buy them from Trader Joe’s like 10 for $5. Taste almost the same.

  4. I am in a grocery store kiosk. People will pay $3.95 for 1 sclice of banana bread. They could just buy a whole loaf at the bakery for $5, and it's just as good as ours🤷‍♀️

  5. When I worked for the bucks I didn't get it either. But it's $3 to make my kids happy and quiet for 5 minutes. Totally worth it. Haha

  6. I work at a kiosk on the weekends and the parents always bring up how overpriced they are when they give in to their kids buying them one. I always agree.

  7. FYI — doesn’t look like you have your numbers linked to your app! Now that you’re a partner you can receive your discount when mobile ordering/scanning your app (instead of shouting your numbers like usual). Here’s a (slightly outdated, but still accurate I think) PDF on how to do it:

  8. I had a lady come to my store on more than one occasion to get 25 cake pops for a little girls birthday party. She actually could have gotten something better made at a grocery store bakery for cheaper and better quality and u would get more out of it

  9. I think they are a rip. But my son loves them. He’s six and I am teaching him math, so I give him a budget wherever we go (Starbucks included) and he makes the math work, so I guess it’s worth it to him. But I don’t get it either.

  10. What I’ll never understand is why people come in to buy a bottle of water. They’re… we have free water. I always make sure they aren’t interested in a cup of ice water first

  11. I used to be bothered by Starbucks prices too. But when you consider that what people are actually paying for is convenience and service, it makes sense.

  12. At my licensed store they were $4 and once I had a lady straight up just ask to buy all the cake pops we had first thing in the morning like it was nothing

  13. starbucks is so good at their marketing that people will be willing to buy the products just because it’s starbucks. corporations always know what they’re doing when charging insane amounts

  14. I got a cake pop for my son and after paying 12% in taxes it was almost 4 dollars. For a small ball of cake on a stick.

  15. inflation, friend. when i started in 2017, a short pike was under $2 and i think some pastries were too. now getting something under $3 is near impossible

  16. Because these little demons had a grip on my sanity towards the end of my time being a barista. The chocolate ones, & the promise of eating a “broken” one were the only reason I woke up for a while there.

  17. When I was In high school, about 10 years ago, the cake pops were 2/$3 and the grande iced white mocha was $3.54. But, back then everyone was getting paid $7.25 and McDonald’s had an extensive dollar menu

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