please don’t be scared to ask for tips. like seriously.

  1. Policy is to hand it out anyways and make them read the prompt. Allowing a partner to 100% of the time complete the prompts is bad… could easily allow theft. I always tell people it’s just easier to hand out the pos device because it keeps cards from being lost at the store and doesn’t leave any room for “well the barista tipped my card” No sir, we never touched ur card. 😉 just my two cents

  2. that’s also a concern ! people have accused us of doing that even before the tip option so it can only cause more trouble now. here’s a tip for your two cents😊

  3. Choosing "No thank you" to avoid awkwardness takes opportunities for extra money out of your co-workers pockets, and that isn't a choice you should feel OK taking.

  4. exactly, and again, the worse they could say is “no”. i always hand the card reader to this one lady and she says out loud “no thanks” and shakes her hand and im like “ok but u still have to press it”

  5. Im hate telling them.about it. My boss took us all aside us how much we were making. It was almost another 2 dollars per hour so ill keep on hating it and keep on asking :)

  6. yes yes yes, we went from $400 to $1400 a week after getting the card tipping. definitely ask, you’ll thank yourself so much later

  7. yeah i just hand the system out and say “alright it’s gonna ask you a quick question before your card will process” and then pretty much immediately after telling them that i’ll usually ask them “and did you want any straws today?” or “and did you need your receipt with you today?” to keep me from feeling awkward

  8. I just hand them the whole thing and tell them "it's gonna ask you a couple questions" I know it's just one but they pay attention if I say a couple.

  9. every other service industry can do it, so why can’t we ??? however, i’ve had some people who are like “finally you got these ! you deserve it !”and they tip $5 which makes all the awkward moments just fade away

  10. i just shove the reader out the window if i see they’re paying w a card and i say “it’s gonna ask u a quick question if u could just answer that first for me” such a tiny question for possible extra money 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. this. this is why i’ll NEVER be embarrassed. idc. thankfully, after i gave my coworker a look when i noticed them doing that, they stopped hiding it but i still get a little suspicious when they’re on window, like i gotta make sure they’re doing their job smh

  12. I was told today that we are allowed to say "tip". I was telling people " ok, so it'll have you do this before we move on, if you don't wanna leave a tip that's absolutely fine, I just can't touch the screen for you" and one of my shifts came up and said "for future reference, we aren't allowed to say tip when talking about the new tipping screen. Try saying something like it's gonna have a question for you to answer before we can move on"

  13. really ?? that’s sounds a little silly tbh. but ig that makes sense. i used to say “and if you could follow the instructions on the screen” which usually worked so if my manger ever says something, i’ll just go back to that

  14. i do bc sometimes i haven’t said anything and they think they can take their card out n im like “woah woah, it’s not done yet” lol

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