Asian household with grandparents starterpack

  1. Replace white Lexus and Toyota with that dull gold color used in old models (We Asians love to save money) and that’s my family. Although, our country of origin is a former British colony, so English gets a pass in the house. Still better not to use it though if Gujarati can be used.

  2. This is more Chinese than Asian. Come with me to my house. My dad was a regular middle class kid in America played sports was well off. And then my mother an Indian woman who was poor for alot of her life who was taught in a boarding schools by nuns. Boy it gets weird sometimes.

  3. For me, it was a a curry dish or one of my grandma’s specialty fried dishes (she loves making this dish called a “Bhajiya”, which is somewhat similar to onion rings or fried jalapeño. If you go to an Indian restaurant, the regional variant is called “Pakora”). We’re Indian, so bone broth isn’t usually done. That’s more of a Chinese thing. Many Indians lean towards vegetarian (at least anything not beef and generally not pork. Chicken, Lamb, and seafood are also commonplace).

  4. That makes sense. Mom and Dad are at the age of peak career, so Grandma and Grandpa watch the kids while they work. Gram and Gramps get the fulfillment and satisfaction of caring for the next generation. The children get a high quality upbringing.

  5. lol. My parents drive a White Lexus. They live in an Asian neighborhood and I see the same car all the time. Now I have to look at their license plate to differentiate.

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