Elementary school in the 90s starterpack

  1. I always thought I had some weird power as a kid because almost every time I took a drink from that water fountain, the compressor fan would turn back on. Then I found out that no, that's just what they do when they've been sitting a long time and somebody takes a drink.

  2. but there was always that one fountain tucked away in a nondescript corridor that the crispest water. No other water fountain could compete

  3. haha I just imagine you walking away and examining your hands like they have the force or wizard powers or something 😎

  4. The pressure on those things was funky as hell. Sometimes you'd get a nice crispy stream, sometimes you'd get hardly a trickle. There was always that one water fountain that TECHNICALLY worked but the water stream was so low you were basically kissing the spout if you tried to drink.

  5. I usually had to push in harder and twist the pencil a little just so the sharpener can manage to catch enough surface to shave.

  6. Weird how just you saying that put the smell in my mind, so to speak. Being a human is wild sometimes. Like remembering lyrics to a song you haven't heard in 25 years.

  7. I remember the end of the projector era. Our district successfully passed some school levy’s and so we had an influx of funding. I was in fifth grade in the late 2000’s and my school got these things called smart boards, and we had electronic projectors installed a couple years before. There had been rumors such a thing was coming from the teachers until one day we came in and they were being installed. It felt like how ancient people must have felt when someone came up with the wheel and rolled that shit into town for the first time.

  8. My friend went to a rich people school that was K-12 and she got interactive projector boards (SMART Board or something) in the 90s. She thought no one used overhead projectors anymore when we were in college in 2006. Most of us had no idea wtf she was even talking about with the smart boards or how such a thing would even be possible. I’d seen something similar at some museum, but the idea of a school having that was just bonkers.

  9. I remember when I was 8, we got interactive whiteboards in my school and we were all amazed by them, especially when the teachers had to calibrate them with those little “x”s

  10. I genuinely remember 10/12 of these things being in my elementary school in 2016 (volunteer work), only change was the electronic projectors

  11. Same for the 2010s. I had literally everything in this picture and I was born in 2007. Only had an electronic projector in 6th grade*

  12. This trope is way too common in starter packs. It started off by saying that whatever the pack is about is either one extreme or the opposite extreme

  13. I have no idea what these were for. Every class had them in a cabinet but I don’t remember ever using them.

  14. All this stuff was still there when I was in elementary school in the early 2010s, though my school was super small so it was always late to update stuff

  15. Something about autumn in 1997 that I remember, brings back so much nostalgia. ‘90’s school year was great times!

  16. Funny thing about '97 is that Halloween fell on a Friday that year. My last class in 7th grade was Reading and our teacher loved to talk so she opened the class with a story from her life.

  17. Born in '88 here. I still remember sitting in my living room all day 1997 Oct 31 waiting for it to be dark so I could meet my friends and go trick or treating.

  18. I was watching an hour long video on YouTube of commercials specifically from 1997. I think that was my peak year. So much cool shit and yes, autumn always sticks out for some reason.

  19. the little cube pepperoni are bomb af and it pains me that you can't just find those for sale in bulk in a store somewhere

  20. Is this the unpopular opinion chain? I hope so, because I gotta say that parachute day in gym class was the worst. So fucking boring.

  21. Still available! I'm a chef by trade, so I make food orders, and I got a wild hair one day and tracked down it down. Ordered a case through my food vendor. Are till we got sick that day. 10/10

  22. We used to get Papa Johns pizza delivered to the school for Pizza day. I never ate it because in first grade a kid threw up after eating too much of it. I wish I did eat it more, it was good.

  23. When I was in the fourth grade, we had this standardized exam we were taking and my teacher made it abundantly clear that there was to be ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING.

  24. That calculator blew my mind away, totally forgot about them. They were that exact model and color.

  25. We had the exact same calculators and for some reason in most grades there was one random white one amongst the blues that everyone would fight over.

  26. I worked as a janitor at an elementary/middle school combo when kids were slowly starting to be allowed back to school. At least half, maybe 3/4 of these things are still true for 2020

  27. Things like that cloud thingy the anti cheating office the pencil sharpener and the months things were there when I was in kindergarten back in the mid early 2000s 😂

  28. They had all this stuff way into late 2012 and early 2013 from my experience. I would have been in fourth grade.

  29. Modern electric pencil sharpeners fit this description even more. I’m pretty sure they all have a fuse that blows if the motor even begins to struggle. They either work fine or they’re bricked. At least with a crank sharpener, you can force it. Even if your beard gets stuck in it.

  30. The only thing different about this from being in school in the 2010’s is that they now had electronic projectors

  31. When did the TV strapped to the tall cart finally stop? I was a 90s elemtary school kid but I feel like those stuck around for a shockingly long time.

  32. Last time I was in an elementary school was around 2019 (no I wasn’t going to class there) and this is basically what it was like. Nothing fucking changed in 30 years.

  33. Went to elementary school from 2006-2010. Can confirm the first half of my tenure was also exactly like this.

  34. I just brought a pack of the calculators on the bottom left for nostalgia purposes. Can’t wait to use them to make 55378008 and then never touch it again.

  35. When the sharpener is dull and the screen holes are stripped enough that it's almost falling off the wall, and it still isn't being replaced.

  36. This kinda extends into the 2000's, I was in preschool/kindergarten 2009/10 and I remember all of these save for the vests

  37. I went to highschool from 2011-15 and we still had this old projector and it was used for nearly every exam...and I studied electronic/IT

  38. My elementary school had all of these, and I went to elementary school from late 2000s to mid 2010s. I’m 18. Every single one of my middle school math teachers also had those old-school projectors. Only a couple teachers had the fancy new ones. Only thing different is the lunch. I don’t even know what that is.

  39. If you wanna relive your childhood or want your kid to have the same childhood move to a small rural town, they never changed and more than likely all buildings from the 60's are still standing

  40. don't forget the traffic light in the caf, oh also you gotta include the special ed padded room. and the mentally scarring personal contact dividers.

  41. I mean I started elementary school in 2009 and this is almost exactly the same, expect we had shitty Obama lunches. Some of the senior teachers still wore those vests during holidays.

  42. Pretty sure this is still elementary schools today since they don't get funded at all. They were like this when I was in them around the late 00's early 10's

  43. This applies to the late 2000's too but with computer lab time on coolmathgames being the best time. Being born in '99 all this is highly relatable

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